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  1. A Hat in Time OST - 55 Your Contract Has Expired - YouTube
  2. I think I have not mentioned one single word about the soundtrack of "A Hat In Time" yet. This theme tells more than a thousand of words: A Hat in Time OST - 55 Your Contract Has Expired - YouTube Also the bossfights are ridiculously long for some reason without having any checkpoint. Dying there is absolutely frustrating. Well, at least I can enjoy the music the more.
  3. "A Hat In Time" is fun. Completed the first two chapters and a bit of third chapter. It merges platformers from the 64 era with current ones like "Odyssey". This game has really good humor and very creative levels or acts as they are called here. It is notable that lots of stealth chapters exist (maybe a bit too many for me). It is a tough and creative platformer with some puzzles
  4. Did a bit shopping since sales everywhere are going on right now. Purchased A Hat In Time (Switch) Okami (Switch) Gurumir (PC) (a game by Falcom I have never heared of until a few weeks ago) Ori And The Wild Wisps (Switch) Ori And The Blind Forest (PC) for overall about 50 €. I have played a bit of "Wild Wisps" yet. It's like Hollow Knight, but probably not as melancholic. The soundtrack is simply beautiful, but the controls are a bit strange. Jumping feels like being in space. However first impression is positive.
  5. The correct question for me would be: "What games did you purchase on "Black Week"? My answer: A Hat In Time Okami Gurumir (it's a game by Falcom I have never heared of until a few weeks ago) Ori And The Wild Wisps Ori And The Blind Forest total costs: a bit more than 50 €
  6. Ah, these ones on the way to the tower. Forgot about them because you only have to fight these once I could not log in to the forum anymore yesterday evening for some reason, so sorry for late reply. @Armagon Project Sakura Wars goede Though I have to finish it yet. Was my first RPG x visual novel, and I enjoyed what I played.
  7. Warping enemies in City Of Tears? I can't remember any. Only these flying spearthrowers were annoying because hard to hit in the air. City Of Tears was actually one of the least stressful places for me although it featured the most annoying main story boss in the game And yes I mainly kept this item since it only took one notch.
  8. Thanks! And yes I can only recommend this game. It's interchangable, only really necessary when you have entered an area for the first time. Whenever you are on a resting bench, you can drop it.
  9. The map system needs a bit time to get used to. However you can make your life easier by having the charm equipped which shows your current location. Also the shop in Dirtmouth gives you all essential items to fill out your map with all the marks you want to have. My biggest issue was that I had to grind money too often because of dying too often and not being able to reach the spot where I died the last time to get the money back from the shadow.
  10. Hollow Knight OST - Sealed Vessel - YouTube
  11. If you are doing well in the bossfights as in other platformer sections (= do not die), I think you can finish this game causally in less than 20 h. As said I died a lot and deaths can throw you back massively which means they can cause lots of time. I also would like to mention that this game costs only 15 $ / €. Considering it costs 1/4 of what Metroid Dread does, I think it is a good investment for everyone who likes Metroidvanias combined with a sad atmosphere. Edit: I forgot that I finished Luna Nights which also is a Metroidvania, but this one has a linear map system unlike Hollow Knight. So it was not my first Metroidvania I have beaten. Whoops.
  12. Beaten Hollow Knight yesterday. It was the first real Metroidvania I have beaten. It was a wonderful experience, ngl. Needing almost 40 h for it proves it. Made a more detailed review in the gaming section.
  13. In Mario Party 1 I played Wario as the most for obvious reason. In Mario Party Superstars I tolerate pretty much everyone equally aside of Birdo.
  14. Beaten Hollow Knight yesterday. It was pretty much the first real classic Metroidvania I have beaten (if I exclude Kirby And The Amazing Mirror). It was also one of the most melancholic videogames I have played yet, even if not the most melancholic. The music was very atmospheric and matched to the enviroment and story at any time. Exploring was very fun. Backtracking was required very often to get certain items which were not possible to obtain in the first time the area was visited. The difficulty was rough. Some bosses were really challenging and I skipped a lot of optional ones, but at least the forced bosses were all managable with the given resources and by learning their attack pattern. At the end I needed 35 h despite not having much optional stuff, a pretty solid length, much more than I expected for a Metroidvania. However I also died A LOT which increased my playtime by a lot. Overall it was wonderful experience to play this game. The end made me a bit cry.
