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  1. FE3H is literally a game about contrasting values and leadership types, explored dually with the structure of an ancient and deeply organised institution. The parallels are undeniable. However, I would point out that the game is limited by the blinkers of its authors (horseshoe theory), and thus Edelgard's dual appeal towards the utter dregs of humanity and politically-inclined sapphic girls has nothing to do with her coded energies or intense fixation with Byleth, but instead her radicalism in a time of polarity and conflict. However, in times of polarity and conflict, such institutions often uplift themselves and hijack the energies of the youth via stealing the signifiers of their opposition, muddying the water, diluting the meaning of anything 'radical', and rendering the debate as one about aesthetics rather than meaning. While it's true that Edelgard ultimately upholds the paradigm of the establishment she seeks to overcome, and the Black Eagles route fittingly ends with some ambiguity as to how successfully she will navigate the tension between power and emancipation, I would instead suggest that Hillary Clinton is better represented by the character of Rhea.
  2. hey its me ur brother

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  4. So yeah, Happy Birthday.

  5. I'm a big troubadour fan =D

    I have a soft spot for Kat, too.

    1. PuffPuff


      They always bring grace to these games Raquesis, Ethlyn, Nanna, Janne, Clarine, Priscilla, L'Arachel, Mist, and Maribelle.

  6. The Vague Katti square is marked incorrectly on the Path of Radiance Desert Map, I think. It should be a square to the left (where the point of the Katti is). I tried to get it with Lethe on the square that's greyed out and failed repeatedly. Moved Jill to the square I'm talking about and Stefan showed up. Reset and moved Lethe there and: The square that's greyed is where Stefan actually shows up, but to trigger the event you need to move the unit to the square to the left~ Thanks for the map, by the way! It seems to be correct for the other items, or at least the ones I'm bothering with.
  7. I really like Priscilla too. ^^

  8. Oh, Mekkah, you should have saved the best for last!
  9. People grow up so fast. Maybe too fast. Happy 18th Birthday, hope you enjoy.


    Even though you may never read this message, I hope you enjoy your 18th!

  11. Bappy Hirthday, I guess

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