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  1. Now that I've completed all three routes I'm starting a noble/commoner only run. I figure it will increase the challenge, because I steamrolled through hard/classic but Maddening is a huge step up, and I don't enjoy it so much. I'm about 2h into my run and I'm enjoying the complete freedom I get from not having to worry about class requirements. Abilities assigned will also completely change with no class mastery skills, and I'm looking forward to finding fun viable options. Anyone else has tried it?
  2. Sorry for digging this out of the trash pile, but I was thinking of doing exactly this, a noble/commoner run, since I've completed all three routes. I figure it will increase the challenge, because I steamrolled through hard/classic but Maddening is a huge step up, and I don't enjoy it so much. Anyone else has tried since then?
  3. I really enjoyed that map. It was just the right challenge (the earlier maps were a little easy). Won on my first try, but used divine pulse to avoid Dimitri one-shoting Caspar with a 14% crit rate. Had no major problem with Dedue (him turning into a demonic beast was out of this world! Brilliant idea!) but let out a huge sigh of relief when killing Rhea chased away her soldiers. I felt sorry when I 0rkoed Mercedes... she didn't deserve it.
  4. Personal experience too, but I saw a 97% hit rate fail, so it makes double RN unlikely (but not impossible)
  5. I went whole out magic: Monk > mage > warlock > enlighted one I love this combo because I love magic, although Byleth's spells aren't so great so far
  6. Confirmed. You shouldn't be able to one-shot bosses with almost any of your units in hard mode.
  7. The paralogues are a bit harder. Just played through both paralogues of chapter 7 and I had to start again once and use Divine pulse a couple times (stupid Caspar with 40HP getting insta killed by a wyvern rider, didn't expect it to double)
  8. I'm playing classic hard BE, chapter 6, and so far, it's been much easier than I expected. I don't feel stupidly OP but I met no real challenge. Never used divine pulse and didn't get hit once by the demonic beast in chapter 5. Hoping it'll pick up in later chapters.
  9. I think Exploration / battle / something else (seminar or resting) makes for a pretty balanced month. I spent too much time exploring early game. Once a month is really enough.
  10. Did you skip support convo, cut scenes and battle animation ?
  11. 7 hours in, I'm completely in love with the format and the gameplay. It's so addictive. The only negative aspect is the graphics, which I don't consider as very relevent to a FE game, and some design choices (F/Byleth's outfit is so outrageously sexist) Funny thing is, I'm a teacher in real life and the teaching in three houses is just awesome.
  12. Just used all my 3 points on a Byleth only faculty training Sunday. Rhea, Manuela and Henneman (faith and reason x2) just after the red canyon battle. With a bit of choir practice, Byleth can now cast Heal. Then I'll turn her into a monk and start building up my magic. I'll let you know if it was worth it.
  13. Just started playing. F/Byleth and black eagles (go get'em girls!). Hard classic. Three quarters into the mock battle. Loving it so far !
  14. I think you should promote as soon as you can. From what I've seen, you can switch classes before every battle, so the more certification exams you've passed, the more choice you have, and your level is not reset at 1, so why bother staying in your base class? You're not going to get any extra levels from it.
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