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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Oh. Speed runs. Okay, that's something I didn't think of. Just I don't see it being useful on anything you might concievably lose people on. That's the point of this run- stuff you don't intend or want to happen. Stuff like shouting at Lissa for neglecting to heal people, or wanting to rip frederik's head off after he steals boss exp. Because being angry at fictonal characters makes it more fun.
  3. You know that feature noone in their right mind ever uses? The automatic move one? Well... what about a challenge run in which you can only move your MU or people paired up with your MU, and you have to auto everyone else? I'm calling this my "Quiet MU" run. I'm doing it on hard since normal doesn't start with access to auto, but that extra bit of difficulty shouldn't be much. Hard is probably the max for this though- I can't imagine this on lunatic. I'm on chapter 2 atm, and I've already shouted at chrom many times for being a stupid idiot. Mostly my fault for not changing the custom auto tactics, but I like to think it's chrom being an over-aggressive tool. But yeah. Any ideas or severe problems with the idea? And don't mention the chapter with ricken and maribelle. I'll do that when I come to it. And I'll cry a bit.
  4. I know my way around a forum, but I'm new to this one. Mostly came here to throw down an idea for an Awakening run I had. Not much else to say. So... uuuh... hullo.
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