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  1. I'm going to guess that the second two bugs came about as a result of returning to the lobby and starting another game. Joining an existing game probably crashed the server, but I'm not sure. I'll hotfix it to refuse connection for now, but hopefully I can work out how to allow spectators to join in the middle of a match.
  2. If you hosted the game, there should be a file in the /logs folder that looks something like this: [ABCD] some stuff here [bTTL] some stuff here [QWER] some stuff here It's basically everything that happened. If you can post it, we might be able to reproduce the bug on our side
  3. I found and fixed the drafting bug for next release. If you select a unit then random because of time, it will pick more units than intended.
  4. We're looking into the bug now. For the Gilliam bug, do you remember if it was a ranged attack, or who you were attacking?
  5. I would give you a good reason for why Ike doesn't have range right now, but I'm not too sure myself. Depending on how he balances out we might change that in 1.0. If you haven't torn open the .jar and located the stats file already, I made a webpage with a sortable table of all the characters: http://chudooder.github.io/FEMultiplayer/stats.html
  6. Alright everyone, v0.5.0 is out now! This will be our final beta release before v1.0.0, unless major game-breaking bugs are found. Please test for balancing, bugs (thought the game should be stable at this point), and whatever you can find. https://github.com/chudooder/FEMultiplayer/releases/tag/v0.5.0-beta v0.5.0 introduces a new pick mode to Fire Emblem Multiplayer: Draft Mode! Take turns picking and banning units in a contest of wit and strategy before equipping your team and launching into battle.
  7. The displayed IP is only for if you're playing in your house (LAN). I'm not too sure how Hamachi will work with it, but I think you should use the IP Hamachi gives you. Otherwise you will have to port forward. I thought I fixed that bug in the last release we did, but apparently not; sorry about that. Please be patient, we are working on our final beta version 0.5, which is stable. It should be out by this weekend.
  8. We're trying to track down an elusive bug that we think is related to HP desync between client and server. If you can reliably reproduce either: - Staffs healing wrong HP or not healing past some random HP - Units go below 0 HP and stay alive in battle please let us know how you got it to happen and we'll try to fix it.
  9. v0.4.2 is out! Palette swapping for battle sprites is now functional, and the game will use much less memory than before thanks to dynamic texture loading. https://github.com/chudooder/FEMultiplayer/releases/tag/v0.4.2-beta Hold on, gotta fix something EDIT: Fixed. If you saw this message before I changed some stuff, please redownload.
  10. Gonna go with GPL-3. Selling it probably isn't a good idea (read: horrible idea) since we don't want Nintendo on our ass; otherwise, you're free to do whatever as long as you keep it open source. That being said, are you sure PHP is going to work for the game server? It would probably be easier to adapt our existing Java code to run on the servers, since our networking code relies pretty heavily on serializing objects.
  11. Fixed for next release. It isn't too urgent, so we'll push it with the palette swapped battle sprites.
  12. Can you check your Java version? http://www.javatester.org/version.html If there's no log output then it isn't a problem with the code, but rather some issue that is preventing you from running the .jar.
  13. We sneaked in a fix to our palette swapping shader so that we can pass in different palettes, so getting those in will probably be the next thing we do. Is there any output in a log file? Your Java might be outdated but I'm not sure.
  14. Thanks for being patient with us and helping us bug test! We managed to fix the game-breaking bugs, so this version should work. https://github.com/chudooder/FEMultiplayer/releases/tag/0.3.3-beta On supports: While it would be a nice tactical option and would add complexity to the teambuilding, we haven't had any plans to implement them. This is mainly because of the limited pool of units at the moment. Maybe once we get more units into the game, we can definitely try to figure out a way to do supports. Classes such as Wyvern Lords and Great Knights are kind of in the same position; we'll add them later once we get the major gameplay and networking stuff ironed out.
  15. It sounds like the server is crashing for some reason. Lemme try recreating it on my end. EDIT: Okay, found the bug. I will upload a fixed version in a bit. EDIT2: Found the attacking unarmed units bug.
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