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  1. That DOES sound like a good plan, make Morgan a physical nightmare! What would be her best final class with Lucina!Morgan? Thinking Aether/Skill limit/Galeforce/Aggressor/??? (maybe Dual Support+, Res +10, Pavise, or some breaker skill)?
  2. Got to leveling up MU a bit, and finding his Skill stat is fairly high, even after Reclassing into mercenary for Armsthrift. Resistance is fairly low still, though will need to check with other magically oriented classes to make sure. Now it's to look to what to ship him with for Morgan... So far, only have Kjelle and Lucina children, trying to grind out who I can and think out what to pass down to the other kiddos. Panne/Kellem and Sumia/Henry are leveled and ready for me to fetch their kids, Getting close to getting Lon'qu and Gaius done as well.
  3. Sorry, should have worded better that, while I agree that this isnt the best dad, that thread was to try and figure out why past me did some of this ships for what end build? So I agree this would mean he isn't strictly pair-up support, but this dad makes it so Gerome can also enemy turn tank as well as support? With Pavise and Aegis he can tank hits for enemy turn if you are pairing him up with someone not so tanky, while Dual Support+ and Deliverer means he can take his partner really far as a Wyvern Lord. If not/disagree, what else would you do with this Gerome? Would like to salvage what I can from this playthrough.
  4. Thank you for the Nah insight, that make's sense to give her merc and armthrift for Dragonstone+ OR Braveaxe if you pass down Axefaire, either good for enemy turn defender. Looking over Fredrick!Gerome, getting access to Dual Guard+, Pavise, Aegis, Deliverer with possible pass down of Dual Support+ from Cherche, maybe the idea is a physical pair-up Gerome? He can't get Galeforce anyways. The -Spd reinforces the idea that this Gerome isn't player turn, so slap on him a braveweapon for the swing and tank hits for your physical Galeforce, (maybe good Lucina Pair up to transport her around and tank hits while giving her great bonuses). Again, just brainstorming what the pair was for to this Gerome, looks like just a worse Stahl!Gerome.
  5. Luckily Maribelle's kid is so strong he doesn't care about who his father is. If there is anything more that you would like to know specifically, I can search my file for it. Again, it's a old save, so I'm racking my brain as to why I did some of these ships, (stares in NowixVaike). For now just working on grinding out the skills/stats for everyone until I figure out what I'm passing down. If it helps, I haven't gotten any of the kids except Lucina, (who has Galeforce passed down from her Mum).
  6. Missed this game to death, remembered I tried to play through it again loooong time ago, and I'm wondering... Why did I do to some of these pairings? Thought it would be an interesting thread, to discuss classes and with choices, and help me solve what I did back them Here are the ships Some of these I remember MirielxGregor - Armsthrift passdown from Gregor without destroying stats too badly SullyxDonnel - Galeforce access LissaxRicken - Good magic with Luna passdown SumiaxHenry - Good Dark Flyer mods for Galeforce OliviaxChrom - Best Pairing for both kids, great for Azure/Laslow and Lucina CordeliaxStahl - Worst Hair, Great Stats/classes TharjaxGaius - Galeforce access But then I have these ships NowixVaike - Wall Dragon? CherchexFredrick - Better smash? MaribellexLon'qu - Impossible child to mess up, cant remember if its beyond a cute ship And M!Avatar... Gosh I dont even know his Asset/Flaw, let alone who I planned him to ship with (maybe some NPC to get all of these ships?? I noticed I recruited Say'ri, maybe her?) His Stats Grandmaster 1 HP 35 Str 18 Mag 18 Skl 19 Spd 15 Lck 12 Def 18 Res 9 Swords C Tomes B (???/Luck, maybe Skill/Luck is my guess)
  7. Seriously? Blarg Why did we got the easy end of the difficulty stick
  8. Normal actually, but I should have done Hard at this rate, it feels like Easy Ike-solo run, wanted to get a feel for PoR because I haven't played PoR a while, but I honestly should have done it on Hard. Again, sorry for your STR-screw.
  9. Boy did I get lucky on my current run, sad to see OPs Ike in such array @[email protected] chapter 8 pre-promotion Ike
  10. Incest is power in Fire Emblem! Thanks for the catch, changed it!
  11. Course' I saw it! With yours, Sorin's, and Flan-Kun's input, I will shift Freddy to be Panne's partner! With more input, I will also switch Virion with Stahl. So I have been playing in-between forum updates, so now MirielxRicken, (sorry!), and GaiusxMaribelle are now locked in. GaiusxMaribelle was heart-touching and one of my favorite ships now. Here is the updated chart!
  12. Thanks Eclipse, I'm really liking allot of those, (Now I'm really curious about Gaius!Brady). Fredrick, Stahl, Virion, Ricken, and Kellam I can still move around, but the rest I'm either already set in or liking the idea of pairing them too much in this run. Edit: TharjaxLon'Qu sounds tempting, so I'll be trying that as well.
  13. Definitely going to have my next run through have Donnel!Kjelle and Vaike!BatmanGerome What role would Ricken!Sevara be, still a Hero or would I go Sage?
  14. Decent modifiers while trying to see more of the support dialogs. Some of my deterrents were cosmetic while trying to retain strong children, (StahlxSelena has horrible hair color, but by the gods is she strong)
  15. Hi everyone! I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to make an account with some help I'm needing for a few things. The first of which is to match up remaining pairings for my hard run through, as I am taking a break from the stress that is a first time Lunatic run through and not having DLC. Here is what I have planned thus far I've already hooked up - ChromxSumia - SullyxVaike - MU(+mag-str)xLissa In this run through, I wanted to try to veer away from CordiliaxStahl, FredrickxCherche, TharjaxGaius, Lon'quxMaribelle, and GregorxPanne, (just wanting to try new things this runthrough). I regret not pairing SullyxDonnel to try something new, but SullyxVaike made them much more sturdy when going through the story against units that make it past my MU. I'm willing to grind, and I just gained access to buying master seals, (MU has been making me loads of Bullion with Despoil), and I now have all but Ricken and Miriel promoted. All comments and advice is appreciated!
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