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  1. 6 emulators appeared pretty-much overnight(iDeaS, YopYopDS, dualis, DSemu, no$gba and Ensata) but the only one capable of playing any retail games anywhere *near* fullspeed was Ensata, and that was a leak of an emulator distributed with the official Nintendo DS SDK, so there was no source to help other developers with(not to mention, I remember running it and it only ran one game with severe graphical glitches and slowdowns). It took until about 2008 til the simpler games were playable (Pokemon, etc) at full speed but 'good' game compatibility didn't come about until 2010-2011. Currently the best emulators are Drastic(for Android), no$gba, and iDeaS. The best one, Drastic, didn't come about until 2013. It's pretty funny to me that an Android emulator is both more accurate and faster than the PC equivalents, but Exophase(the author) is a veteran in the field of emulation. 3DS emulation is currently in its infancy, but it is progressing rapidly. Citra still only plays homebrew demos, but apparently the author is in contact with smealum. The further the 3DS SDK and hacking come along, the further Citra will follow. If you want my estimate, I'd guess that we'll see the first simple games playable in late 2015-early 2016 and we'll start seeing better game compatibility rates in 2018. 2020 is when you can expect 85-90% emulation. But who can say? These are pretty conservative estimates, and emulators wildly vary. Maybe the 3DS won't need to be emulated on such a granular level as previous consoles because of the Operating System, and they'll be able to get away with HLE for most of the games? Maybe the 3D hardware is similar to the DSes(which is what took DS emulators so long, a DS GPU is *nothing* like a PC GPU) so the architecture will be easy to import vs creating anew like last time? Trying to estimate what PC it will require is even more of a guess! I'd say, a faster (2.5ghz+) Sandy Bridge Intel i5 should be able to do it. Oh my :( my condolences to you and your brother. It's great to see that emulators can do good beyond mere convenience. 100% possible with ssspwn, arbitary execution of userland code will allow for cheat code programs ala Gecko OS, Ocarina and other programs for Wii. I wouldn't be surprised if most 3DS ROM hacks end up modifying the game with a similar loader. Smealum may even have something at release, he did have those hacked Pokemon, after all, so he's definitely poked around with the idea of modifying games with his loader
  2. Hey guys, thought you might be interested in this: http://gbatemp.net/threads/release-3ds_ctr_decryptor-void.370684/ Apparently, they have figured out how to decrypt 3DS roms. The ROMs can even be modified and played on a Gateway 3DS, from the information I have been reading. Looks like the 3DS world is blown wide open for ROM hacks, though you'll need a gateway and an old 3DS to do it, for now.
  3. Damnit.. I suck at reddit :V

  4. No, FE6 is when the series switched to the current 2 PRNG system. The algorithm is exactly the same as FE7. Please don't assert conjecture over someone who has "done their homework".
  5. VWF is totally going to happen :) The goals aren't going to be compromised, it just might take a long time :PI'm still around, I'm moving again in a day and personal life is kinda hectic which is why progress has been slow. My computer works again but my old source for resire was lost so it was fully rewritten. Here are the remaining issues before public release: - Verify all the dialogue bytes in my script documentation to make sure they are what I think they are - Clean up the text handling a bit so that the dumped and reinjected text is all UTF-8 and strip away the EUC and Shift-JIS libraries - Verify that the dumper and reinjector form an isomorphism over the ROM and write a formal proof to make sure this holds with new versions - Write tests, write tests, write tests. - Write some usage documentation - Make sure all FE4 text is being dumped(no missed parts, and no garbage data) I think I'll release a first version with just FE4 in mind and then adapt it to support FE5 later. Then script injection work can start and I can work on VWF if joesteve hasn't figured it out :)
  6. I'm sorry to hear that :( There's nothing more demotivating than losing all of your hard work. Thanks for posting the latest patch you could find :) Thanks for the support! I'm hoping for a preliminary beta sometime before the end of the year. It's taking a while because I decided to rewrite all of the text dumping tools. The text dumper and reinjector actually *mostly* works, but I'm pretty unhappy with the way it finds the regions of text right now. It's a total hack(adopted from the Reparation source) to get FE4 to work and I don't think it will work in FE5 without adding hacks for that game too.. And then at some point I thought supporting the GBA games was a good idea( because FEditor makes fe6 explode :( ), so now I'm studying the dialogue structure and trying to find some 'formal' way of finding all of the text across these games without resorting to brute force searching with rom maps. So yeah, Project Naga, coming this lifetimeā„¢. I'll make a thread about it when I think it's far along enough to show off something :) In the meantime, this is the patch to use
  7. Oh dear o.O Is there any point where a letter will use a different pallete? If the palettes are the same, perhaps the ASM could be reworked to only use one palette for all of the letters? I could be missing something obvious here. Thank you for your assistance in this project, consider sticking around! :) We could always use more ROM hackers in the community.
  8. As others have said, GBA ROM hacks are very *very* different than FEXP or FEXNA and there isn't any way to convert between the two without a massive amount of manual work. It's an exercise in masochism. Also the more you have to show, the more likely others are to help you
  9. Just in case you hadn't found it yet: http://darktwilkitri.thegreatbeyond.net/dtntd_fireemblem4.php I respect the people involved in the old translation and the amount of work necessary to create that project, but the script is terribly lacking. Bookofholsety has a fantastic script that will one day replace it, with any luck :)
  10. Somehow I keep passing over this game, despite the translation looking fantastic and all of the great reviews from members here and reddit. I think it's because I want to complete Shadow Dragon first, and I just end up losing interest in that game around Chapter 7. Should I finish Shadow Dragon or just jump to FE12? And on a semi-related note, does Shadow Dragon get better as you go on? :P Maybe I just need to give that game another chance..
  11. Neat find, I'm not sure where that came from. Perhaps Thracia 776 Deluxe Edition? I looked it up and saw no mention of a keyring, though.
  12. Great to see there's a new version! As soon as I have a computer and I'm programming again I'll take a look at some of those issues. I haven't forgotten about fixing the level up screen and I wouldn't mind trying to fix some of the other things too.Thanks for all of the effort put into this!
  13. ARGH Intel *just now* sorted everything out so that I can get a new processor for my computer, but I have to ship the old processor to a warehouse where it will be inspected for a few days then the new processor gets shipped back(so probably 2-2 1/2 weeks more). I'm incredibly annoyed. The only way around this is for me to somehow get 345$! :/ Honestly, I have no idea when I'll be able to continue work on the translations, because life keeps throwing out some pretty bad situations. Ideally within the month I can start up again..
  14. I recommend CT075's randomizer, but for what it's worth, you can run this program in Mono on Mac OS X and Linux with Mono and the mono-basic package.
  15. 3 days! They will be sleepless nights :P Trailer looks awesome
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