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FE10 fan-support-conversations (edited by Glaceon Mage)


Marcia x Makalov

Marcia: Makalov... hey, MA-KA-LOV! Where the hell is that scallywag? He is always so late for training. I don't think he cares at all, if he's bumped someday! Well, I have to go looking for him once more!


Marcia: Makalov... OH MY GOD!

Makalov: Whepp, ughhhh.

Marcia: What a sight you are; why are lying under the table? You're drunk again, right?

Makalov: Ohhh heeyyy, you nice looking dove... ouch OUCH! Stop it! BLURPPP.

Marcia: You will never learn it you dunghill!

Waitress: This guy drank five bottles of vodka and felt asleep. He didn't close the tab.

Marcia: One moment please! I'm searching for money in his wallet. God damn it, there's no money. This dung beetle lost all his money again! What shall I do with him? Here's the money. Sniff... sniff.

Waitress: Thanks. I apologize for all these circumstances. Shall someone else carry him home?

Marcia: No, that's not necessary! I will deal with him!

Makalov: Heeyyy don't be so RUDDEEE little flower... ouch OUCH! H-help me someone!


Makalov: Hey Marcia. I've got something for you!

Marcia: It's not my stupid and egoistic brother, is it? It's another bill I have to pay for you, right?! No, this has an end now, you quack! You'll pay your debt!

Makalov: Don't yell me please. You scare me.

Marcia: I never could scare you, because otherwise you WILL NOT GET IT! URK!

Makalov: Umm... are you alright? You're sweating... and your face is so red!

Marcia: Maybe because I'm MAD?!

Makalov: Y-you're scaring me again! What's with all these empty bottles of vodka next to your pegasus?

Marcia: Nothing! I only drank them. I drown my sorrows in the fights you've caused me. Unlike you I'm more resistant and don't lie under the table like a piece of shit. Have you a problem with that?

Makalov: N-n-no, of course not. Actually I only want to give this lance to you.

Marcia: By whom did you steal this?

Makalov: It's not stolen.

Marcia: Let me guess, this thing is a stolen good.

Makalov: No, I bought it legally.

Marcia: Hahaha, my brother wants to have money suddenly. Surely you can craft a more plausible lie.
You're not only a bad liar, but also a serious criminal! I can't believe I'm related to something like you!

Makalov: Please Marcia, let me explain!

Marcia: BACK HERE YOU RAT. You're dead for me FOREVER!

Makalov: Ouch AHHH! Please someone must help me and my little mad sister!

Marcia: Hey Makalov!

Makalov: ?

Marcia: Are you deaf?

Makalov: What do you want from me? I thought I've been died for you.

Marcia: I wanted to apologize for my blown up I had yesterday.

Makalov: Why?

Marcia: Do you really want a reason for that? Wouldn't you be ashamed, if you would have beaten your sibling - no of course you wouldn't, because you have a piebrain!

Makalov: What else did I deserve? You did the only right thing. I caused you so much pain in the past years. I even brought you to the alcohol. I'm a fool! Your reaction is absolute understandable!

Marcia: No, Im not better than you! I started to drink and beat my own brother. Although he deserves it, he's the only family I have. Alcohol doesn't make a life better.

Makalov: No, please stop it! Stop addressing any reproaches to yourself! If someone is responsible for this miserable, then I am! How much did I bring you in danger situations just because of my obsession?
I promised you to stop with gambling several times and I broke them all! Your reaction is only natural. I shame on me! I made my sister always worry, brought her in danger situations and I can be even glad that you're so strong that you are still alive! You're a strong woman Marcia!
I decided to stop gambling once and for all!

Marcia: No I can't believe you. You always broke your promises. Do you remember, how often did you swear you won't gamble anymore, do you remember?

Makalov: I know, but this time I'm serious. This lance, neither I haven't stole it, nor it's a stolen goodie. I bought it... for you!

Marcia: For me?! How could you buy it? You're bust. You always bet your money in games of chances and you'll always lose? So how the hell could you get the money?

Makalov: You won't believe me, but I've won!

Marcia: Are you kidding me? You never have won in all the time.

Makalov: But this time it was my lucky day. I back the right horse the first time!

