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  1. It's like people forgot about this game. By the same developers.
  2. It is a real time game because if your enemies are across the battlefield, actions are still happening. The difference is this game allows you be involved in the battlefield and do third person action at the same time. It's a hybrid but it all in all is still a RTS game.
  3. I said more balanced overall. It doesn't mean there aren't any of the usual IS bullshit stuff.
  4. it's a much more balance game overall and I definitley recommend it over dual strike. Dual Strike just got ridiculous with the amount of features, overpowered CO systems and too many new units caused the game to be nothing but spam insane units to win the game. They did make an advance wars RTS game. It was called Battalion Wars. Used to be called Advance Wars Under the Fire. It was called famicom wars in Japapn just like the original brand name. It unfortunately didn't do well sales wise but it's my favourite Nintendo game to be released.
  5. newgrounds The days when flash animation was very prominent. And everyone went there to see awesome original content from various groups. Not much to say after around 2005ish. It's definitely gotten lower traffic and publicity these days. This site is still up despite hardly or never updating. I remember it was the go to kirby fansite. http://www.kirbysrainbowresort.net/
  6. The thing is, unless you're playing a game like RE4 cutscene with QTE most people wouldn't touch their controller. I am aware of flicking it around but it's a major pet peeve when the cutscenes goes on for too long for my taste.
  7. I personally prefer the silent protagonist because I much rather be invested in a world where I'm at least a part of the world that I am in. Yeah it sucks Xenoblade X's avatar doesn't talk in cutscenes but otherwise you would have the same issues that people are constantly complaining about in Fire Emblem where the avatar talks too much and has too much impact in the main story itself and they become the center of attention instead of the other characters in the game. I personally liked how Xenoblade X does it because you're just an ordinary soldier in this big vast world and the sidequests you get into the game, they actually acknowledge you for what you did and you actually make big impacts in their sidequests. This is something I feel a lot of people overlook in Xenoblade X because they give you a ton of options over the options in XC1 and XC2. You can build and customize your characters that fits to your playstyle and gameplay wise mechanically it does an amazing job to offer you to play how you feel like it. Not to mention the sidequests in XCX encompasses 80% of the game so majority of the time at least your avatar is part of the game and NPCs actually acknowledge your avatar frequently. When you do complete sidequests later on you can find them in other parts of the city and they'd thank you for what you did or blame you for failing to do so. I think it does a much stronger job than Fire Emblem's avatar system any day of the week. Because in the end you are witnessing the story and struggle of the characters in this world and not because you become a god destroyer like ever JRPG story always gets into which becomes very cliche and overdone. Sometimes people forget the definition of a RP in a RPG is that it's about "role playing" in a vast world that the creator has given you to explore. If I am watching cutscenes and story of a cast, but I can't make any decisions during quests or any small little options that's not really a "role playing" game. It's more like I'm playing an adventure game where I have no interactivity or opportunity to make any decisions or changes. Which is a reason why I don't like most linear JRPGs. Did I think XCX did it perfectly? No I still think it has a lot of room for improvement but if anything I much prefer having an avatar system over watching the same shounen teenage boy who gets a harem of women story any day of the weak.
  8. XCX's online system is still up to this day. I just did some ticket runs and global nemesis battles with some mutuals and friends so no XCX's online isn't dead yet. The only thing that got shut down was the annoying chat system or miiverse messages that goes around and constantly ask where's shulk in this game dailies. In terms of gaming pet peeves...jrpg cutscenes that are constantly being barraged at you. The pacing gets really bad for Xenoblade late game and Xenoblade 2 early game where it's nothing but cutscenes and I can't play game. I've even checked the clock sometimes where it's like 30 mins of cutscenes and not once did I have the opportunity to touch the controller and the switch even went into sleep mode once in XC2. At times like this...I really feel like I'm not playing a game anymore. I might as well have been playing a VN or watching a movie. I don't mind games where it has cutscenes...but when I have to constantly watch a cutscene than after it's done...I walk 5 seconds later and another cutscene starts right immediately....I get a bit....annoyed. The thing is games like Mass effect which has tons of cutscenes I don't mind because I can actually interact and select dialogue choices of my own and make decisions that actually will impact the story and the branching paths. I don't have that opportunity in most JRPGs and many of their choices either don't matter or maybe one of the many options that are available actually impact one thing. At that point there's no point of making these dialogue choices other to make dumb witty comments from the characters that don't impact anything.
