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  1. I beat this game yesterday.

    It took me 85 h (the second longest game to beat after Persona 5), and seriously I enjoyed every single minute!

    The characterization was detailed as authentic, the gameplay was simple and fun and the music was fantastic (as usual for Xenoblade).

    Unlike other games I always was motivated to do sidequests to get to know more about the main and side characters.

    The result was that I was totally overleveled at the end, but still skipped the one or other hero.

    This means how much longer this game could be.

    After all it was a superpleasant experience and besides Forgotten Land my Nintendo highlight of 2022 for me.

  2. I've beaten Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

    Man, this was a journey!

    It took me 85 h, but I enjoyed every single minute.

    And of course the end made my eyes wet (again).

    This was truly a masterpiece, and I'm glad that I decided to get this game early because it was absolutely worth it!


    Also good timing to end this now since Trails To Zero will arrive next week which I'll play next.

  3. 1 minute ago, Αυτοκράτορας των Γαρίδων said:

    There's the extened mod which adds characters up to T18. I am using that one.

    Without a mod, Shard of Dreams expansion adds up  to T15 iirc

    I can send you the links if you want, although installation was a pain XD

    Oh, I would appreciate it, thanks!


    I remember a friend and former user of this forum guided me through the installation, but Idr how it went because it was back in 2016

  4. OH MY GOSH, Touhou Puppet Dancer Performance!

    I loved this game, and it has been the only Pokémon game I have played and beaten yet.

    Sadly I played an early version without the characters past T13.

    Seeing my beloved Junko is epic!


    I would love to play a more modern version of it, but sadly I have not found one yet.

  5. oh yes, having all allies on the overworld with all the conversations makes everything way more lively

    I mean aside of this kinda unprofessional look, this glitch does not matter


    it only can become a gameplay problem when fighting a strong enemy on an edge and party member fell down just before the fight and start with a big HP handicap

  6. 1 hour ago, Saint Rubenio said:

    Far as I can tell, a lot of people have moved to discord servers. The Serenes discord seems to have a good amount of activity. I guess this forum format has just gone out of fashion. And heck, this one's pretty lively compared to most others. FftF is quite active. Most forums in this style nowadays are just plain done, completely and utterly.

    I see

    I am not a Discord person myself, so I prefer(red) to be here


    a new Fire Emblem announcement would surely increase the amount of people here, but it would only apply to the section of the new game


    anyways latest Xenoblade moment:

    I knew about this thing by a video about Eunie, but honestly this game is really glitchy overall 

    would have preferred if allies are not shown on the overworld even if a glitch like that looks funny


    however I sensed more annoying glitches like somehow passing through beneath a stairs next to a wall but not being able to get back => had to reset for that


    aside of these issues the game is still epic

  7. four active members now and one being myself

    this forum really had a downfall since I have been here in 2014

    and honestly I am not even sure if I will fulfill my ten years since I have very little motivation to come here anymore, and this is not only because most of the people I learned to know left 

    all the Fire Emblem sections are so deserted nowadays, there is so little reason to come here anymore

  8. 10 hours ago, Sinon said:

    I envy you. You should probably get it then. I haven’t checked, but I doubt mine has enough to download the extra packs, but I have until next year if I can get the disk back

    I hardly have any digital games on Wii U (only Tropcial Freeze), so this is why I have plenty of storage left.

    Most games are VC games which do not take much space.

  9. 11 hours ago, Sinon said:

    You’d need a lot of open space in your system memory, that’s for sure

    I’d just wait patiently in case they ever port it

    My Wii U still have tons of space.

    3 hours ago, Armagon said:

    Switch port is at least not coming out between this year and next year.

    ...well i suppose it's not completely out of the question, Xenoblade 3D and Xenoblade X released on the same year. But the latter is much more gargantuan.

    If you can get it now, get it now i say.


    still not sure about it...might come back to the decision at the end of this year



    Anyways I just have witnessed the best part of this game yet:

    Eunie x Ashera

    And I forgot the screenshot the best part of their conversation. :sob:

  10. Shall I get Xenoblade X for Wii U from the e-shop before it will close, or shall I wait and hope for a potential port on Switch?

    I am hesitating of buying a digital and kinda outdated game for fullprice.


    Thankfully the heat has gone over here, so I will be able to finally continue 3 later today.


    Also I got this:



    not my favorite character not from my favorite game, but for 10 € it was definitely a nice investment


  11. 3 hours ago, Lightchao42 said:

    I was probably going to do that regardless, as I only have one Hero Quest left (assuming there aren't any surprises) and already met the conditions for Taion, Lanz, and Sena's stories. Noah's isn't available yet but it might be mandatory like Mio's was.

    Beginning of Chapter 7:

      Reveal hidden contents

    Since it's implied that Tora helped create Origin, I can't believe the final boss will be Z piloting a giant maid robot.

    I'll be on the lookout for the last one... wherever it is.

    Eunie gets all the best lines, yes.

    I know.

    She does not give a f for insulting Taion just for the fight of her life.



    imgur has been acting like a b**** lately, cannot upload and crop properly


    also my Xenoblade moment for today:




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