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  1. You also really can't compare Skyrim and Breath of Fire. They're very much apples and oranges as far as RPG goes, systemically, storytellingwise, and everything else in between. Case and point: If we go by narrative, Breath of Fire's is stronger, contains more character development, etc. If we look at them as imaginary worlds, Tamriel has a vastly superior level of worldbuilding and lore to it. One's turn-based, one's action orientated, one is free roam, one is superior linear... Anyway, too far afield now.
  2. "Be-all, end all of FE Hacks." A reskin, really? More power to you I guess, but I think it's pretty impossible to view a reskin as the 'be-all, end all of FE hacks.'
  3. Cthulhu also isn't a dread lord of doom and despair, really, whippersnapper. Plus, when it comes down to it, human beings are pretty weird looking.
  4. Sion really can't do anything to Liss. Super immobile tank versus a mage with a spammable slow, a blink and a snare. Who picks someone Lissandra for the other team in Nemesis mode, though? Liss is incredibly good (and has been for eons) and is very popular in the meta right now.
  5. This. And re-paletting it just makes it look like 'an X colored version of Dragon's Gate.'
  6. He has fairly small delts and no traps at all for someone that big. The latter part is pretty glaring - You don't get that big and have that kind of neck. I know you're not working on this anymore, but it's worth noting.
  7. *mic drop* Kudos on setting up the pose.
  8. I don't anyone would ever accuse FE6 Marcus of trivializing the entire game. On a similar topic, Perceval is designed to give you a strong, RNG proof cavalier (or character in general, really) to compensate for the lackluster growths of FE6 and thereby protect against having a playthrough severely comprised by the hand of chance. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Fire Emblem. He's also not the problem with FE6's lategame, arguably.
  9. But that's not who was being referred to. Also, fringe community? Are you serious? You're going to paint yourself as some sort of oppressed subsection of an internet forum? Do you realize how absurd that sounds?
  10. "I use a lua script to look at the RNG." Yeah, sorry, no. Regardless of how super defensive you are of the LTC community, let's call a spade a spade rathjer than pretend looking at the RNG doesn't provide a significant advantage. Not sure where Skitty was referring to all LTCers, just specifically dondon. But this is drifting far afield at this point.
  11. Yeah, you can't just link 20+ chapters worth of video and tell people that's where they'll find their answer. Generally you should be able to express your point in a more succinct fashion, particular on an internet forum.
  12. From an outsider's perspective - Not sure if you're bragging about your LTC clear, or telling him to watch the entirety of your run to get your thoughts on FE6. The first seems irrelevant (especially since it is TAS and you're looking at the RNG), the latter seems exceedingly time consuming.
  13. Oh right, you're the chat Raven. I'm sorry, keeping track of insignificant people is difficult.
  14. I see you finally dumped the red text, but apparently not the random condescending LOLs. Also it'd be pretty hilarious if you linked some of those projects, considering Skitty is behind arguably the most visible of them. The response depends on dondon's interest, though, which I guess can be assumed be purely mechanical because he's dondon, but I can't speak for him.
  15. Hidan is Russian, and his English isn't great. I suspect that plays into the comprehension. Baldur is just...Baldur.
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