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  1. So I've been looking at basically every analysis I could find for Three Houses because I literally cannot wait for it and noticed that no one really seems to have a good idea to what the three stars mean on the 1 on 1 tutoring screen. While the arrows up and down were pretty explicit, the three stars didn't seem to stand out. After a while though, I just happened to think about the formations and how we have seen footsoldiers, mages, mounted units, and archers. What if the three stars are representing the type of soldiers your battalion currently uses? In the trailer, Dorothea is the only one to not have formations symbols and the three stars are under "Reason" with an E rank. Perhaps battalions are tied the ranks, unlocked by them, enhanced by them, or some combination? No real evidence to support it either way but wondered what others thought all the same.
  2. Growth rates would be interesting to see. I was expecting Dart to be like his old self and almost never hit his skill growth. Much to my surprise, its been ticking along very nicely. Have most characters had growth tweaks or has he simply been blessed beyond compare? I suspected they would have either base FE8 character equivalent growth or their original growths from the game they came from.
  3. Hosido: Holy Lancer - Because I can't have my Sentinel Pupperteer - Riding a freaking puppet, (with ninja as base for elite ninja cuz those shirukens look sick) Nine-Tailed Fox - Transformation classes are always awesome Nohr: Berserker - making a return to its GBA roots, tanky, fast, and hits like trick with increased chances of dropping nukes Maid/Butler - Wasn't sure what to think of it at first, but I'm starting to find it quite hilarious MAN-agarm - See Nine-Tailed Fox DLC: Ballistician - I want an army of these to do nothing but map attacks and abuse proximity shot
  4. Basically, I have been trying to use the cheatfinder on VBA to isolate where the item slot is so I can bring the sidequest Silvans and Arectaris into the postgame (and give arectaris unlimited uses) however, I have been unable to do so. I am now wondering if this is even possible, and if it is, perhaps advice on what to try. Also, I have wanted to try to change Cia to galagars class. I recall things like codebreaker require certain codes to function, would this be the case as well? An reply, be it helpful or informing me im wasting my time, are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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