  9. Yeah the Canadian division isn't closing yet and they apparently run automonously but because the US Toys R US are closing, the Toys R Us Canada is looking for a new owner and buyer. MGA the company that owns the bratz series is looking to buy Canada's Toys R Us. Although I personally doubt this would last long given the current market. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/toys-r-us-canada-1.4577484 https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/toys-r-us-continues-normal-business-operations-across-canada-676957683.html
  10. Not worried. Considering we got Fire Emblem Echoes Fire Emblem Heroes Fire Emblem Warriors all just last year The year before also Fire Emblem fates NA and EU all released. If anything the Fire Emblem franchise has gotten it very lucky for just the last 2 years.
  11. Touma Akagi's Fire Emblem represent is Cain. Though he's more lance his attack animations are pretty much a rider style.
  12. I think what they should do is if they do a port to the switch and then make a banner for them during that time, that would give them a better opportunity to put them in the game. Just from a marketing stand point. I would love to have them in the game.
  13. PS now was originally onLive before they got bought by Sony. It works just like onLive did, but it still suffers from issues with latency, video artifacts and of course once you have an unstable connection, you're gonna get dropped immediately. Still not the best option if you have a really bad internet connection and not everyone will have a consistent one. You're better off buying/owning the actual games than relying on a service where you can't play because your router short circuited or they outright removed it from the server for you to access like Netflix. What if you're playing a game and you get 30 hours in and finally about to battle the final boss and all of a sudden they pull the game off the service? You can no longer access or play that game anymore. Game licenses can be finnicky in these services. So you're gonna be dealing with random pulls and have to suffer from it.
  14. The term for this is cloud gaming. And it has been around for quite a long time since near the beginning of the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 era but they were never successfully in implementing it well enough. Until they solve the Internet latency issue no I don't see it becoming mainstream anytime soon not to mention the amount of hardware and services required to run these especially if they have online gaming inside those games that adds an additional layer of problems. The most famous one was onLive which has already been abandoned. http://onlive.com/
  15. not really at the end of the day, most of the heroes in anime and cartoons beat up a bunch of random crowds of people and grunts anyway. So why not in a video game?
  16. There is a lot of nice callbacks and the usual Xeno reusing old characters with sometimes occasional changes. Notably every single Xeno game has to have a Vand in every game. Vanderkam in Xenogears Vanderkam in Xenosaga Xenoblade 1 had Vangarre but his Japanese name was Vandham Xenoblade X had Vandham with the same exact name in the Japanese one. Elma even made fun of him calling him "Colonel Squaretache" a reference to Xenoblade 1. And now we have Vandham in Xenoblade 2.
  17. The OD part is more or less explained in the manual. yes reading the Xenoblade X manual actually helps you in that game. I definitely feel from personal experience I died more from 1 and X way more than 2 in most cases. You can play 2 completely fine without ever pulling off break, topple, launch and smash and blade combos easily for majority of the game whereas in 1 if you don't do those, you'll fall pretty easily.
  18. This is more or less based on story progression. I find OD gg every battle only really happens after you grind excessively and in post game time with excessive augs. 2 as a whole if you go by regular playthrough is not really difficult at all even if you hardly ever grind or bother with accessories or pouches. I've beaten most of the bosses pretty underleveled and with maybe a few rare blades with me.
  19. I finished Xenoblade 2. Overall thoughts. It's definitely an improvement from 1 in terms of combat, gameplay, places to explore and level design but it's nowhere near the expansive levels and combat and gameplay that are in X. It's a good game but I still think Xenoblade X is the better game. Xenoblade X > Xenoblade 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Xenoblade 1 imo Mid game was definitely my favourite part of the game. Lots of nice places to explore, combat is fun when you get into the groove and there is a lot of nice depth to it. Some nice settings. Blade combo systems are fun to pull off to make heavy damages Most of the casts are very likeable and no one feels missed out Sidequests are much better here than in 1 as they have more interactions and writing in them but nowhere near the level of X's sidequests. The biggest issues I have with the game are: Intro is a slog that you don't really get to have much gameplay until 3 hours into the game Some really bad cutscene pacing. Cutscene plays for 10 to 20 mins. Ends. Walk 5 seconds in game another cutscene plays for another 20 mins. While this issue existed in 1, it's way worse here and it's very prominent This can be real pace breaker at times I know Xenogears and Xenosaga are even worse in this department though. RNG blade system should have never been a case in this game especially when you want to build your characters to an optimal level and you accidentally pull a rare blade that doesn't synergize as well on a specific driver is pretty bad. Yeah there are items to compensate it but that doesn't come until very late game when you can get them Field skills were unnecessary for story progression and should been only used for optional stuff like treasure hunting and unlocking secret areas but even then this is a pacebreaker regardless if they were optional. Story is VERY VERY predictable They could have designed rare blades to be so less exaggerated with their proportions. I understand the context but it can get really in your face with pyra and some of the later blade members you get later. I did have the same issues with this in 1 but it's definitely way more in your face here. Unfortunately I don't see myself replaying this game anytime soon. I think it's good for one runthrough but after that, not really a point of replay it despite getting NG+ update. In terms of difficulty, it's probably the easiest entry in the series. Once you figure out the blade combo and the chain attack's elemental burst, the entire game becomes a cakewalk.
