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  1. I've managed to avoid the majority of spoilers, unfortunately caught a couple of story and gameplay features however. Mostly I'm still wondering if Europe is going to even have the opportunity to purchase the Special Edition, as I can find no mention of it anywhere online. :/
  2. Obvious characterless Robin problems are evident. The self-insert who has no control over what they say except one choice just prior to Emmeryn taking a dive which held no consequence whatsoever. There's also the fact that if in the player's timeline Robin is found after getting everything wiped by Grima trying to take up residence in their head, what happened in Lucina's timeline. Robin's memory wouldn't have been wiped, which would have led to the heir of Plegia signing on with the prince of Ylisse. I realise that it's said that Robin's mother took them away, but that was only to stop her child becoming a vassal of a rather grumpy dragon. I don't think Lucina's timeline's Robin would have ever joined Chrom. Time travel always causes plotholes.
  3. Saw this gem. From twitter user @Mrakon, posted on tumblr by user xunit-00x. Nice job America.
  4. Measured on true shape of jawline, and nothing else.
  5. Eh, I think it just seems out of place. I thought the entire premise of the game is the fact that you have to make this heart-wrenching decision between friends and family, and you end up having to attack/kill those past allies. All very dark and gritty. And now you can pat people's chins. I was intending to play a strategy game about moral grey areas, not build a town. After all, I already own Animal Crossing. The animation for chin rubbing looks good however, but I can't help but think all that time fully animating each character could be put to better use creating more full 3D cutscenes for the main story. (Awakening only had about 10, and we don't know how many if has.)
  6. A toss up between Camilla or Felicia. Felicia because she follows you if you side with Hoshido presumably because of her positioning on the boxart. And Camilla because of the hair colour.
  7. Honestly I would be okay with keeping Kamui the way they are, as I like the design of both the male and female versions. Honestly self-inserts are always a topic of debate, but I think IS pocketed too much money from the avatar and waifuing aspect of Awakening to not include it in FE:I. However, if they go to the trouble of animating CGs with all possible avatars then I will forgive them of everything.
  8. I would've thought Hoshido would be more red than anything else, given the hair colour of all the shown characters, and Lobster Man's armour.
  9. The Hoshidan archer seems to have light surrounding his bow. Elemental archery anyone?
  10. Has to become a dragon to qualify as final boss material.The drill hair starts to rotate, causing levitation and sporadic fire breathing.
  11. Even if we can get both games for a knocked down price, it wont really be the 'choice' aspect that I was hoping for, like having a savefile for Nohr, and one for Hoshido.
  12. Honestly that's the best thing to do, as if this was a real situation then perhaps Kamui would side with the ones who he considered to be more his friends.
  13. Bloo

    The Maids

    So, in this image: We can see two maids, one with pink hair and one with blue. (Pink hair was fan translated to Felicia, I believe.) However, on the box arts from the official sites: We can see pink hair on the art for the Hoshido game, and blue hair on the art for the Nohr game. However, they seem to be working in tandem to wake up Kamui earlier, so could the two sides be in cahoots for a period up until [national relationship breaking event]. Thoughts?
  14. There is a good reason. The good reason is to line Nintendo's pockets. This is how they counteract initially poor Wii U sales - plastic toys, DLC and splitting games up. It's like the film industry splitting movie tie ins of poluar books into separate films to maximse revenue.
  15. You're funding Nintendo, because they know that the diehard fans (90% of SF) will buy both copies. They know this'll work cos Pokemon. The choice is whether you're prepared to fork out enough money to buy both. I'm quite interested to how pissed off the Japanese side of the internet is getting.
  16. The EU direct made a distinction between what seemed like two games however: Fire Emblem Hoshido and Fire Emblem Nohr. If America gets it all in one and we don't I will be seriously pissed. Normally the 'West' generally get the same deal.
  17. Thats a good sign, contrasting to how the new official site (for Japan) shows two different box arts.
  18. So it looks like the two versions thing is official for Japan at least.
  19. Twintails seems more annoying, but overall I prefer Nohr. Imouto or army, the endless question. Goddamnit IS why you make these evil games.
  20. Eeeh hopefully this will be a choice (heh), becase I'm not enamoured with the idea of a shapeshifting main character. Generally better kept to supporting characters imo.
  21. I quite like the idea of while the war is going on, MoT is just bumbling across the land killing many things, and the sides blame each other for it, and whichever path you take you end up fighting it at some point.
  22. Something not seen was the huge Mouth of Truth stone monster from the first trailer. Final boss please. Much better than endless dragons.
  23. I've never been one to buy both Pokemon games, but if I have to I will here. However this is incredibly foolish of Nintendo if this is the case, because as mentioned before, you cannot have the main selling point of a game as the choices, and then go lolnope and make you decide before you even get attached to the characters. However some consolation that this may not be the case is the CGI of Kamui eing flanked by people of both factions pleading with them to join their side, indicating that hopefully the choice is still ingame.
  24. I will pay many monies for her to be Kamui's sister. Simply to see the look on your face. Muhaha. Woops, Nohr is getting to me already. Evil armies, to battle!
  25. Iron fisted despot or flower petals? Don't mind me, gonna take over a kingdom and rule the world. #teamnohr
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