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  1. Figurines do not have to be too expensive if you are making good research. However I was fooled once by Lucina who I got for 35 €. The quality was fitting to that price... I would like to play Galaxy just for Rosie, but I never could play a 3D platformer nowadays, especially not with a Wii-mote.
  2. Wow, I thought you would have them. Found a Pyra x Mythra combo for 85 €. It is not expensive, but yeah, still 85 €. I have spent lots of money for new furniture (including a vitrine for my figures) and another figure just an hour ago, so I really should have get my shit together to save. At the latest for Christmas I will grab them. @Hekselka I grabbed Shining Resonance on sale for 30 € (as most of my Switch games). @DragonFlames The artstyle is rather like Persona, but the non battle stuff is like CS (quests, studying, fishing). If the school stuff was rather like Persona, than the protagonist had to be an adult who had to answer questions instead of being the teacher.
  3. Oh, jeez I almost forgot all the Xeno girls. I still need a Pythra figurine too. CSI's beginning was too slow for me. It became intense in terms of story in Heimdallr, after more than 25-30 hours of gameplay time. However the thing I like the most about this game is the study part which exactly is recycled in 3H.
  4. Posted a fact which would apply to me as well.
  5. I have played very little yet because I had big struggles. It is in my backlog list........ but pretty much at bottom.
  6. I will get more waifus I can headpat. Found an Edna figurine for less than 50 €.
  7. I wanted a Kirika figurine......... till I saw the price. 😣
  8. The sprites of the Sky 3rd characters are so much better in that list. Aww, so much CSII dislike ;( I like II way more than I. Also Falcom never makes mistakes ragarding games. I have to admit I did not enjoy Ys I + II, but it is rather because I am not made for this genre.
  9. I beat the first sidequest (Dedue). Although the enemies were higher leveled than in the regular chapters, they were not really better in terms of stats. That said I failed in getting the side objective price (defeating more enemies than Duscur), but I had no problem to survive this although my team was in average six levels lower than the enemy. However going for the side objective in this chapter was very hard.
  10. Xanadu's Towa traded cuteness into hotness. In general this game has lots of references to other a Falcom games. Some of the characters are one of them.
  11. The only thing I know about Elie is her nice body. I mean I have a 50-50 choice here, and since I like catgirls more, I favor Tio. Tbf Azure is more relevant for shipping anyways. I like Alisa because I like tsuns because I am a tsun. That said she is only a tsun in the beginning. At the latest in the second half of CS she is more open with sharing her feelings.
  12. I still have to wait till end of the year till playing CSIII... Alisa looks so amazing. Not only her personality has grown.
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