  20. Yeah I don't know why they had to make the field skills even worse. In X, it was simple and easy to understand and majority of them were completely optional. Heck I would say in X, all you really need is mechanical skill at level 3 to at least make the story progression easy and that only takes like 20 levels or so and enough blade works would get you there pretty quickly. Here I really felt these a lot of them were unnecessary at times, big pace breakers and they weren't needed. Sure most of the story blades will get you those but it can get really annoying if you don't know what they are without looking it up and of course if you want to avoid spoilers that can get really annoying. Also just finished the intro to ch 10.....so hoping to finish the game tonight.
  21. Honestly, that reasoning is kind of not a very good one because the events in the beginning of the game pretty much represents that philosophical ideology already without having to use all those physical designs. I'm still not a fan of Pyra and Mythra's design as a whole. Still muffled about as it can be pretty distracting in some scenes. Right now I'm in ch 9 and these field skills are killing me.
  22. I'm probably one of the few guys that unfortunately have a weird story taste where I actually legitimately like the main story in X. Yes I understand there could be more expositions, more character involvement and more dialogues and justifications from some of the stuff but what it sets out did it well enough without dragging the whole pacing down. 1 for me was pretty uninteresting for me. While there is definitely more spectacle to watch, I ultimately didn't really care about the characters as whole despite how much expositions was involved. I definitely like 2's characters a lot more.
  23. Which is why i stated this is a big pet peeve of mine. Too many people missed out the creative writing and efforts they put into the sidequests in X because that's the main focus of the game. Literally you will be doing sidequest for 90% of the game. From a gameplay standpoint this makes X story telling integrated way better because you actually put the effort to explore and they reward you for it and that's what makes the game stand out way more. I can say the same if you remove the main story of 1 and 2 you're left with just combat and maybe few sidequests that don't mean much and you can easily miss out on them. whereas in X you might miss out one h2h but they aren't part of your completion. I really beg everyone to at least give X a chance in this and stop judging its story from the main chapters. There is a lot of beautiful efforts put into X and people don't appreciate it enough
  24. Ok no this is a really really big pet peeve of mine which people judging Xenoblade X story. The story is not all about finding lifehold which is only 10% of the game. X's story is about alien cultures clashing in together to find a way to integrate their lives together. X's story is structured all on the sidequest. Not the main story. The sidequest in X are the best parts of Xenoblade X and they answer, build and show just how harsh the colonization journey has been for everyone not just the main characters. The sidequests are 90% where the story telling is told and they are meant to be many mini episodes in one huge game package. Majority of the writers in the xeno team worked on the sidequests and it was the start of affinity missions where you learn about a side characters backstory, the cultures that they go through, the psychological issues with the aliens and human relationships all both light and dark. If you played the game one sidequest completion leads to another chain of sidequests and they answer a lot of questions like who built the frontiernav, what is the water in NLA made from? And there are tons of great scenarios like: Humans being mutilated and turned into mechanical weapons. The water purification incident trying to get clean water. Alien and human marriage problems Story of being born in mira but have issues integrating their life together with parents clashing The orpheans and how they are overall structured Another take on nopon drug trade Make NLA great again sidequest Hell your main avatar even witnesses a murder happening right in front of your eyes from falling a 20 or so story building and you gave to figure out the motivation. These sidequest have many different choices and that greatly affect if the npcs will live or not and that makes the choices of the player more prominent and leads to tons of happy and dark endings. And of course every single party members in this game have their own sidequest. The writing and story parts of X are all integrated in here and it requires the players to actually put in the effort to go and find these and integrates with gameplay and story way better than 1 and 2 where majority of the time you watch a scene play out walk 5 seconds another story exposition. Please stop judging X story by the main cutscenes and actually play the game. There are tons of great story materials that too many people overlook and it's something that really gets me.
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