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  1. Is it possible to have a patch that doesn't trim the rom? The trimming makes it incompatible with nds-bootstrap on 3DS EDIT: Actually I got it to work. I just added FF bytes to make the patched rom the same size as the original, and it worked for me.
  2. You can use GodMode9 (GM9) to dump the DLC paths. Boot GM9 up and go into A: SYSNAND SD. Go into the folder "0004008c" (this is the first part of the DLC title ID). Then for the Birthright DLC path, it's in "00179400". I don't know the Conquest DLC path title id, but the main games have similar title id's, so the Conquest DLC path should be something like "00179x00" where "x" is some number. Go into the "content" folder then the "00000000" folder. In here, there are lots of *.app files. I have no idea which ones are the correct ones. I can't really help with this, sorry about that. When you figure out which ones you want, hit A on them, hit "NCCH image options" and then "Mount image to drive". Copy the romfs.bin file to gm9out. Do this for each path file (use a different name for each). Then turn off the 3DS and copy those romfs files to the computer. With HackingToolKit 3DS (I imagine you already have this and know what to do), you can extract the files from the romfs.bin files. To actually use the DLC files is a bit complicated. You need to replace the files of the dumped original romfs with the modified files that you're using. Then compile it as a CIA (I'm not sure what to do for that), and the CIA should be able to be installed and played. At least that's what the guy who made the Fates randomizer said. I haven't tested it myself.
  3. I have a silly question that probably has an obvious answer, but I'm asking anyway. So you have volume 10 and you plan on ordering 1-9 and 11-16, or do you have vol. 10 and plan on ordering 11-16? Sorry for the stupid question.
  4. Hey guys. I've been checking out Celice's archive of whatever hacks he finds for Fire Emblem on the internet, and in the readmes of most of the Binary Team's hacks, I found that the feseiRING patch was used. I eventually found the patch itself, but Google Translate can only do so much, so I couldn't find out what it actually does. Does anyone know the function of it, or possibly make a better translation for it? Thanks in advance. I uploaded the .txt file that was in the folder with the patch in case anyone can use it. .éFüé¦é¦ü.txt
  5. Thanks! He was in Holy Character 4, but since I was only looking at the 0x00 tab in it, I didn't see Alvis. EDIT: After playing for some time, I noticed that the "Lead" box for other units still said Sigurd, and during Battle animations, it also said Sigurd. Am I missing something?
  6. Hi guys. I'm new here, so I may sound like a noob when I write about this. Now that I got that out of the way... I'm using Nightmare to turn Sigurd into Alvis (Arvis if you wanna be official) and vice-versa. I already got Sigurd turned into Arvis for the most part, with a less-than-obvious method (for me at least). At first, I tried just changing the "Char no." (1st gen editor module) from Sigurd to Alvis along with the "Char name." However, when I loaded the game to test this, it was all fine except for the fact that the map sprite was that of a Duke Knight. I tried doing this method on different characters, each ending in the same result. Once I changed the characters back to their normalities, the map sprites were normal After that missed attempt, I changed Sigurd's name to Alvis with the "Char name" box, I changed his Portrait to Alvis', and I turned the Knight Lord into a copy of the Sage class. I would just change it to the Sage class, but I need to be able to seize castles. This worked without any side effects (as far as I can tell). My first question is this: has anyone encountered the Duke Knight map sprite problem previously? I have one more question. Don't worry, I won't write another essay explaining it. I figured out how to make Valflame (Falaflame if you prefer) obtainable by using the "Player Weapon Editor" module. However, is it possible to change Alvis' Valflame into a Tyrfing in the Prologue? I can't find anything of the sort as of now, so if anyone can give me an answer, then thanks in advance.
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