Marcia: No, it's so hard to believe.

Makalov: And that's the reason I have stopped gambling! I have waited for the moment till I win a game!

Marcia: Well, I absolute despise this argumentation, because this is the generic problem of gambling games: You won't stop till you win someday. And I don't know, how many years it lasted and how much money you burned till you won something. I really hope you learned this lesson!

Makalov: Does it mean, you'll forgive me?

Marcia: ....... Come here brother!

Makalov: It's a nice moment to see you smiling again after a long time.

Marcia: Someone has to watch out big brother! We're still a family, aren't we? Thank you for the lance Makalov!

Makalov: It's a little redemption for all the trouble I caused you in the past.

Marcia: This lance looks cool. Something is engraved.

Makalov: This is a special lance. It's called the "gamble" lance. It halves your accuracy, but doubles your critrate.

Marcia: AAAHHHHH!!!

Edward x Nolan
Edward: Nolan!

Nolan: Edward, how are you?

Edward: I'm great. Today will be a good day! I'll kick some Begnion soldiers out of Daein all by myself!!

Nolan: Are you crazy? You can't deal with all of them all by yourself; you know this!

Edward: And if I can? Leonardo gave me a new blade. It's so powerful that I can cut down everyone with only one hit!

Nolan: There's more to fighting than a good weapon. What use is a good sword if you can't use it well?

Edward: But, I'm well trained. Now I will show it everyone! With my sword in my two hands nobody will have a chance against Edward! I'll be the hero in Daein's stories!

Nolan: No Edward you can't! Ugh... I only can hope his life will last longer than his current attitude. I'm afraid that he will just become a tragic hero...


Nolan: EDWARD!

Edward: Help me, please! AHH, my shoulder!

Nolan: You're bleeding, but it doesn't look like something is broken. Here, I will try to cover your wound. I'll ask a healer to look at the wound and heal you.

Edward: I'm sorry that I've failed.

Nolan: Did you see? That's what happens if you do it on your own initiative.

You whippersnappers are way too naive and boastful! War is NOT a game! Live and death are so close together. Each little fault can cost your life! No one can eliminate an entire army all alone. That's, why friendships and supports exist! You have great potential to become an awesome myrmidon, but you're still too young and too inexperienced!

Edward: But, what can I do?

Nolan: You need two things: Training, and a healthy self-esteem

When I was in your age, I was the same:

Arrogant and stubborn. I lost the contact with my parents quickly, so I was on my own for a very long time. I realized that I couldn't do anything against brigands and plunderers all alone. So I had to work together with other people. They taught me how to fight and behave in a real battle.
When I met Sothe and Micaiah the importance of cooperation was made clear to me. The Dawn Brigade is a huge family, everyone fights for everyone, it's not a one-man-show!

Remember my words:
You must know and realize your own limit.
Only with a healthy self-esteem and teamwork you can reach all your targets.
I could train you, if you want.

Edward: Of course!

Nolan: Don't expect it will be a child's game.

Edward: Get ready!

Nolan: There's more than to be mouthy. Wait, are you feeling alright with your shoulder?

Edward: Hyaaa!

Nolan: Raarr!

Edward: Hyaaa, take this!

Nolan: Ufff... haaa. Wow, you actually defeated me! I proud of you, Edward! You have improved your sword skill a lot in the past few days, good job!

Edward: Really? You were just joking, didn't you? I never can beat the "Big Nolan"!

Nolan: I don't know if I can lie with a compliment.

Edward: Do you really mean, I'm ready to fight...

Nolan: Of course, but remember my words: Never overtax yourself!

Edward: Thank you, Nolan! You did so much for me... You're not only like a father for me, also my teacher. You taught me my swordplay and the importance of teamwork. I don't know how I can thank you...

Nolan: There's no need to thank me. This was my duty and my pleasure. The Dawn Brigade needs each good soldier it can get. And you're definitely a good one, Edward! If you really want to thank me and the Dawn Brigade, then defend us from any enemies! You have learned the techniques and how to behave in the battle, now you must learn implement them!

Edward: I'll do it! Promised!

Nolan: Here's a present for you: It should help you in the future battles. It's a sign of your great work.

