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  1. Chapter 20 (Ephraim's route) black screens after a couple of scenes. Can't access the battle preparations menu.
  2. Hello, I recently began using Nightmare and learned how to insert custom battle animations and whatnot. I gave Eirika's Great Lord class and the General class both custom animations, and an issue's popped up in which the game crashes whenever I promote Eirika (from Lord) and Gilliam (from Knight) to the aforementioned classes. The classes' new custom animations work fine on their own though (i.e., when hacking Gilliam to already be in the General class, he is able to use the animations just fine). At least I think so. I was wondering if anybody knows what the issue is for this situation. I appreciate any help.
  3. The Revolution patch would be nice to have. Edit: The aid was appreciated, Celice! Thanks a lot, really!
  4. Does anyone happen to have a link for the hack? I've been wanting to play it (found links to Fala, Dain, and others in the past), though the link here and everywhere else I searched were broken. Help is appreciated.
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