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  1. Oh, the promo poster. Think they designed that muscular monster on purpose to stir a discussion or with genuine, pure hope that it would be not uncanny? To be honest, the movie summary doesn't look to hot either.
  2. A while ago I started playing around with Nightmare, FEditor Adv, Anvil and such, and some limitations that come with hacking. Baby steps. Anyway Dual guard would most likely be less... hard to implement than dual strike. Bloodlines successfully introduced the Shove command in the GBA game. Interactive fields/zones between chapters? Maybe not so much, I'll see in due time. The first thing that struck me is how user friendly those softwares (and their modules) are. Really realizing people took the time to create them, accessible with notes and documentation. That's humbling. For now I'll try and play around at least one hour everyday with the tools. Since it's the end of the semester, this is not guaranteed- but, it's a good investment of time. I'll be fully available this January.
  3. No problem. If you decide to try them and need a few pointers, feel free to ask.
  4. Since the principles are the same, the learning curve is roughly the same for both of them. Knowing the basics of modeling means you roughly know both- good topology, etc. Blender is free and open source, has tons and tutorials and a thriving community, and it can do most of the things Maya can, so I'm told. Each have their different set of tools and plugins to take into account. Arnold is Maya's rendering powerhouse. Unfold 3D plugin can help you get a clean job with uvs fast. And Nucleus is just great dynamic simulation engine for cloth, hair, effects, you name it. It might come as obvious I only know Maya, and trust me as a beginner I thought its UI all over the place, but it's a mini-studio all by itself. Still, I'd start with Blender and choose later. If you're also a student it's possible to freely install Maya, Mudbox (sculpting & texturing) for a period of 3 years. A few other compagnies do that too, like Foundry's 1 year for Mari (3D painting), Nuke (compositing) and Modo (modeling). Simpler than that, you can export your uvs and paint over them with softwares like of Photoshop: good uvs is usually the most important part, no matter the SW you're using. How you cut and organize your shells along with managing texture resolution and the like... What I mean is, in no way do you need to pay subscriptions for fancy stuff, especially for passion projects. PaintCube, Sculptris, Blender, search a bit and you'll find what you need. Cheers!
  5. Huh. This is a surprisingly calm thread. The trailer took me by surprise, that's for sure. A lot of people noticed the attention to details, and the main characters seem interesting enough. Most designs are surprisingly well integrated, they might stick as odd alone but in the live action's world they're set in, at least for me the pokemon are designed well. I can't apply that sentiment to Psyduck and Jigglypuff, though.
  6. I'm glad- if this ends up helping. I know this is probably not what you are looking for, buuut at least it's there. Don't get me wrong, I'm a complete noob but I feel using the applications you feel are best for the task at hand and work best with your workflow (and time constraints) is a good way to go. Don't be scared to explore new software: might have interesting tools to use that could save you time. But really, you could probably do the entirety of your artistic work on photoshop or even paint.NET. If it doesn't work? You could collaborate with other artists and creators- if a common agreement is met. You not only have concepts but material to showcase and work with, and that's more than people usually have. Cheers!
  7. Interesting, yet I like the idea of a secret ending better than a locked ending. 8-9 endings is already more than enough replay value. Nine lords seems like one hell of a ride.
  8. What are the cores themes and messages of your story? It will help you tremendously in figuring out the the ideas and game features you want to develop. What aspects or concepts do your legendaries rule? What is their place in the world of your creation? What will Barong do during the story? Will they be more involved? It would be nice if, like Tapukoko in S&M, they appear once or twice to assist the player indirectly or not. They seem to be portrayed as the "good" to Rangda's "evil".
  9. Joshua is nice and all, don't get me wrong, but Gerik's the bro, man.
  10. If you need assistance with the modeling, texturing or rigging of your models, I can probably help you with the assets. Out of curiosity, what softwares are you using? I'm looking forward to what you're up to- cheers, bud.
  11. Kind of late to the party, but do you have a specific style in mind? And would you be comfortable with making your own sprites? A real sprite editor, it's tricky, since the assets are sometimes borrowed or may not be free to use or commercialize. Anyways, some links that could be useful: Free, easy interface, lets you create animations: https://www.piskelapp.com/ Way overkill, but let's you do 2D rigs. Also, purchasable ressource packs: https://brashmonkey.com/ I have no idea what this one's about but it's there: https://www.codeandweb.com/sprite-sheet-maker
  12. An update, as promised! I made a small outline for a prototype I want to start with, a htlm file made with Twine. I don't have quite as much time as I want to explore the software as I want to, but that's irrelevent. Starting small- at least trying to give the project a more realistic size. Still, I get I'm just throwing ideas in the void. I want that project to happen, so I'll work for it. Like always, feedback is invaluable. G'night, I'm going to hit the hay sleeping like a log catching some Zs. DEMO-Avaenture.7z EDIT: While I'm at it, I'll add details on the mechanics I aim for in this one. The game should encourage the players to explore its characters and invite them to favor crafting and customisation over shops. MECHANICS: FEATURED CHARACTERS:
  13. Small update, I'm not dead (nor giving up) just in college. 3D animation is fascinating. That, and everyone's stuck in the wonderful development period that is pre-prod to production transition, and that's one hell of a ride. If I don't go brain dead, I'll update soon, have a more concrete direction, etc.