Edward: Wow, this blade is so huge. Is it really for me?

Nolan: It's a steel blade. You have gained so much strength and skill that you can use it without any problems.

Edward: Thank you so much! Hah, now I can take on all Begnion soldiers. I will be the hero of Daein!

Nolan: Edward, stop! I swear he'll never get it. At least he's a swinging and confident boy...

Lyre x Gatrie
Gatrie: Oh, here you are.

Lyre: W-who's there?

Gatrie: Your lifeguard, my little flower.

Lyre: Ahhh! H-How dare you to sneak up on m-me while I'm w-washing!

Gatrie: Oh, pardon. I didn't want to frighten you. It seems that I came at an awkward moment for you.

Lyre: G-go out of here at once... and n-never come b-back! (talks to herself) What was that idiot just thinking?

Gatrie (talks to himself): Hmm... she was embarrassed... and blushed when she saw me. She has temperament. I like it. I can feel it already that could be something between us. L-L-Lyre, you'll be MINE!

Gatrie: Hey Lyre!

Lyre: What the hell do you want, idiot? Were you deaf? I laid it on the line for you that you shouldn't come back. You beorc don't show any respect.

Gatrie: I only wanted to apologize that I came to you at an awkward moment. I've brought something for you as apologize. Hopefully you like them.

Lyre: Faded flowers? You must be trolling! You don't show any respect to us laguz, but also to women! How gross!

Gatrie: W-wait. That's not the only thing. I, Gatrie, will be the ultimate lifeshield for you! I'll save your life until the bitter end!

Lyre: Are you talking to yourself, you dork? Play with someone else. I don't fall in your love trap. Bye!

Gatrie (talks to himself): Hmm... she still doesn't return her love towards me. She seems to be quite the "badass". Her character is almost as hard as iron as my armor. Quite my type!



Lyre: Where's my necklace? I can't find it. Damn, it's worth so much...


I can't find it anywhere. Sigh...

Gatrie (talks to himself): I must to talk to my kitty right now, but I don't know about a good present for her. Hmm...
Huh, what's that on the ground? A necklace! Oh, yes! Lyre, I've the ultimate present for you! You'll thank me forever!

Gatrie: Lalala... LYRE!

Lyre (talks to herself): Oh no! This voice! The idiot again. That's all I needed. This day can't become worse...

What do you want? Don't you see that I'm busy?

Gatrie: Sorry for that... But I've something for you. It shall express how much you mean for me.

Lyre: It can't be worse than faded flowers, so I'm prepared for everything...

Gatrie: Tada! Here it is!

Lyre: My necklace!

Gatrie: Yours!?

Lyre: Of course mine. My cat boyfriend sent it to me. None of you stiffs would wear something beautiful like that. Where did you find it?

Gatrie: Eh... On the ground.

Lyre: Thank you! You're not as useless as I thought.

Gatrie: ... oh... n-no problem.

Lyre: Hooray, my day is saved! Anyway, thanks and see ya!

Gatrie (talks to himself): Eh... I thought she was single... but at least she thanked me and is happier now...

My cat stories (edited by Glaceon Mage)


Kittens, Kittens and more Kittens
Yeah, this topic deals with these adorable pets.
I have lived in the country next to a farm for about twelve years.
In this period, I have dealt with many, many (wild) cats.
Pretty much all types of them:
Brown cats, black cats, one-eyed blind cats, drunken cats and even diesel cats
I have experienced lots of funny, strange, but also sad situations with them.
I want you to tell a few stories about them, all based on true stories.

Brown nightmare
If a little cat is sick, I tend to adopt it for one ortwo nights.
So I did it with a cat who had cat flu.
Suddenly, I was woken up by a loud fart.
Five seconds later I smelt what happened.
My entire blanket was a "brown bog".
I didn't know what I should do, because the disgusting stench disseminated in the entire house in a matter of seconds.
In a mad rush I threw the blanket out of the window.
Same goes for the perpetrator, by the way...
I had to air a couple of hours till the smell of shit vanished.

