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  1. Yes because you made the claim. So protagonist? There's a lot to unpack here so first: is the favor undue, and why? No we should not because we are not mind readers and you are not using the correct terminology for what you are talking about. If we cannot agree on meaning of the words we use we cannot even try to comprehend on another's arguments. At best I can only assume you are parroting a tired trope about FE without actually having an argument to back it up because you are safe in the assumption that everyone will simply agree in some form of herd mentality or something since as you said we should already know and you shouldn't have to justify your statement. Rude.
  2. Are you trying to be offended now? 🤔 Regardless I agree that I don't actually have that high of an opinion of Stlvain because of his backstory and greater character depth. He's much better written no doubt but he's also the sort of person I really don't care for, especially the self pitying and victimization aspect when he himself acts as a predator on people far below him in power.
  3. So is Suzaku Dimitri or Byleth in this scenario?
  4. You know except all Kingdom Nobility are trained from birth to fight and the Alliance constantly have skirmishes with one another such that Lorenz can be reasonably expected to hold off a siege on his on lands while still in school. Every unit your recruit is replace with a NATION General, i.e. The average student is by the time skip equivalent to a general for that faction in a series where the leaders are also usually the most powerful fighters. All in all there is not a single student character who can be considered explicitly weaker than the average soldier unless the game has explicitly stated they are weaker than the average soldier. Even Dorothea and her opera troupe are trained combatants, Manuela managed as a combat instructor, Dorothea was a trained fighter and mage, the opera company is a recruits le battalion. Weaker is relative to the fact you have literal super humans running around and even the crestless have their peak of physical humanity like Raphael and Dedue.
  5. That is because Byleth is affiliated with the Church of Seiros and so the units have Church of Seiros colors. If you equip a battalion on Ashe while in the Black Eagles during White Clouds, he'll still have Blue Lion color wearing soldiers with him because his affiliation is still the Kingdom. After the timeskip his (and Byleth's) affiliation will change to what route you are on so if you choose Silver Snow all your student's affiliation will change to (resistance army) and all battalion units for all students will use Byleth's Black/purple/Orange color scheme.
  6. Make Cavalry only strong on the Charge (i.e. player phase) so that they can easily overwhelm infantry on the player phase but are quickly disposed of on the enemy phase. Armored Knights by contrast would be good on the enemy phase, effectively negating the bonuses of a cavalry charge but being a poor offensive choice. Infantry wouldn't have any weakness on player or enemy phase but wouldn't have a particular strength either. How can this be done? By wrapping the stance and -blow skills into the movement class or class skills. Armored Knights would have armored stance and similar abilities giving them boosted armor or negating doubling when waiting or attacked on enemy phase. These skills would be locked to the cavalry and armored classes respectively and wouldn't be able to be given to other classes. Because Cavalry will be weaker than enemy infantry (using class mods) and reliant on their -blow (renamed charge) skills for effectiveness, canto will be used to move them to safety rather than simply pushing further forwards. Armored units will maintain many of their classic weaknesses but have their movement buffed to infantry standards, they won't be good for attacking enemies but will instead be used to wait and bait enemies, they'll also have a skill to make them more likely to be attacked (like Shinon's provoke). Infantry will be defined by the weapons they specialize in and unlike the previous classes, they will maintain their -faire and -breaker skills creating a sort rock-paper-scissors effect for infantry v. infantry battles. Flyers will naturally just have to lose Canto completely but gain pass as their movement type specific ability. This will give Flyers the most flexible threat range but they'll have the same enemy phase weakness of cavalry without their ability to escape the threat zone. This will ensure the necessity of proper placement or movement combat arts to make the best use of them. Endgame infantry should have the Assassin/Grapplers ability to ignore terrain penalties making them more like flyers in that their unimpeded by terrain but still limited by impassable terrain. This gives each movement type an area of expertise and uniqueness that's lacking currently (classes are becoming just statblocks of varying effectiveness, not feeling unique) You could also bring back the rescue command (usable by Cav and Flyers only) which can only target infantry and armors allowing the flyers and cav to fit a secondary role as troop transports again (at the cost of inflicting a stat penalty on the cav/flyer).
