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  1. Yeah, I’d consider myself a fan. I take it minimalism is a bit like pizza—it takes more effort to get it wrong than it does to get it right (maybe that’s because it’s all about, you know, not putting stuff in but I digress). To be honest, though, I’m actually seeing my personal decor taste going in the opposite direction. After seeing old pictures and living museums of 19th-century homes I’ve gotten more into how they did it. I don’t know, you just this really delicate balance between purpose and decoration in a Victorian person’s home. It’s hard to describe.
  2. When I was getting into Fire Emblem i used to really like well-rounded and Def-oriented units like the Knight and Cavalier lines. Looking back I probably liked Mercenaries and tankier interpretations of Lords. Nowadays I really like Pegasus Knights and other flimsy units because they’re so fun to field and play with. A high Atk and high Spd unit is guaranteed to land a whole bunch of damage against basically everyone you put them up against.
  3. Although battle themes work well on more primitive sound hardware a dynamic map theme is really the only way to go since redbook and high-quality MIDI became available to Fire Emblem. In my experience with the Tellius games, which are the first FE games with high-quality sound, one of the reasons I turned battle animations off was because the battle theme messed with the map theme. Same for Awakening’s boss theme, it’s annoying. Fates is an example of the dynamic map theme done right. Its soundtrack attempts to set a mood for the level, which carries into battles and keeps the player engrossed in the mood the track sets; its battle mixes are appropriately bold too.
  4. Speedrunning? I really like the concept, and have thought about doing one myself, but haven't really gotten around to it. They sound more fun than score runs, though, and can also be applied to stuff without a point system, so the whole format is generally more open-ended. That's why weird runs of unexpected games like RPGs and maybe even flight sim campaigns are a thing, and those are especially fun to watch. If I want to see a speedrun or TAS it's usually for a specific game, so I usually YouTube something instead of watching marathons of games I don't play. Personally I've thought about running two games in particular, Metal Slug and Ace Combat 5. AC5 doesn't actually seem to have a speedrun yet so I'd be the first one to do it (or at least upload it to YouTube). Too bad I don't have any capture tools for my consoles.
  5. Does anyone here know who did te art for FE7 because I'm not sure if it was Daisuke Izuka or Eiji Kaneda
  6. I have two words: Lyn's story. I like the way Awakening implemented a help guide/internal manual for more advanced mechanics. On Normal it pops up when a mechanic shows up for the first time; on Hard and above, even though it doesn't pop up in front of the screen, you're still given a little message on the bottom left if you still need help.
  7. Hi Glac. Was the Japanese reception of Corrin similar to how it is here? What they thought can really change the whole equation, since anecdotally I've heard of Japanese game devs not being responsive at all to overseas markets.
  8. As of today these very dubious FE16 leaks have been making the rounds through Instagram. If this were proven true I'd certainly be up for it, though I have to wonder how the day/night cycle and villainous Avatar would work. What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything in this that seems particularly interesting?
  9. I'd say the next remake will be FE4 if they want to please the Japanese market, FE6 if they want to please the Western market. And I'd say Heroes is about as, if not more fit to be a main game as BS is, honestly. And weren't the poll conductors supposed to be listing every FE game anyway? It looks like it's for the entire series. Semi-related, the Japanese number every single FE game no matter how "big" it is. When i last checked their numbering system was one ahead of ours, Heroes might make that two ahead.
  10. Humans are a ripoff of gorillas. Both have no tail, have the same face, and stay on the ground!
  11. I like that a lot, actually. A ranged weapon that works on armor would add a bit more strategy and consideration. Longbows and/or war bows could also fill that niche if what I've heard about then is correct. Now that there's three ranged weapons, maybe we could also have a ranged triangle between bows, guns and magic. Something like bows -> magic -> guns -> bows
  12. I'm personally surprised how far up FE7 and FE9 are. I would have figured they'd be considered too easy or dumbed down for Americans. Also, what's up with the mix of game names? "Rekka no Ken" instead of "Blazing Sword" or "The Blazing Blade"? And FE1's localized title being used for FE11?
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