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  1. Modifications are in bold. Regarding personals I tend to use other characters as precedent, Balthus has effectively two defiant skills as his personal that activate at 50% hp which being a gauntlet character, is pretty strong. Secondly is the importance of keeping a theme, and I'm glad you agree it fits, and I do agree it was too strong. I removed the aura aspect of it as it was largely redundant with the aggro aspect. Neither of these skills see much use because they're a holdout of % base activation, given the way they calculate the activation, this means a less than 3% activation on most characters anyway and it'd rarely if ever activate on Naofumi with his non-existent dex base or growth. In effect it would have only benefited weak characters with high dex and Naofumi would have been already naturally tanky with his high base def and res + growths which would have been furthered by going into the War Monk class. The new version only effects him and maintains the aggro aura so he can be the 1st unit in all of fire emblem to successfully fill the role of the armored knight line. It'd probably be best to define a flat activation rate for his passive (and I don't feel all that concerned with the aegis/pavise mix since 4 units get that as an item and at least 2 get it before the timeskip) but I hadn't decided on that. I also clarified that the Pavise/Aegis effect is only active when being attacked as Naofumi is not intended to be effective on the offensive. I have now included an alternate Defining ability with Wary Fighter (straight rip, and yes, it overrides QR). Since you got me in the mood, I'll talk a bit more on the creative process. The reason list was chosen as both a mix of fire being the generic spell list and because these spells represent the Shield of rage's flames quite well. Fitting since it allows Naofumi to be a bit more offensive with his budding talent (Heartseeker) allowing him to make up for his poor hit if he stays at range 1 (melee). It works because range remained a limit for Naofumi in that shield mode. That said, it's not the most impressive damage due to his bases and growths, but it is an option. Also thanks for pointing out the mistake I made, the second recover was meant to be restore, the spells were chosen to maintain a degree of utility/effectiveness even if he didn't have the highest magic. He needs to be close to allies to use them, but he's meant to be on the frontline anyways. Armor, riding, and flying were all set to neutral because while they are all related to capabilities he has shown to have, they don't necessarily correlate with his greatest strength.
  2. Can I just say that I ****ing called it? Money's on time crunch forcing them to spread resources around to finish the other routes and a bit of experience as they went along. Pretty sure Hilda's brother and Caspar's father were originally meant as bosses at some point.
  3. Seliph got his sister kidnapped by the big bad cultist guy, Roy existed. Thought we were talking about El;iwood at first.
  4. I actually quite like this Robin. Nicely balanced too, good one on using Solidarity as the personal. Think I prefer the battalion renewal/vantage combo as well.
  5. Lysithea and Merceds so you can have the paralogues of Ferdinand and Caspar which require them (F and C) to be traitors to Edelgard to function.
  6. It was though, you see clearly Byleth and Edelgard fighting in the trailers. I originally thought the silver snow reunion scene would be near the end game, right before the "death of the flame emperor" cutscene or that they'd be one cutscene/alts of on another. My impression from most of the trailers was that you'd have to work to join her side given the dialogue and theme song playing over the trailers. That said I also thought she'd end up an unwilling church stooge and that the church was evil from the trailers, but that's because I merged the Western church, the Central church, and those who slither as one organization in my head.
  7. Surprised no one picked up on Byleth getting owned by Marth's counter when using Amyr. Sword beats Axe, Byleth wasn't prepared for the triangle.
  8. That only happens if you refuse to talk to Seteth for the whole month, otherwise you can skip it. Also, here's a more realistic Golden Ending than whatever sort of FF @omegaxis1 is writing
  9. Yea, kinda. Lysithea pays for that in having the lowest total growths and being as tough as paper mache. Priscilla as far as I recall wasn't all that minmaxed and that's the point: we have an actual character to base it off of, so if we're putting them in three houses, we should be as faithful to the character as possible. A lot of the abilities characters have are more around what makes sense for the character than what is 'optimal' or 'novel' even ingame. That's why every physical unit isn't running around with battalion vantage-battalion wrath despite the fact that everyone wants that combo for their chosen creation because they can't bear them being suboptimal. OK quickie one with explanation: Robin male or female doesn't matter: Class: Commoner HP/STR/MAG/DEX/SPD/LCK/DEF/RES/CHA Base 29 9 8 8 9 6 9 6 6 (total 90) We're doing this quick, dirty, and lazy. We take the base stats of Robin without accounting for any variation of flaw/strength and total them up. We throw this through a ratio calculator using the same stat total as Byleth minus his charm stat (total 83). We get some basically workable numbers for a "hybrid" type character. We use our remaining "points" to return to 90 and give Robin 6 starting charm; fitting for an avatar/non-lord Amnesiac. Note that defense is oddly high showing that this strategy is not perfect. Growth 55 45 40 40 40 45 30 25 50 (total 370) Since we're using a robin base with no asset/flaws, we end up with a very middle of the road character. Because the health to stat ratios in awakening are so different we see