  7. Hubert accomplished dark mage and noted for the greatest variety of spells used by an enemy character, accounting all appearances he uses almost every dark magic and uses every siege spell under the sun and is an accomplished tactician spy and assassin, by the wording of op minimally a 7 out of 10 likely an 8. Dedue 8/10 the guy holds the feat for managing to infiltrate and fight his way solo to Edelgards throne room when she brought the majority of her elite forces into the palace and when conditionally the only force Byleth is bringing is a ragtag militia and the knights of Seiros. Going off that the amount of resistance he'd have to face solo would have been immense. Lorenz relatively fearless but canonically an accomplished mage and warrior so minimally a 6 but I'd consider most students a 6 minimally a 5 so likely closer to a 7. Jeralt 6:/10 Alois ending has him outshine Jeralt in every way as captain. Jeralt has the fear of dying the first time he saved Rhea and getting some of that crest sippy in return. Basically he's legendary because he's got a major crest 1st gen in an era where crests are dying out and as a result just generally has an experience and power advantage over the opposition. Skilled and experienced but past his prime and mostly held up by those gifts of Rhea than anything else, can be outshone by those with a fraction of the power and experience.
  8. You know I figured it'd be self evident when you have a cutscenes showing a non beating heart, Edelgard reacting to that lack of beating and the emphasis on the disappearance of the crest stone to all indicate that the heart was not beating until after that moment. There are specific events when Byleths heart beats briefly and it usually is due to a major emotional turning event symbolizing him making a real human/personal choice or it results In him passing out.
  9. Ok, meta one possibly English only. "An Innevitable Encounter" an encounter between a lord and bandits... in a Fire Emblem game: truly inevitable.
  10. You are weirdly obsessed with sex, you know that right?
  11. Might seem self evident but: For non-crest Bearers, their physique correlates with their stats. Dedue and Raphael are the strongest, slowest characters without a crest and have the highest HP cap in the game. They are also the physically biggest. Ignatz is weak and frail, he is also of a slight build and small physically. For crest bearers their capabilities follow what their crest is, with characters like Byleth and Edelgard having very balanced stats while Dimitri is a physical powerhouse, having high spd strength and hp. In fact, Dimitri is basically a spear wielding warmaster. Secondly: Turns out the Adrestian nobles might be right that magic is more of a thing for nobles only. Note that all nobility are from crest bearing bloodlines even if they might not necessarily bear a crest themselves. All pure crestless characters either lack strong capabilities in magic: having lower avg growths, final stats, bases, or a weakness in Faith or Reason, or just bad or limited spells. Of the Crestless characters that are strong mages (Hubert, Dorothea) both come from noble lines, Dorothea being a bastard, and Hubert not only comes from Vestra; he is a dark mage. Furthermore, the Adrestian Empire which has the most crest bearers thanks to the very giving Cethleann, Cichol, ect. It is also the country with a noted specialty in mages in lore if not gameplay. So it turns out humans might not have actually been all that great at magic and either developed Dark Magic to compensate or gained their capabilities from harvesting the Nabateans crests.
