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  1. In that case, how is: Chrom/Olivia Inigo/FeMU Miriel/Gregor Cordelia/Lon'qu Gaius/Tharja Lissa/Libra Sumia/Henry Cherche/Vaike Sully/Donnel Nowi/Kellam Panne/Stahl Maribelle/Ricken
  2. Wow, so much input after such a short time... Thank you so much! To clear up some topics, I will be focusing on both in-game and postgame though in actuality it is my partial OCD-ness driving me to some extents...haha. So the pairings now set in stone are: (out of general agreement) Miriel/Gregor Gaius/Tharja Chrom/Olivia Inigo/feMU The main focus of this forum seems to be set on Freddy for Cynthia and whether or not Henry makes a better father. I've always put Henry for Sumia but there's been some input suggesting I go with Lissa/Henry to make a Dread Fighter Owain with Vantage + Vengeance. Which would then, following Sumia's limited marriage choices would leave Freddy. In my past experiences (though they may not count as much considering this is my first lunatic run) Fred's stats always, always fell behind, and I've heard that it falls back faster on hard difficulties. And due to this set of inferior stats, his child, regardless of class pools or skill inheritance, would have much lower base stats. Someone suggested I put Fred in the Dread Fighter class to level up his stats, but is this a good idea? Also, isn't Fred a good father for Yarne as well? Who should I put with Panne if Freddy is taken?
  3. Okay, so I love grinding and DLC and constant reclassing/customization for the best results, so gameplay on Normal/Hard passed pretty easily for me. Consequently, I didn't care much for "optimal pairings" or "best children" because I had no difficulty with the stages. Upon finally starting my lunatic run however, I discovered that this time I wanted to really plan out my pairings, skill inheritance and try to get the "best children in their best classes" possible! I'm absolutely fine with any sort of grinding and reclassing, so please don't hesitate to give me long reclassing paths if it's worth it! I also have full access to DLC and additional classes such as Dread Fighter and Bride, and skills like Limit Breaker - so there's no problem recommending me pairings that would utilize these skills/classes for their children. I've done some research of my own, and combined with the pairings that I used in my past playthroughs, I have come up with a draft - please don't hesitate correcting me! Chrom/Olivia (I've heard that this gives a great Inigo and Lucina) Inigo/feMU (Chrom or second gen is best for feMU, and Rightful King, so...) Cherche/Vaike/Frederick (Vaike gives crazy strength and I love a strong Gerome, but others seem to agree that Fred makes a tank Gerome. I'm a little worried about Fred's stats because in my past experiences Fred had quite inferior stats compared to other units further into the game.) Gaius/Tharja (Noire gets galeforce and that's awesome, but I've always made Gaius the father for Noire...is there any other good candidate for her father?) Maribelle/Lon'Qu/Henry/Libra (I've always done Lon'Qu for Brady and it worked out fine...but apparently Henry or Libra gives a good sorcerer potential for him. What should I do?) Miriel/Gregor (My mind is set on this one.) Nowi/Kellam/Donnel (Kellam gives Nah amazing defense. But why is everyone suggesting Donnel?) Sully/Donnel (Isn't this the best? I've heard Stahl and Vaike are good, too, but...) Panne/????? (Seriously, help me.) Lissa/Ricken/Libra/Henry/Vaike (So much potential...Owain might be a good magic user, but how about Dread Fighter? What should I do about him?) Cordelia/Lon'Qu/Stahl (That speed with Lon'Qu...but Stahl makes Severa a good hero...BUTBUTBUT) Sumia/Henry/Gaius/Fred/??? (I have zero ideas. But unfortunately Chrom is definitely out of question.) Please keep in mind, this is all for optimization and not supports or hair colours...(though I was very adamant on those before...) so no shipping wars! I greatly appreciate all the input, and thank you!
  4. So as the title suggests, I'm looking for the best pairings/marriages I could do for Fe:A. I'm not planning to do DLC (not yet, anyway- maybe after I beat all classic modes for Hard and Lunatic) so please don't include the options that's only available with DLC. I understand that there are tons of forums and guides asking for the same thing but I eventually got tired of shifting through pages and pages to find my optimal pairings. And no one seemed to agree on specific pairings except some :/ I don't mind grinding to level up and get specific skills cause I want to make all my units the best they can be - I'm sort of OCD that way xD The pairings that I think are good and decided are in bold and the rest are my thoughts so please provide opinions^^ It would be great too if you could give me some ideas as in what skills to pass down. Chrom and FeMU – Pass down Rightful King and Galeforce/Ignis for Lucina, Aether and Galeforce/Ignis for Morgan Stahl and Cordelia – Pass down Aegis and Galeforce Gaius and Tharja - Pass down Lethality/Counter and Vengeance Henry and Sumia – Pass down Vengeance and Galeforce Ricken and Miriel – Pass down ? and ? Libra and Olivia – Pass down Renewal and Galeforce Gregor and Panne – Pass down Sol and Beastbanes Nowi and Donnel – Pass down ? and ? Kellam and Sully – Pass down ? and ? Vaike and Lissa – Pass down Counter and Renewal Lon’qu and Cherche – Pass down Astra and Swordbreaker Frederick/Virion and Maribelle – Pass down Luna/Prescience and Galeforce What else was there? @[email protected]
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