  15. The battle animations are pretty, the prettiest in the entire series imo, but especially in all the endgame rout mission they really slow down the pace and also distract me. Anyways I have played the first boards of Mario Party Superstars. I can't say too much unless I love that the themes (board, minigames) can be customized more or less. Having a N64 themed board with games feels very nostalgic. I like that!
  16. I decided to play Radiant Dawn again, the first time on my Wii U. And I forgot about two essential things: Playing on VC means I have no access to my FE9 save data anymore, so transfer boosts and special conversations / cutscenes are gone for good. Furthermore apparently the option of turning off battle animation is disabled for a first time playthrough. I can only switch to map animations which sucks. I have made it to part three yet in my normal mode iron man (normal because hard is not available in the first playthrough). Only have lost Fiona yet. Also I received Mario Party Superstarts today. I do not know if someone here owns it, but if so, it would be cool, if we could play together at sometime. As for Hollow Knight I still am playing it. It took me more time than I expected. Have explored lots of areas yet, but yet have to discover some more.
  17. Decided to play "Radiant Dawn" again, known as my favorite videogame of all time. However it is the first time I am playing it on my Wii U. Since there was no way to transfer my data from the Wii to the Wii U, it's a complete new savefile, means I have to play on normal mode for the first time and also do not have access to transfer boots from FE9 anymore. One thing in my playthrough is confusing me: I cannot turn of battle animations; only can switch to map. This option is not shown for me at all. Is it because it's my first playthrough and this option will only be unlocked after a completed run as hard mode? If so, this is really weird. I tried literally everything, but there was no way to disable battle animations for me.
  18. Beaten story mode of "Kirby Battle Royale". I have a bit mixed feelings about this. On the one hand most of the games are fun (even if the amount is not too high). On the other hand some requirements or handicap conditations made this game a bit frustrating in some moments. I understand making this game a bit more difficult to give the player some playtime, but some handicap quests belonged to the category "fake difficulty" like giving the opponent a three score ahead. Nevertheless I enjoyed story mode for the most part. Final boss was really challenging. A bit chaotic but fun. Unfortunately I cannot make use much of online mode since none of my friends does not have the game and finding random online matches is as fruitless as it is in Kirby Fighters 2. Still for the paid 10 € it was it worth overall. I think for beating the game I needed 4-5 hours including retries. For people who like a "mini" "Mario Party" with a decent story mode, it's a solid game. Not the best Kirby game for sure, but definitely not bad either. (Without considering online mode) I give the game a 6.5
  19. It's great, if you have resistance towards frustration. Dying is quite the daily in this game. The platformer sections are even harder than "Luna Nights" for me due to less health. Exploring can become quite tedious, if you don't see a rest point for some time. I am glad that I am discouraged less nowadays, so I still have the motivation to overcome tricky sections.
  20. I am kinda feeling outsided for not having touched a classic "Fire Emblem" game (I don't count "Tokyo Mirage Sessions" and "Warriors") for more than a year. Well, I am designing a sorta FE game...but playing a regular game...hmm...it must have been last summer. Anyways I have started to play "Hollow Knight" since I kinda got interested in Metroidvanias which is not "Metroid". The game is hard, but its ambience is unique. Never really played such a melancholic game. Hollow Knight OST - Greenpath - YouTube This is one of the more euphroic themes.
  21. Decided to make a tierlist of played Super Mario games. Mario Maker 2 was not listed for some reason. It would be a low A.
  22. Honestly only all the games by RareWare Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong 64 Banjo Kazooie Banjo Tooie Conker's Bad Fur Day GoldenEye 64 because I have no chance to get them on virtual console. I know Diddy Kong Racing has a remaster / remake (idk exactly) for DS, but I prefer playing racing games on a bigger screen. I have Kirby 64 for Wii U because I could not play it. Otherwise if I am interested to play N64 games again, then I will get them for Wii U. No need to get another console.
  23. I forgot to mention yesterday that I have finished Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. As for the story, it was so confusing that I did not even feel spoiled. As for the gameplay it was fun and the music was gorgeous! Dark Domination - YouTube This song slaps!
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