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  1. FE3H is literally a game about contrasting values and leadership types, explored dually with the structure of an ancient and deeply organised institution. The parallels are undeniable. However, I would point out that the game is limited by the blinkers of its authors (horseshoe theory), and thus Edelgard's dual appeal towards the utter dregs of humanity and politically-inclined sapphic girls has nothing to do with her coded energies or intense fixation with Byleth, but instead her radicalism in a time of polarity and conflict. However, in times of polarity and conflict, such institutions often uplift themselves and hijack the energies of the youth via stealing the signifiers of their opposition, muddying the water, diluting the meaning of anything 'radical', and rendering the debate as one about aesthetics rather than meaning. While it's true that Edelgard ultimately upholds the paradigm of the establishment she seeks to overcome, and the Black Eagles route fittingly ends with some ambiguity as to how successfully she will navigate the tension between power and emancipation, I would instead suggest that Hillary Clinton is better represented by the character of Rhea.
  2. I'm a big troubadour fan =D

    I have a soft spot for Kat, too.

    1. PuffPuff


      They always bring grace to these games Raquesis, Ethlyn, Nanna, Janne, Clarine, Priscilla, L'Arachel, Mist, and Maribelle.

  3. The Vague Katti square is marked incorrectly on the Path of Radiance Desert Map, I think. It should be a square to the left (where the point of the Katti is). I tried to get it with Lethe on the square that's greyed out and failed repeatedly. Moved Jill to the square I'm talking about and Stefan showed up. Reset and moved Lethe there and: The square that's greyed is where Stefan actually shows up, but to trigger the event you need to move the unit to the square to the left~ Thanks for the map, by the way! It seems to be correct for the other items, or at least the ones I'm bothering with.
  4. Oh, Mekkah, you should have saved the best for last!
  5. There's a difference, again, between an egotistical and arrogant ruler whose ultimate downfall is his pride, and someone so incompetent they probably can't tie their shoelaces. It's like every single villain who makes an expository speech that ends up being the sole reason he's defeated, except 10x less genre-savvy.
  6. If nobody does anything with any logic or foresight, it would also be a terrible story. There's a difference between Mary Sue godmode predictability and competence with human error. And there's a bigger difference between these and absolute inexplicable incompetence. People are unpredictable, but that isn't an excuse for utter incompetence on the part of every single villain. I don't know why people are getting so defensive. You can still enjoy something while acknowledging it's flawed. If you really object to this, don't try to justify the plot holes, because making the plot incoherent for the sake of gameplay is sloppy and lazy and in many situations could likely be avoided. Try to explain them, like others are doing.
  7. Fir and Rutger are both great units, but Rutger has both an availability lead and better growths/bases, and to be honest the chance of Rutger dying to being critted is pretty minimal. I don't think it makes up for the advantages Rutger has over Fir, especially when you factor in his supports (note that Dark affinity's bonuses include CEV by 2.5) + dodge machine power. Also, the RNG isn't a very fair argument. If you're going to factor in the RNG, factor it in for both. Rutger can get gg STR if you're lucky. Rutger can get gg Luck if you're lucky. Fir can get gg STR if you're lucky. So?
  8. It's a shame axes are pretty awful in FE6. It sounds very redundant to me. But I guess if you like axes there's nothing stopping you.
  9. Erk and Lucius are both quite usable @ Amelia. I don't mean like Rebecca usable either.
  10. :| Rath is very useful. Again it requires patience but he levels quickly when get him back anyway. I find it hilarious people have the patience to level Ninils up to like level 20 or something but dont care to level up a unit like Rath. Ninils is a Dancer though, which is very different to using a mediocre unit. Also, levelling Ninils is very different to levelling Rath. Probably harder, but Ninils aren't competing for kills. I don't think the situations are very comparable, seeing as it isn't just an issue of patience, it's an issue of limited slots / resources / EXP. Rath also loses Con after Lyn's story. I'd rather use Rebecca > Wil, and I doubt I'd be fielding both (well, either, but it's a hypothetical), but this thread does pertain to LM.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with Tatsumaki. I mean, it's the lesser of two evils, in my opinion at least.
  12. The error sounds very straightforward to me. Have you installed FFXI? A little googling of the first sentence links to a certain site where this comment was posted: Are you in Europe? Gamestop probably serves a US distribution.
  13. Sorry to interrupt, but that's really a shame... You need the legendary weapons to go past Chapter 22... I recommend you finish this playthrough and play again if you're up to it.
  14. That's the core of tanking, though. If you can't take damage efficiently, you can't tank, no matter what other criteria you define and that the unit fulfills. Going to have to jump on the bandwagon here: Most Hyped: Lilina Least Hyped: Eliwood
  15. Gale. I love Wyvs, and I'm a fan of the Dragons of Bern. Even if I didn't field him, I just wish he was recruitable. It's really bittersweet to kill him, and the conversation between Miledy and Gale breaks your heart. I always feel like I'm doing something unforgivably horrible by killing Miledy's lover. After all, they deserve happiness. I guess I'm a love > loyalty to your nation person as well.
  16. Thank you!

    I have posted a few times, but they might have gotten erased when there was that database problem and the back-up was restored.

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