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  1. I should have mentioned Nintendo in the title since I was focussing on games by Nintendo. Edit: Fixed the poll.
  2. oh yeah, my first post after more than a month the result of having work, hanging outside and playing videogames will be even tougher by studying (again) next month also something odd is with this forum, I cannot really delete and overwrite messages, lol
  3. Some Youtube server made me want to play the main games again. Going to do a marathon of playing 6-18 within a month. Already have beaten 8, 14 and 15. PS: I remember the time when this was a lively place full of cool people here. Sadly times change.
  4. 【東方紺珠伝】 Touhou 15 OST: Junko's Theme - Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart - YouTube Yes, I am playing this...again.
  5. Golden Sun has some very nice songs. 8 【東方紺珠伝】 Touhou 15 OST: Junko's Theme - Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart - YouTube
  6. I am not really into (pop) music, but Mr. Blue Sky is my favorite song of all time from the very same band. Anyways my mom loved their music and I listened to it quite a lot when I was very young.
  7. I see another Estelle person joined this place. Anyways I have finished Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. My opinion is very controversial overall. As much as I liked the (less not straightforward story compared to IV), this game did dungeons to its absolute worst. I mean this features some good ones which really challenged my brain, but there way too many of them which featured plain randomness. There is a place called "Hell Maze"...which does not have this name unjustified. Another (minor) issue was random encounters, but I dropped the difficulty to minimum for them to have 100% escape chance. This game has very challenging dungeons, but for a few of them it went too far. Also there is that minigame... I will played Shin Megami Tensei V next. This also will be the final week of being here for a while since I have gathered a new job I will start next week.
  8. I tried to do the hardest possible challenge of Ultimate Cup Z. Forgo Phantom Dedede ruined my run; the hardest boss in the entire series for me. If I am at my best, I could beat it with the starting two health bars. I just got notified from the Direct. From an objective view probably a decent one, from my subjective side only Persona for Switch and maybe Pacman World excited me. Though for Persona I only will grab P3P since I have the other two for a different platform already.
  9. Before Mother will get more games, I would glady appreciate Mother 3 getting a port for the west. StarFox for me although Kirby series kinda took StarFox's gameplay.
  10. Um, Kirby games are not meant to be long. Former parts have been beaten in five hours at max. For comparison the first game of this series is beaten in 15 minutes. That said Forgotten Land is the longest game in the series unless you skip all the challenges and tasks in Waddle Dee Town. Speaking of the price it surprised me that Forgotten Land cost less (50 €) than Star Allies (60 €), considering for its content a very fair price.
  11. Kirby is the franchise I have played the most games of, but Fire Emblem is the franchise I have invested the most time in, so I guess latter then. Mario is a series I have played and enjoyed plenty of games, but some side games like sports games do not interest me. Donkey Kong series is a series I just have started to enjoy. Finished my first game, Tropical Freeze, lately and am interested to play more games from this franchise. Metroid is a series which daunted me all the time because I am not into space stuff. However the gameplay interests me a lot since enjoying Hollow Knight, Touhou Luna Nights and Castlevania Symphony Of The Night which made me want to playing Dread. I ordered it yesterday and I am quite excited to play it honestly. The Legend Of Zelda is a series I cannot get into sadly, aside of the 2D games maybe. Only finished A Link Between Worlds which I even could enjoy to some extent. Pokémon is a series I never cared for since I dislike the creatures and how the franchise is represented as a whole. The only game I have beaten yet, was Touhou Puppet Dancer Performance aka a Touhou fangame with Touhou characters with Pokémon gameplay. Animal Crossing is very fun as a filler, but not a giant fan of it. Only playing it whenever I am really bored. Super Smash Bros lost my interest after Brawl since I mainly play this series for their story mode. Melee's and especially Brawl's were amazing. Pikmin is a series I barely nothing about honestly. Cannot really give an opinion on that. I would assume it goes in the direction of Kirby Mass Attack?
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