  12. Might as well cover this first when we compare capability: Ernest: Given its effect is identical to Windsweep's effect (and Anna's higher avg spd growth) we can see that those bearing this crest tend towards having higher/super speed. Cichol Bearers of this crest tend to be quite talented in various weapons as both Seteth and Ferdinand are shown to master the weapon triangle. Bearers tend to be very physically capable, having good strength speed and dex in both growth and caps. They tend to favor offensive stats compared to defensive and lack in defensive qualities. Altogether showing themselves able to avoid damage and dish it out but less capable in tanking it. This fits in with their crest power, enabling them to use superior technique to avoid counterattacks. In effect, Cichol bearers drill themselves to perfection, making up a lack of direct power for flawless technique. Seiros: We can see that the effect is 5 bonus damage on combat arts, showing an increase in average strength or technique. To find more of what powers this crest, we look to Rhea: She has average growths and final stats, she has abnormally high growths in Charm and an abnormally high cap in charm, much like Byleth and Edelgard who are noted as exceptionally oddly charismatic. So we can see that more of the effect of this crest is in enhancing the leadership and charisma, giving them an aura of power than it is in actually turning them into a physical powerhouse. Gloucester In gameplay we can see the effect as a boost of 5 to damage much like the Fraeldarius Crest is for normal attacks. We can also see it as responsible for Lysithea's abnormally strong magic, her speed and dex being due to her charon crest and her weak physical stats due to the experimentation damaging her body. We can also see that despite his over wise physical cavalry focus, Lorenz has the equal capacity to be a mage due to his crest but to a lesser extent being only a minor crest bearer. By comparison we can see the Cethleann Crest as the faith equivalent, also boosting healing to an exceptional degree, we also see in Flayn powerful magic growth and near immunity to magic, a hidden capacity for offensive reason magic and as an enemy we can see her becoming a powerful combatant using the strongest offensive faith magic in the game. Support conversations between Linhardt add Ferdinand show that the Crests can have a great deal of effect on the personality of the bearer and how they react to other crest bearers. Riegen Mostly here for comparison's sake, we can see that the effect of Claude's crest allows a seeming vampiric effect and correlates to his high dex and speed growth and caps. I'll return to this later when I cover the crest of flames but do recall that Claude is noted for surviving a harsh life in Almyra and taking a forceful backhand from Nemesis who himself is a physical powerhouse. Crest of Flames The effect of this crest is essentially the combination of Gloucester, Fraeldarius, Seiros, Riegen, Cichol, and Ernest. It can emulate the effect of any of those previous crests except in any situation, usually it just allows the user to heal vampirically. Regarding the last effect, it is noted that Nemesis survived most likely due to his Crest of Flames and Edelgard doesn't show the physical degeneration to the same degree as Lysithea due to the experimentation. Thus the nosferatu effect of the crest (and thus Riegen) is likely more representative of the endurance boosting effects of the crest, what allows them to shrug off wounds. Of the 4 known bearers, 2 are strong hybrid fighters, having high capacity in magic and strength. Nemesis notably favors physical strength and Sothis her magical capability. Of the human bearers they are all shown to have very balanced stats though notably Edelgard has an overall edge on her teacher, likely due to her dual crest nature. Notably both Sothis and Byleth are the only ones with 99 max charm, Seiros comes close with 97 and Edelgard trails behind with 85. As far as growths go, Seiros and Sothis lead, followed by Edelgard with Byleth far behind them. Again this suggests Edelgard's charisma comes primarily from her Seiros crest while Byleth's comes from being the progenitor god. The crest of flames likely enhances one's charisma as all bearers are noted as highly charismatic, even Byleth whose otherwise emotionless exterior was found disturbing. However despite bearing a major crest in flames and minor in Seiros, Edelgard still can't compare to the Charisma of Seiros or Sothis, and cannot match the potential of Byleth. Blaiddyd Comparatively, despite bearing only the minor Crest, we can see that Dimitri has an abnormal strength. The effect of this crest is doubling the total dmg and uses for combat arts, allowing Dimitri his famous 999 damage crits thanks to x6 damage. This effect is shown to be more than gameplay because Dimitri is completely incapable of actually controlling his strength and easily breaks even the best