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  1. 2023 is pretty much over already in terms of (new) games for me. All the interesting ones for me already came out: Fire Emblem Engage Octopath Traveler II Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe Trails Of Azure I'm not very excited in Trails Of Reverie from what I've read about that, so I won't buy it instantly at the very least. Still I hope for lots of good games being added to NSO, especially Judgral series and Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  2. Hi, just wanted to ask, if other people here are collecting stuff from Fire Emblem since I love seeing merchandise of other people.
  3. I beat Engage...it was fun! I guess it'll be my only life sign here for the next months. I don't even post in that other chat anymore which I even created. Already reading my name gives me creeps.
  4. Ao No Kiseki / Trails Of Azure Played this game for PSP before, but since today I can play it in English since it has been released for the west finally.
  5. I tried out the true arena yesterday. The amount of healing items is unchanged compared to the Wii version...but there are seven more bosses in the Deluxe version and an improved final boss. I didn't do my best, but even with improvement performances this wouldn't be enough for me at all considering there's at least one boss which causes me big trouble (Rampage Doomers). I started with spark, switched to tornado and ended up with hammer. Of these three tornado might be only ability I have a chance to beat the true arena. Without question this is the hardest bossrush in the Kirby series for me due to huge amount of encounter.
  6. The floaty, slow movement caused me lots of trouble in the endgame because I had trouble to land in time to dodge the attacks. Ngl with Kirby I'd have had less trouble than I had.
  7. Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe, a remake of the Wii title Kirby's Return To Dream Land / Adventure Wii, contains a new mode called Magolor Epilogue.
  8. Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe now
  9. ok, thanks I noticed the authority stars and weapons, so I thought they would replace Ishtar and Julius although I think both mages were male. A nice touch although kinda pointless if they don't gjve anything to the player. And if it was just a little extra conversation by Sigurd...
  10. Question about Sigurd's paralogue: Did I miss anything by not taking out the two high leveled sages other than battle experience? I tried to beat the below one, but then Sigurd moved (because first castle boss) was defeated and I needed everyone to take him out. Ivy was the only one who had a chance to beat him in two hits, but the sage had a decent critchance against her. In general this chapter was kinda weird because after seizing the first castle, a bunch of enemies appeared but they had no point because Sigurd started to move on its own, so they couldn't be attacked.
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