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  1. My inspiration of writing always comes in my sleep. Also I should count my words I write for my project from now since I think it's more than 1K per day. Btw good to see MarkyJoe being active and trying to gather more people together. He really is right that more artists are necessary for sprites and stuff. There's also something else I want to do with my project. The soundtrack shall only consist of Kirby themes. I'm actually surprised how many good themes exist which could be easily used as event or map music in Fire Emblem.
  2. Sky 3rd is the best example that great RPGs don't have to be long. Character cast, plot and soundtrack were amazing, my favorite Sky game by far. The only issue I had with this game was the stupid fishing game which stopped me from getting all the story relevant doors. It is the only Sky game I have played multiple times. Still have to continue my nightmare run which I stopped halfway through.
  3. Yesterday I woke up at 3 and today at 1 AM. Though I am used to it right now...
  4. Yeah, the overworld was nice, but I cannot really compare it to other parts for not really playing them. The gathering and synthesizing was the most fun part for me. As for Persona 5 Strikers the genre worries me a bit, but maybe Nights of Azure 2 was a nice introduction to this series, so I'm not totally unexcited for it. Still the lack on Sumire hurts. In total I have about 30 games yet to play / finish which would be enough for about three years considering my playing workload.
  5. I played the first game one year after release, so it's technically less of a break for me. I'm looking forward to Ryza 2 it since Ryza had by far my most favorite alchemy system in the series. As for games in 2021 this will become probably my only highlight besides Hajimari and maybe Persona 5 Strikers. Not many interesting games have been out for me lately.
  6. 20 hours sounds alright. If I can finish it till the end of the month, it would be cool. Ryza 2 will arrive next week and I don't want to delay this game more than I have to.
  7. How long are the Fate Extella games? If they are short, I'd play them after I've finished Star Allies.
  8. I fixed the text issues in chapter 1. Actually I started to make the final chapter. At least I know what to do for the end: Map for chapter 1x This chapter will become a simple seize map with Fleche's group who wants to check out Lysithea's and Byleth's remain in Ordelia's Castle
  9. Weekend! Gameplaywise it is an improvement to Sky. Cold Steel I has similarities to Persona 3 in terms of day organisation and learning at school. If you like these things, you should like it.
  10. That's really not too bad. I guess a cleric could do up to 10 damage or something...which is still not all that much considering it has more than 200 HP. Also I thought about the end of my game. I will create a final boss which can be defeated by everyone. Also it will have a good and bad ending. The bad ending will occur fighting a weaker version of the final boss with an unfortunate sideeffect I'm not mentioning logically.
  11. Well, for some reason I can't find enemy's stats on the Echoes site, so Idk Duma's resistance, but I think the nosferatu output damage can't be that high. Though it would have been cute giving the final kill to Genny.
  12. Ah, I see. I desperated on this bossfight because I thought this crit would have been done instantly. Though how much nosferatu damage can be done to Duma since iirc it was a rather weak tome?
  13. I remember when this was not the case in my Echoes run. The crit animation did not trigger for me although Duma's health was already in that area Alm's crit would be enough to finish it off.
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