  14. I'm aware of how much of a hell game development (or hacking) can be. And like everyone starting, the project way too much ambitious- half of it is wishful thinking. I'm not realistically going to be able to cram every possible feature in one game, alone, especially with no experience whatsoever- that's ludicrous. Not that I mind, my two main objectives are to tell the story I want to and make it fun for for others. The project still being in its infancy, it has to flexible. Best to make a nice, short experience than a mediocre one who leaves a sour taste in people's mouths, eh? I guess I might want to start real slow.
  15. Yes, at least I'd like to. It would most likely use Sacred Stones as a base, but that's not set in stone either. I'd have to do my research on hacking- I was a bit hasty when posting this, but I also needed feedback. People say a world map makes things too easy, but in the end it's the player's decision to grind for levels. To be honest I'm not too fond of infinitely playing the same skirmish battles, but it's nice to get more control on your units' progression. It also helps the player get a better grasp on the story's setting, and branching battles could be used to impact the narrative.
  17. It is. The only I find more interesting than engaging (and balanced) gameplay is how creatively a game developer can merge and play around narrative and mechanics.
  18. Ah, I should have paid more attention. Thanks for your patience, this is really useful.
  19. [Pillar Men theme intensifies] That seems interesting. Is it on any thread or site? Thank you ;-; TBH I have no idea how I want to build the class system for the moment, nor how to balance them. (I have never designed a game or its mechanics.) I want to have a bit more diversity than the classics, because what's the point if they're the same as all the games? It might become redundant, and I find I'm more excited discovering new classes. So, to be worked on. Any tips on making a balanced, interesting class and battle system?
  20. Now you might say, that's great kiddo, but's what's the story? To which I say we have to go through other ideas first. GAME MECHANICS: 1. WEAPONS: Weapon triangles might disappear or be simplified, but Anima magic makes its returns: so does weapon durability [and weapon forging & repairing]. Tomes: Light MG. only affects non-humanoid (meaning some Laguz and other creatures) units. Dark MG. does NOT affect non-humanoid units, and Anima MG. affects everyone, with varying degrees of efficiency due to a (modified) affinity system. Slings, Daggers, etc.: some can double as ranged weapons. [Could have the same effect of brave weapons or inflict debuffs]. Versatile, but don’t do a lot of damage, especially to armored units. (Short)swords & Dirks: Solid damagae and hit rates, but only has 1 range, with some exceptions. Claymores & Longswords: affect two adjacent tiles, and cause a lot of damage, but generally have abysmal hit rates. [Replaces armor breakers] Lances: range varies from 1, 2, or 1-2. Good against fliers, [maybe armor too (pierce damage)]. Lower damage than swords, maybe even daggers- but higher crit. rates. Axes: are mostly a counter for lances. Their hit rate his boosted a little bit, and they’re a good compromise: way less risky than claymores. Bows: are back with ridiculous ranges (1-3, 2, 3-5, etc,), mostly because being a mobile ballista is fun. Of course, this applies to enemies too. A lot of fine-tuning would have to go to make those balanced weapons. Staves: are where it gets interesting. No longer are they glorified medical kits! Some have light or dark attributes, meaning some have healing, draining/hurting or buff/debuff qualities. Whether other weapons will have durability or not, the staves will ALWAYS be expirable. Stones: work the same way they usually do in PoR with meter to fill, but while in humanoid form the unit can still initiate combat and are [relatively] unaffected by Light magic if they don’t transform. Users are often as squishy as little rogues, but I’m considering giving them a secondary weapon of choice beside the stone. Breath/claws/beak/etc.: all weapons specific to creatures that do not shapeshift: they vary immensely in attributes. 2. STATUS EFFECTS: Can be inflicted by weapons, mostly magic and staves (with different success rates and durability). S.E. could also be caused by in-game decisions. The majority (if not all of them) can be cured by staves and specific items. Some ailments ideas include: Fear/confusion: evasion down Stun/stupefy: can move but not attack Freeze/sleep: turn wasted Poison/cursed: 5-20% damage per turn Charmed: attack allies Enraged: unit acts independently Silenced: unit cannot use MG. based weapons Fatigued: all stats down by 5-30% Static/Burn: collateral damage to adjacent enemies Conceal: unit is made invisible to the opposing side Nimble: SPD/evasion up Blessed: LCK and hit rate boost 3. GEAR could be added for reasonable bonuses in combat, if kept in a units’ inventory. Icons, bracelets, crowns & tiaras, gloves, belts, shields, rosaries… you name it. They could boost a unit’s critical hit chance or defense, heal a meager amount of HP, not unlike staying on a fort, for example, or reduce the cooldown time for Laguz transformation. 