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  1. He does, that's why he returns to Lenster after 'dying'. If he 'died' in Gen 1 however, I recall him showing up with only an iron lance or smth like that.
  2. Just posting so people look at the cat in my profile picture.
  3. Rei Rei's description is insanely accurate.
  4. Well, Faval and Altenna have their holy weapons and don't really need anything else on a casual playthrough. Leaf will probably manage fine if you get him a good weapon asap and Patty is a utility unit anyway and always starts with sleep sword which is the weapon she'll use mostly to gain levels in arena early on, so I think it'll be fine.
  5. Inheritance is swapped for Ethlyn's and Briggid's kids tho, there the son inherits from the mother and the daughter from the father.
  6. Rewatching Legend of the galactic heroes brought me back here. My aging is leading me to reminisce.
  7. The FE3 remake happened about 6-7 years ago, but was never released outside Japan. I still doubt FE4/5 remakes coming to the west, due to obvious reasons (even though in these days they might just put the story out there anyway, dunno), but if Three Houses does well enough it may happen. I think a remake of FE6 is more likely to happen than 4/5 though (because of Roy's renewed popularity with SSBU)
  8. I'm still alive, though barely. Scoring my 2nd and 3rd bachelor's next year (doing them at the same time) and moving on to a double master's (vocal performance and conducting). Meanwhile I'm president of our student council and try to do drag and play rpg's in whatever time I have left. Sometimes I sleep. Sometimes... sometimes... So I guess I'm fine :D
  9. This thread must be surviving on the blood and lifeforce of its deceased members or something...
  10. This was a slightly emotional flashback but it's kinda fun, cuz I did all the female roleplaying after a while on here and now live as a transwoman. #journeyofselfdiscovery (also my official name holds soooo much relation to the world of FE) Jesus christ, it's been a blast.. Shine on you too you foolish shota. Whom I did weird posting things with. But that was long ago... <3
  11. Yeah well, I kinda have to. If I wanna do what I wanna do ??tired and living? So also studying hardcore :p Yes. God, it’s been so friggin long. I was 15 and lurking and very alone. Now I’m doing my second and third bachelor’s degree, planning to do 5wo master’s degree and a doctorate study and have something to do every minute of every day. This thread was amazing, but after our gen detoriation basically started, no? It’s insane to think even TheEnd and Marthur are gone.. yes it was stupid, yes it was amazing, yes we’d do it all over again :D Nostalgia out. It’s even more insane to think I basically live life as a woman now. My occasional crossdressing in this thread was not for nothing ?
  12. Meowwwww! How are you? Sounds familiar. I’m aiming to graduate at 29 and move on to a doctorate study afterwards and maybe aim for a third master. So studying forever.
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