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  1. its true, some of the older games kinda had anime mixed with a hint of semi-realism influence and this look really gets that feel : [ they settled on full-on anime style which is a shame to me and yeah that confused me o.o now i got to really compare, very nice touch-up! looks so much sleeker now
  2. i noticed, but i mean to ask if theres anything that inspired you to start doing it like this? cause ive never seen it before
  3. your art is just...spot on for how i wish official FE art looked like in the games why is this olivia pic smaller than the original?
  4. to tell you the truth, i think these look FANTASTIC. for sure. but i want to ask about the elephant in the room why do you make the heads so long, with so much space between the nose and eyes? i know youre doing it on purpose, and i want to know your thoughts on it. i definitely have my own intentional quirks in my drawing and thoughts behind them
  5. theres never a bad time for ikesoren <w< btw in the video i liked in the video when ike and soren are just skidding across the floor hehe like i know its hard to animate walking but it was kinda funny
  6. some people use tons of layers and i dont use any layers at all, so you never know! anyways i just did this:
  7. waooo what a beautiful medieval fantasy looking art style natalie!! ill be watching!
  8. its pretty nice!! i took a close look and theres only one thing that was bothering me. idk what your setup is, but i opened the picture and just moved the eyes and eyebrows down by 13 pixels and it suddenly looked perfect! just quote me and lmk if you want to see, i dont wanna post other peoples art edited without asking first
  9. i'm fairly confident i can do this, but ive never actually made a fates portrait before. ive copied styles before though. i'll try my best, but if i cant pull it off, then i wont ask you to pay in the end. does that sound fair? (i can stream at twitch tv so if you want, you can watch it happen there if thats ok with you)
  10. im a retrogamer but i would liek to get mario odyssey on time
  11. -lurks- -sees "started 2008"- O-o -checks- pffft lol -disappears into the ether-
  12. when i want to kill myself even more. love is such a bad waste of emotions and makes me hate being a human. why cant i just be neutral all the time or hate everyone? love is only good if someone loves you back which is 100% impossible for me. so what the hell, me, be smart get over that emotion already. (sorry to get so dark i wanted to vent to people i dont know and dont care, about something i usually just stay silent about)
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