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  1. Why not? Guard Stance is way better than Attack stance especially in BR where your juggernauts in GS are destroying everything on enemy phase. Archers aren't doing much of anything while this is going on so might as well give them a pairing to guarantee the kill on player phase. Besides it was more to illustrate that Takumi's speed is easy to fix. Mozu needs str and spd to get going since her bases in those are the lowest of any physical unit in the entire cast. Her best pairings are Nohrians but they don't exist in BR and join late in RV. Azama gives her worthless boosts(mag/lck/res) unless you reclass him and even then she gets no spd. Hayato/Jakob gives the spd she wants but no str until BR13 when you get another heart seal. RV does give you more heart seals but RV enemies also have the highest stats of any route and Mozu still has the lowest bases of any unit. To put this in perspective Subaki(the guy with highest base str in the RV9 joiners) with Rinka pairup fails to even 2RKO most enemies on RV9. Even Jakob/Hayato support can't help her with that. Hinata is a good pairing for her but every chick wants Hinata so it's kinda hard to justify prioritizing Mozu over people like Kagero/Hinoka/Oboro who can actually kill stuff with Hinata's boost. Thats not even going into how even with a good Mozu pairing you still need to set up kills for her whereas Takumi can use almost any of the BR women and kill stuff.
  2. Mozu will never be the same level as Takumi lol. Takumi can actually get kills while Mozu can't without help because of her atrocious bases. Takumi starts out ahead and will stay ahead for the entire game. With regards to the speed difference Takumi supports every women from Hoshido aka the land of speed pair ups. With tonics and Hana S rank pairup he gets +9 speed which can go even higher with rally speed and mess hall. Fujin yumi is so much better than Steel yumi. Not only do you get if for free but it has higher hit, no speed penalty, and even gives Takumi more avoid compared to the negative avoid from the steel yumi. They're both pretty mediocre since they're archers but at least Takumi can kill shit with no investment.
  3. Nope. Other than Robin>Corrin I can't think of anything I actually liked more in Awakening than Fates.
  4. r/fireemblem has made a community birthright tier list and is in the middle of a conquest one https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/4h752t/rfireemblem_makes_a_birthright_tier_list_final/ https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/4iq93r/rfireemblem_makes_a_fates_conquest_tier_list/
  5. Wow that was quick. Thank you
  6. Does anyone have a Sazio with either luna or rend heaven? Doesn't matter which
  7. I loved pretty much everything about Birthright's story and it has my favorite ending because of how bittersweet it is. Conquest......they tried something new is probably the most positive thing I could say about that mess. Revealtions actually had the most interesting start of the 3 routes. Shame about the gameplay though
  8. I know you already got him but in the future if you rescue staff Asugi and block the bottom exit Asugi will just stand still doing nothing allowing you to take out the boss at your leisure. https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/4e7san/how_to_easily_beat_asugi_paralouge_without_having/
  9. I thought I find Arthur annoying but after getting the game I ended up liking him. He's just an endearing guy who never lets his bad luck get in the way of helping others Niles is a character who I thought would be an edgelord but he turned out to be a lot more likable and well rounded character On the flipside Hana was the character I was most hyped for but ended up despising. All the supports I've seen from her have her acting so irritable towards her support partner
  10. PSA about the Mitama paralouge, even if her house is destroyed she'll still join you.
  11. Voted Shiro for favorite for being a cool dude with great supports with almost everyone. The only support of his I didn't like was his Ophelia support and my dislike for that support is all because of her. Runner ups are Asugi and Mitama. I guess I'm in the minority here but I actually liked Asugi more than Gaius because of how great both his parent supports are and his insecurity about inheriting the Saizo name. Mitama is a great example of a gimmick character and it's always cool to see what Haikus she comes up with. Soleil and Ophelia are tied for my least favorite. To me they're all the worst parts of Odin and Laslow without any of the good.
  12. Worst one for me was when I was playing Royal Royale. I had Takumi attack Peri who had an attack stance with Laslow. Peri had a 6% chance to crit and Laslow had a 2% chance so naturally they both got critical hits on Takumi.
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