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  1. Well, I got used to >40 °C at least, so I guess 50 might be managable too........maybe. I have to add, if I lived in a desert, then at bottom floor.
  2. I would have not a problem with dry desert heat either since it is more bearable at night. I would rather live in Arizona or Las Vegas than in Florida for sure.
  3. I like Silque as a character, but she is no reason to blow orbs, especially not in that colour. Tbh colourless is not the worst colour pool anymore, it is blue for me now. Colourless's 5* pool was improved by units like Fallen Corrin and Tiki lately.
  4. Banned for using bann way too often.
  5. Thanks! I am feeling a bit better today. I will use the (unplanned) free day for recovery. The main difference between Florida and North Europe is that the temperature in FL is constant day and night for being close to the equator. And it is way more humid is way there. If you travel to northern Europe aside of summer, you will feel cold of course. Summers are actual hotter than in Florida but less humid. The climate difference is technically the reason why I do not want to travel to FL. A close online friend of mine lives there, but my health would not take the humidity. Maybe in winter it could work since nights are not tropical regarding temperature, but I wanted to travel to the US in May 2020 not to deal with snow in New York. The temperatures would be too high in FL for me at this time.
  6. I know this feeling. Since I have to walk from to home to work and back each 3 km I usually start to sweat. Carrying a jacket is uncomfortable, so I keep it on with the mentioned consequences. Anyways the good thing of my unwanted long weekend is that I have the time to make progress in Valkyria Chronicles 1 + 4 (yeah playing both simultaneously).
  7. Crazy weather can also toughen up people. But yeah, I am not a fond of huge temperature jumps from one day to the other day either.
  8. Will know my working time is already over. (today earlier than usual)
  9. ^ Bedankt! I went to the doctor to let me written sick and to get a prescription. Of course the medication was not available in the drug store...
  10. ^ How are these games (if you or anyone else has played them)? I was mainly referring to the creatures which are apparently similar after all. I only have heared of the TV series although never ever watched. From the name similarity I always thought the content would be similar to Pokémon. PS: I Only watched a few episodes of Pokémon just with the hope of Team Rocket finally catching Pikachu to stuff its mouth. But yeah, they are the evils. Wily E Coyote never was successful in catching the Roadrunner either. 😉
  11. Tbf it is my first real cold for about 1.5 years. Nose inhaling everyday prevented it....... till three weeks ago. Despite the drought at summer it has rained more than enough lately.
  12. Aww... sounds even worse. Get better soon as well! Current weather is excellent for catching a cold. I got so tired of the raindy and windy weather.
  13. Is Digimon the kids version of Shin Megami Tensei? I know people will laugh at me, but Idk the series at all.
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