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  1. Hey Vince. Do you know if there's any way to change an unit's base class(e.g. Change Shiida's class from Pegasus Knight to Myrmidon)? I got the growths down but I need to know how to change there classes.
  2. Edit: Nevermid. Too much shit going on in life. :/
  3. Who knows... I may ask this, but can you change the graphics of the affinity icons and is it possible to add more affinitys?
  4. If I were you I would just put in the characters I like in the hack and leave the characters I don't care for out. Also I wouldn't mind doing one of these, but with FE5's cast over FE8's.
  5. FYI, my map request is finish thanks to Skitty. Who? : Havel the Rock Project : Personal GBA Hack Task : I want mugs remavps of Eirika, Tana, Forde, and Selena. Along with mugs for Marth, Catria, Katarina, Ogma(Based on this http://serenesforest.net/media/complete/Oguma.jpg ), Abel(FE11/12 look but with his buckteeth from FE1), Barst, and Shiida. Timeframe : Within 5-7 months Compensation : Personal thanks, credit in hack, or financial offerings.
  6. Oh yes please! Please IS, make it happen! Roy needs more love.
  7. FE7: Raven and Serra FE9: Boyd FE10: Leonardo FE11: Castor FE12: Marth and Radd
  8. In my first run of FE4, my Lewyn!Fee capped STR before talking to Lewyn in Chapter 10. Also all of my Midir's STR were way better than Jamke's.
  9. Anythings really. Like if the person wants me to pay them or etc.
  10. Who? : Havel the Rock Project (if applicable) : No topic yet, but I'm currently planning on a hack. So project TBA. Task : A map in FE7 tilesets. Kind of the same as this map. The bottom left house would be an inn. House will all have yellow roofs on them because iirc, the red roof houses require some tile changing. Timeframe : By the end of this year... But there is no real timeframe. So take your time. Compensation : Personal thanks, credit in hack, or offers.
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