Baby cats
Which cats are the cutest ones?
Well, of course the baby cats!
Who don't want to hold and stroke a cuddly kitten?
Yeah, I love this feeling.
They're so fluffy and I love their cute face.
It's even more adorable if they start to purr.
I was lucky to discover some baby cats who didn't have a mum or were pushed off by her.
When the cats became larger, my parents mediated them to a new family!

Have you ever seen a drunken cat?
If not, I can tell you so much:
They behave pretty much the same as humans.
In one summer my dad established plastic cups with beer on the flowerbeds to decoy the snails.
It worked.
However not only the snails were decoyed by the elysian smell of beer, but also a tomcat wanted to try out his first beer!
The consequence: he had a few vertigos and didn't know where he wanted to go.
Subsequently, my dad gave him the lovely name "Tippler".

Hunting scenes I
Friendly and enemy ships also exist among cats.
If two tomcats are battling for their dream girl, this "battle" can be very intense.
The bickering is so loud that it scares me sometimes!
These hunting scenes last several minutes and happen at all times of the day.
After a while it annoys me so much that I slam a door or start to clap very loudly so that this madness would come to an end.

Hunting scenes II
Cats tend to be very spoiled creatures.
Whenever I open the front door in the early morning, a horde of cats gives me a warm welcome.
In full of expectation of their breakfast, they run towards me.
They surround me so much that I must kick them aside!
However it's not enough:
They will chase me and one cat even gets into my car!
I must always run so that no cat can outrun me.

Garbage chute
Maybe you sometimes have the problem that you have prepared too much dinner.
Your garbage bin will overflow very fast.
I have an ecofriendly alternative:
Give your residual food to the cats.
They eat everything that's on the table.
Spaghetti, pizza, chocolate, bread etc...
So you don't have to worry about your rubbish.
How awesome is that!

Some people will be confused, why I mentioned a fuel as a title.
Well, the reason is quite easy:
I had a diesel cat!
One day (I believe) in 2004 I noticed a little whining between the tractors of my neighbor (farmer).
I was pretty sure it was the sound of a baby cat.
I keep my eyes open, but I couldn't find anything in this area.
After almost ten minutes I gave up wanted to go back home... but suddenly I noticed something on a diesel tank:
The baby cat!
She was totally sticky, his fur full of diesel.
Diesel is very deleterious if you consume and breath it.
So I went back home to fetch lots of towels.
It was far too ugly to bring home.
My hands stuck.
At home the baby cat got an intensive shower.
She was healthy and I named it "Diesel" from then on.

You don't know, what cats all can do!
They can drink, they can react to video games and they even can cause a blackout!
How did this happen?
Well a cat used the outlet as his personal cat litter box and peed on it.
A blackout in the parlor.
I had to change the outlet.

The demographic change
The population growth is not only a topical subject for the humanity, but also for cats.
Back in the year 2003 about 4 cats lived on the farm.
Now in the year 2015 there are about 20 of them.
That means a total growth of 500% (42% each year).
Why did the population of the cats explode so much?
Because, it got around that the cats are feeling comfortable at our place.
They got their food (our refuse) and that caused them to stay.
Each year a veterinarian comes around to castrate the tomcats.
Though the problem is, there are still some "black sheeps" - tomcats who can't be found.
So they have an easy job to impregnate female cats and so I look foward to the baby cats each year.

Sad moments
Each farewell of a cat is sort of painful for me.
Giving a cat to a new family isn't too bad, but it still makes me a little bit sad.
Especially if you have built up a relationship with the cat.
However the saddest farewell is if a cat died.
Unfortunately it happened more than I prefer.
And it even happened to baby cats!
The saddest moment was when I went to the garden and saw a lifeless cat:
It gave me almost no reaction only very poor breathing.
I wanted to save it somehow, but my father gave me almost no hope.
He gave me the difficult choice:
"Either you take it over the night, or you let it in the garden."
The consequence will be the same anyway, because it was too late to be rescue by a veterinarian.
I chose the second choice, because I cannot see a cat dying in my bed. It really would break my heart.
It is pretty obvious what happened when I went to the garden the next day...

Cats can be annoying sometimes in a large number, but they are still a gain for me!
Without them my life would be by far less exciting.
It's all good!
And I think it won't be the final story I will write!
Holding a (baby) cat is simply enjoyable.


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