that the health was far too high and cut that growth down some (already done) and give the remainder to charm. Robin is an excellent tactician and thus This is referenced in his higher than average charm (though this could be done in better ways) He is also the avatar of a fell god and only an amnesiac rather than devoid of emotion, so the higher avg charm fits. Max 107 54 54 54 54 60 54 54 63 (total 553) From here on we can't really use Byleth's totals as a base anymore, on one hand you could and simply keep the 99 charm but I'd rather this as a recruitable unit rather than literally replacing the unit role of Byleth. So we use our next hybrid character Ingrid. She has the same growths as Byleth and ~7 less total base stats. The problem is that we still have Robin using the Avatar/Lord level base stats. Simply using Ingrid's totals would drop the magic/str ratio abnormally low so we'll simply cut away a little as we had done with the growth rates. New Base 26 9 8 8 9 6 6 6 6 (total 84) We cut 3 from base hp and def, putting them more in line with the other characters and can pretty much call it good. Their max stats aren't insane, and are in fact oddly equal and yet I don't find myself minding all that much. Notable for their abnormally large health, though not to the extant as Raphael. Since Robin canonically bears the Mark (read: Crest) of Grima, I will, despite how much the overuse annoys me, give Robin a Crest. Rather than reusing one of the standard effects, I look to Bernadetta and Dimitri for inspiration and precedence. Their abilities each could allow for essentially a doubling of the usual damage or more and thus I feel a bit more safe to simply adapt Ignis as a crest ability. so: Crest of Grima (Major) When using attack magic, Occasionally add 1/2 str to Attk. When using weapon attacks, occasionally add 1/2 mag to Attk. Activation % 20 (major) 10 (minor) 5 (Item) At the beginning its actually weaker than Felix's crest only adding 4 damage for a lower frequency, naturally as time goes on it rises in strength to Dimitri and Bernadetta's level but is more frequent due to have to activation conditions (magic or might) and having the major rather than minor activation rate. Robin gets major only because they are the avatar of Grima perfected by the Grimleal, Morgan would only have a minor crest. Still a bit more powerful than I'd like (I think) but I'm not exactly going slow and steady here. Personal Skill: The easy and obvious one is to give him bootleg professor's guidance known as Veteran. Alternatively just give him the discipline skill. Personally I'd prefer giving him a weaker variant of his rally spectrum skill (Shamir has this essentially as a self rally) as his personal or a modified Offensive tactics to illustrate his superior ability to tip the scales. The final and more OP option was to double his gambit uses. For Reason magic its actually rather easy: Thunder Thoron Death Dark Spikes The first two can be considered robin's signature spells and the last two represent Grima's powers as Death is visually similar to Grima's truth and Dark Spikes is similar to Grima's attack. Faith gets a bit trickier and thus more limited. I was half tempted to go all out and cheese with warp and rescue but instead decided more conservative for Aura and Abraxas since Robin will already be struggling with mixed black/dark magic. Since I haven't mentioned it robins strengths would be no flaws with a strength in Reason, Swords and Authority. Normally I'd be tempted to give them a hidden talent in faith (giving them faith uses x2 or avo +20) but at this point hidden talents are so overused that I'll leave it as is. With a strength in authority Robin would be loaded with rally skills, finishing with rally movement being the third unit to have it. The battalion skills would be vantage and desperation as they fit Robin's mo of outmaneuvering the opponent. What rally skills he would have otherwise, I didn't decide. I don't really need to go on, with his balanced stats and growths most classes should push him any direction needed and magic or strength will never be a completely wasted investment thanks to his crest and lack of flaws (in proficiency) The unit ended up the way it did due to the choices made by IS in awakening rather than my trying to minmax a character hardly faithful to the original. The female version is probably OP. Canon classline is dark bishop/warlock, if you care. Unique outfit should be obvious.
  10. You go for in universe reason and then use gameplay to justify your decisions? You make no sense.
  11. Well hence Deathknight and Hubert who fit the same rule and aren't recruitable. Their issue is that they're not in the palace because the embarrassing siege had a city battle. ultimately Valm and Adrestia follow the same beats. A battle in a lava map, an undefeated fort infiltrated, an open battle with the final boss, finish the boss in their throne room.
  12. Edelgard was based off many of the previous Emperor enemies, one of her major influences was actually Walhart. After the Timeskip, you will fight Edelgard twice, once on an open battlefield (Gronder) where she wields a magical sword that heals her (Sword of Seiros) Walhart Fights you twice, once outside his fortress in an open battlefield wielding Sol, a magical sword that heals him. In SS/VW Edelgard will then fight you in in her Palace wielding her true personal weapon an axe called Amyr After his first defeat, Walhart will retreat to his Palace and fight you in his throne room wielding his true Regalia, an axe called Wolf Berg. Furthermore, Walhart has his final stand with two Generals, Cervantes and Excellus: a powerful warrior and shadowy Mage While it isn't the same map, Hubert and the Death Knight fit this role quite well but in Verdant Wind its Dorothea and Petra who fill in quite nicely as the final stand Generals: a powerful warrior and a mage.
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