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  1. Dokomi is tomorrow. I hope to grab something good, but I expect nothing to see by Falcom. If get something of Fire Emblem or Persona, I'll be happy. Then again I have no clue why this event even takes place since any mass events must not take place until September.
  2. Sounds about right. A sure loss unless you fought the brown.... whatever thing was called..... puppet.
  3. Best games were the maze and dragon sea. Yes, a rerun of this series came on this station. Originally it was shown on the former Deutsche Sportfernsehen aka DSF (known as Sport1 nowadays).
  4. Ah, Takeshi's Castle, one of the best existing shows in TV history. Watched every epsiode with my grandma in the 90s and early 2000s. Didn't even know this show was made before my time, so classic.
  5. A final gift to all Ryza fans before I go back to the catacombs. Still need to work on my backlog list. Edit: Final news, Tales of Berseria is available for 4 € in PS Store atm.
  6. Ashera was the only good final boss in like 14 played Fire Emblem games for me, period. She was the perfect final boss in Fire Emblem because... a goddess has a phenomenal intense theme of more than four minutes she has variety of attacks it's not a typical Fire Emblem final map gameplaywise everyone can bring up their part to take her down The only one downside: Ike has to finish her off Screw Ike, it's Micaiah's game!
  7. Received new joycons yesterday. They're splendid for made by third party. Finally I can play Super Mario 64 for real. Made a bit more progress. Beaten second Bowser and having 40 stars right now; means halfday done in regular story. I won't be able to get all 120 stars since there a few which are incredibly hard to get without good precession like eight red coins in Dire Dire Docks. I guess I'm the only one who dislike the water stages. The music is good, but the controls are awkward. Jumping on the sea monster from the water in the Hazy Maze was painful as glitchy.
  8. Reading Sakura makes me smile for just having started with the Sakura Wars series. If I hadn't played Project X Zone, I never would have heared of it. This says how popular she is for me...... not that I would mind having her in Smash since I love the Sakura Wars series.
  9. Final chapter is a good test how to use supports, special tiles and dragons efficiently against Ashera's five authority stars. Anyways you have Caineghis, right? He can oneround an inside aura with one red dragon and Nasir next to him. He also can take a hit by Ashera as Nasir can. You have to worry about Ena and Gareth, but at least until turn two you can easily destroy two inside auras with this strategy (even four by using a heron and using take and drop on them after dancing).
  10. Yeah, must be it because he already would have 48 HP fixed after promotion.
  11. How can Ike have 46 HP at the endgame? Did you do a non Ike run? What units did you bring and which weapons did you bless. (screenshots of the units would be best) I could give you a strategy then.
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