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  1. O.J. just covered this on his youtube channel, player essence just a short while ago. I do agree that it would make a lot of sense. I mean, the success of 3H is a bit of a game changer. The people at IS know how much money they can make with a Tellius re-release, no matter the format. The original games are still very playable, so a simple virtual console release would have made quite a few sales. If that was an option, it would have happened already. It hasn't, so it means they have other plans for these games. Edit: But I do agree a virtual console release would suit my tastes better, especially if they make FE4 the next FE echoes 😍
  2. I've played most of the Fire Emblem games (all of the GBA and after), and I must admit that 3H Hard/classic is a bit of a let down. I love the game, I've finished it on every route, but once you understand the mechanics (and the content on Serenes Forest allowed you to do that even before the game was released), it's just a matter of advance/nuke/repeat, and using the gambits and divine pulse feels irrelevent. The difficulty level I found most interesting was my Hard Classic CF Noble/Commoner run, where none of my units promoted. They all had 4 move and no access to class skills. This was challenging and fun at the cost of greater character variety (no poney, flying, scaly or otherwise...). I'm currently doing an NG Maddening run with the GD, and even though the first four chapters were really tough, I'm having a ton of fun. Chapter 13 really stretches all your resources (but I was lucky enough to have an Assassin Byleth with 37 speed and swordbreaker) to get through that first cluster of enemies, but once you've survived (and Immortal corps is a serious help there), the rest is pretty straight forward. If I was to compare VW NG Maddening to Radiant Dawn Hard mode, I'd say Radiant Dawn is harder because of the lack of Divine pulse and the length of the maps. If you get RNG spammed towards the end of the desert map in part IV, that's two and a half hours of battle you have to go through again, trudging through sand 2 squares at a time. I do agree though that the DLC hard mode was balanced just right and I had a great time gameplay-wise (story-wise not so much...)
  3. Agreed. I felt it was one of the most exhilarating FE battle I've played. Reminded me of an old tactical-RPG on the PS1, Vandal Heart, the chapter where you must escape the Crimson guard. Enemies everywhere and a great sense of urgency! Maybe some of the oldies on that forum can relate to that 🙋
  4. Balthus will do great in the Brigand / Wrestler / War master build (better than in War monk, which will be better suited for Annette, I think), but I don't know if he retains his brawling avoid +20 in the main game. The others really seem custom made for their own new classes, so I don't see them as anything else.
  5. Finished the golem spawning extravaganza and the quick escape chapters and loved every second of it. This is the difficulty I want in an FE game. As someone said above, it's absolutely spot on. Timewise, I take my time playing and never skip anything, and I'm on 7 hours 30, so it might take me up to 15 hours to complete on hard classic, which is good value I think, especially since you also get extra play time from it by using the characters and exploring Abyss in the main game. I intend to do an Ashen wolves run once I complete cindered shadows, and that's an extra 60+ hours of play time, depending on which house I go for (currently thinking GD). Overall, I don't think I've been ripped off at all.
  6. Just release it, will'ya? It's way past 12am gmt 😬😴😴
  7. 08:00 EST is 01:00PM GMT, so it pretty much matches what Robertos said. Should be out in three and a half hours =D
  8. The Fortune teller is a fun addition, but I hope it's more than for just buying support points (which are basically thrown at you left, right and centre) Can't wait to play it. Dark flier Ingrid and Valkyrie Lysithea will own the battlefield.
  9. Completed, just before Cindered shadows comes out. Perfect timing. Great experience overall, and I strongly recommand it to anyone who likes a challenge, but not one as punishing as maddening mode. It really forced me to use all the aspects of the game (Wo dao+ really came in handy) and to think everything through (gambits, equipment) a lot more than when using classes. The leap in difficulty after timeskip made for really fun battles, especially the last one. Crossing the fire pit with 4 move is a huge challenge when it's raining pegasus knights, bolting shots and lances of light. Loved every second of it. Overall, the experience reminded me of the kind of difficulty you get in Radiant Dawn (but with divine pulse)
  10. On level 30+ now, second chapter in part 2. Enjoying it a lot so far. The jump in difficulty after the timeskip makes the battles really feel like Fire Emblem again. I love it. Many enemies can 1rKO your weaker units, and you get no Canto and no long range to get out of trouble. It's really interesting and a great way to wait for the next DLC.
  11. Now that I've completed all three routes I'm starting a noble/commoner only run. I figure it will increase the challenge, because I steamrolled through hard/classic but Maddening is a huge step up, and I don't enjoy it so much. I'm about 2h into my run and I'm enjoying the complete freedom I get from not having to worry about class requirements. Abilities assigned will also completely change with no class mastery skills, and I'm looking forward to finding fun viable options. Anyone else has tried it?
  12. Sorry for digging this out of the trash pile, but I was thinking of doing exactly this, a noble/commoner run, since I've completed all three routes. I figure it will increase the challenge, because I steamrolled through hard/classic but Maddening is a huge step up, and I don't enjoy it so much. Anyone else has tried since then?
  13. I really enjoyed that map. It was just the right challenge (the earlier maps were a little easy). Won on my first try, but used divine pulse to avoid Dimitri one-shoting Caspar with a 14% crit rate. Had no major problem with Dedue (him turning into a demonic beast was out of this world! Brilliant idea!) but let out a huge sigh of relief when killing Rhea chased away her soldiers. I felt sorry when I 0rkoed Mercedes... she didn't deserve it.
  14. Personal experience too, but I saw a 97% hit rate fail, so it makes double RN unlikely (but not impossible)
  15. I went whole out magic: Monk > mage > warlock > enlighted one I love this combo because I love magic, although Byleth's spells aren't so great so far
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