forged equipment when training. Blaiddyd stands as one of the few crest abilities not mimicked by the Crest of Flames, the other being Indech and Lamine/Dominic. The crest of Flames certainly stands above the rest, showing strong average tier growths in all stats, having no weaknesses (Byleth specifically noted to have no weaknesses) unlike other Crests. So that is why Blaiddyd stands as such a fascinating crest: it not only stands as unique compared to the Crest of Flames, its effect arguably outshines many of the others in what it intends to do. Since it doubles the total damage of the attack, no one can compare to the damage output of this crest. Despite being only a bearer of a minor crest, Dimitri dwarfs all others in physical strength and yet he is also one of the fastest characters (growth + cap) and yet he also has some of the highest HP (growth and Cap) and yet he also has extremely strong defenses. Alongside his personal, he is nearly untouchable and even then was noted for shrugging off mortal wounds and slaughtering elite troops with his bare hands as a teenager. His only weakness is his terrible resistance and nonexistent magic, another interesting thing to note... On using gameplay/stats as justification: The game notably shows that it prefers to set stats and growth to actually represent the character rather than be purely balanced. Non crest Bearers Raphael and Dedue have the highest HP caps in the game and are notably the tallest and bulkiest characters. Petra is the fastest and has a wirey muscle build, Ignatz is physically weak and has a very slight frame and small body. All non crest bearers has their stats, growths, and caps reflected in their physique. Crest bearers like Felix and Hilda do not, instead the crest bearers stats are reflected in the Crest they bear and whether that crest is minor or major. Edelgard has two crests, in having her power fully unlocked she gains the "dual crest" power, enabling her to take two actions a phase. Her relic enables her to have a galeforce like effect that is very similar to her dual crest power despite lacking the crest her weapon is actually geared for, Marriane despite having this crest cannot use this relic power. Thus storywise it is likely that the effect is more representative of her dual crest power than the relic itself. To add to this, Claude's relic effect essentially allows him the feat he pulls in the cutscene where he fights Nemesis, and Dimitri's is simply a reflection of raw physical might: gaining effectiveness against everything just like the "war masters strike." So, in conclusion: in a one-on-one duel, Dimitri is far FAR stronger than Edelgard and indeed this does transfer favorably to slaughtering hordes of enemies in the wave assaults that insane Dimitri favors (again reflected in his Battalion Wrath, Battalion Vantage unique set up). Edelgard, however is able to simply grind down her enemies (shown by Battalion vantage and renewal) and how her set up allows her to ignore lesser magic and physical attacks (her unique class being a fortress knight without a magic weakness) and ruthlessly brutalize these enemies in turn. @omegaxis1 I am by no means undermining her capabilities, she absolutely would have a greater effect in mass battles than Dimitri, simply because her overwhelming power is more suited to slaughtering many weaker enemies kind of like a saturation bombing. Dimitri is comparatively far stronger in one-on-one duels and is -yes- far physically stronger than even Edelgard but that is all he is, a physical powerhouse with no magical ability and no real way to fight multiple enemies except personally murdering each one, allowing him to be overwhelmed by sufficient numbers. So again, Edelgard is a conventional explosive, Dimitri is a shaped charge. Anyway I should probably drop this since we are past discussing the lords.
  13. Dimitri lives long past what he should be able to after suffering numerous fatal wounds, all his deaths involve being overwhelmed by numbers such as ambushed by cavalry and impaled numerous times before going down, in CF when he should be long past dead he is able to have words with Edelgard and only dies when decapitated. Powerscaling is a shitty way to properly measure power especially when any feats by Edelgard is hampered by the fact that she has a literal god backing her in those scenes. Dimitri is absolutely a more dangerous fighter. That said if I were to use Total War Three Kingdoms as a way to describe them, Dimitri is a Champion/vanguard, Edelgard is more of a Sentinel/vanguard, and Claude is a clear Commander/strategist. One is a pure meat blender, the other just outlasts everyone, and Claude is better for how he tricks and uses others than as a pure combatant.
  14. Nah man, it was pretty subtle 😉 Incidentally and completely unrelated, is it trendy to make yourself look as neurotic as possible on the internet? Asking for a friend.
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