4. SUPPORTS: In-battle conversations (that don’t waste a turn). No kids, way less “marriages” than in Awakening. Replayable supports that go: (C)-(B)-(A)-(S/A+) Similar to Fates, except A+ HAS scripted dialogue. Unlike the normal 40, the roster has 20-32 playable characters tops, and that’s counting 2 campaigns. Each unit should be more valuable, and there’s almost a puzzle aspect to recruitment: for example, a Mercenary might only follow you if a friend was rescued the last chapter(s) or if you show them a special item (weapon, heirloom, etc.) 5. CORE GAMEPLAY: Tactical turn-based, nothing changes drastically. [Would the inclusion point & click visual-novel breaks between fights be too disruptive? SoV did it good enough] Units have personal skill(s), terrain effects are back (though hopefully not as frustrating) shove, shelter [and pair ups?] are there as well. Graphics wise, I know a bit of 3D modeling but I'd be more comfortable with n GBA era game, in all. Other things people usually want: -Refined but nerf pair up. -GBA caliber of villains, a solid main one with an entourage to keep them updated. -The Forge Radiant Dawn style (ressources like Fate, money for extra hit-crit -effective damage, as long you have the money & ressources for it: so a weapon maker) -Offensive and defensive healers, aka healers and debuffers (Healer & Druids). -No limit of supports like FE:A. -Bonus EXP from POR -Mila’s Trunewheel
  21. RACES: 1. LAGUZ (and others): plagiarised from Tellius’ saga, but also borrowing from faeries and mythological creatures. (I just want a badass harpy or minautore as a recruitable unit ok) They are rarer (as they prefer no to be seen) and old as nature itself. Often revered or feared. Mostly birbs, beasts, dragons but also other creatures from the medieval bestiary, which is most creative. Example: Alerions: eagle-like crimson birds, had wings as sharp as razors; (Dyna Blade, anyone? Ok…) Hercinias: glowing little silver/golden birds that light the path to travellers. Panthers: “gentle” but fierce beasts believed to be feared by dragons, often associated with Christian symbolism Salamanders: blue and poisonous: could withstand even the hottest flames and cool anything it touched. 2. SPIRITS: Non-physical entities born from energy, often linked to certain aspects of the world: mountains, lakes, emotions, ideas etc. Compare to Dragon Age’s Spirits, or Gegege no Kitaro’s Ghost Tribe. They might have mortal needs like hunger. Rarely seen by humans, even more so than laguz, which brings me to... 3. HUMANS: because of course 4. COLGHOM: Dumb place-holder name. A play on the word column, since they are the pillars of this world. Anyways, this race is a bit more complicated: they’re ‘transcendent beings’. Compare to Greek gods, except they preside over fundamental aspects of the universe, each having a balancing counter-force. [Truth-Ideals, Life- Death, Nature-Culture, Fate/Choice, Order-Chaos…] Like the guardians in ROTG, they woke up one day to serve a primordial duty, perhaps after their death. They are not, at least at first, human of mind: that would lead to catastrophic results. Human morality and psychology is harder to applies to them. If they have human emotions and desires, a seal can be used to keep them on leash: should the situation require it (example: an outburst that would make reality collapse on it’s head, leading a species to it’s hasty doom) other Colghum can strip one another from their godhood, but only if the Origin1 permits it. [An artifact of some sort could also be use, like a Fire Emblem.] 1So what the heck is this “Origin” I’m talking about? Think of ROTG’s Man on the Moon, an unseen mysterious entity that watches and guides the world. Other races have no idea of its existence. The Origin, quite literally, is the source of all things, and is beyond comprehension, nothing short of a God. Even I don’t know if it has (or should have) a consciousness or should remain a force of nature. To be worked on.
  22. OVERVIEW OF THE WORLD: It’s set in a medieval setting criminally similar to that of Arthurian legends- hopefully with a spin on it. Shout out to anyone knowledgeable when it comes to the Middles Ages: I have no idea of what I’m doing. Includes Robin Hood as well (wouldn’t it be peculiar, having an Archer Lord?), who is the protagonist and one of the three main characters, the others being “King Arthur” and the 'Avatar': we switch command between those three during some chapters. The world still needs to be built; there’s not much now.
  23. Quick disclaimer: ↓↓ THIS ↓ ↓ is going to be an utter mess: a convoluted, unnecessarily complicated and generally unprofessional metaphorical swiss cheese full of (plot)holes. But that's what brainstorming is for. So here’s my collection of ideas for a game, to be gladly criticised and improved on. I always wanted to play as a manakete protagonist in FE. Corrin doesn’t really count, it looks more like a Qilin with wings, and it never impacts the story nor is it ever mentioned again, so what's the point? Soo, I started from there. But I'm not sure whether I want the protagonist to be an avatar, per se. It’ll be loosely influenced by the following series: 1. The Legend Of Zektbach 2. The Fate series 3. Drag-On-Dragoon/Drakengard 4. Legends surrounding Robin Hood and King Arthur (AKA an adaptation) NOTE: [sentences in brackets are farfetched, optional propositions not set in stone, but then again, all of this is a prototype.] More details will be added as I go, and feel free to add your own ideas. I'm will also upload this thread as a Word document for convenience if the need arises. GAMEPLAY & MECHANICS: 1. CORE GAMEPLAY: 2. WEAPONS & GEAR: 3. STATUS EFFECTS: 4. SUPPORTS: WORLD OVERVIEW: CURRENT RACES:
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