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  1. Tales of the Abyss was the introduction in Tales for me. I loved the combat system mainly for being that simple. The story was great too though the characterization of a certain someone was......at least questionable for me. Though the best part of its game are the dungeons which offer some (fun) puzzles.
  2. Not gonna lie Ys8 has Trails in the Sky syndrome for me. Owning this game for about 1.5 years and still couldn't motivate myself to play it through after doing three attempts. I don't know why I can't get into this. It's probably mainly because I always get lost...
  3. I don't think this can be done by asking because several things just develop in the game itself. At least for RPGs just flat answers wouldn't help me because it can't be described in such a few words as much complexity these games have. Like Octopath Traveler: If I would ask about the gameplay, I don't think no one would give me a specific answer that you're fight a strong boss all alone in the beginning (I can't survive). If I would ask for platformer, I could definitely expect a more significant answers because they don't have much variation aside of being two or three dimensional or focussing more or less precision from the player.
  4. ^ Ooooooh, that Lys image is new, isn't it. It's coooooooood! I don't know how much money I have burnt in games I couldn't get into like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Bravely Defualt and other games. But how shall I know if a potential interesting game for me will turn good or not unless watching a review...
  5. I mean everyone has a free speech. If they (dis-(like) for some reason(s), then it's fine! Though it's something different if it's connected with wrong facts. An example is Xenoblade review by IGN which didn't give a high rating to this game. It didn't bother me at all until I noticed that the reviewers didn't figur out the battle style about the characters and gave wrong review about them as result.
  6. Seriously I'd use my time and energy more efficient than to bother with such trivialities. People can like and dislike whatever they want. Other people's opinions don't bother me in the slightest unless wrong facts are brought. Just let the people talk!
  7. Nice that you are enjoying it! Alchemy also was my favorite part of the game because it's easy to understand, so enjoyable. I'm honest I only play it because of the simulation part and the SMT gameplay. I could get along without the anime stuff. That said I'd like to play more classic SMT games, but only very few exist for consoles I own. At least Devil Survivor also exists which is even superior for being a round based strategy game. I would like to see a sequel, way more than one for Persona. I'm trying to do 8x in Super Thracia right now aka Leif against the entire world. The worst part is that I had to replay chapter 8 because I had to capture the boss to get access to 8x which was a pain in the ass to do.
  8. I'm glad this hadn't made it into Heroes, otherwise I would have been busted. Persona 4 had a boring cast overall aside of antagonist and a few side characters like Nanako and her dad.
  9. It's well executed in Persona 5 right, but all the scenes and dialogues like summer event or all the evening meals are tiring. I started the pyramid (not even the halfway dungeon), and my gameplay time is already over 30 h. Persona 4 disappeared out of my minds tbh. Can't remember on very most things. Also thanks! This picture is another proof why Lys is a mature woman. She is old enough to show her prettiness.
  10. It's caused by the armatization. The enemies have doubled stats because they take this into account. If you fight a same leveled elite monster as your party is without armatization, you have no chance. They will oneshot you. I made the experiment fighting the first elite monster with a same level team without armatization. I could do it....... at cost of a half dozen of group elixirs (all the ones I transferred from my completed run). I hate armatization because of this. The cast wasn't great, but I also could say this about other Tales games like Graces or Symphonia 2 (at least in person of the protagonist).
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