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  1. I sleep in a bed in which technically two people could fit it, but I need the size for all my (20) plushes.
  2. @Zera Very good review after, it was enjoyable and interesting to read. Also yes, the powerups made weaker abilities from games better. Althoguh I would not say it is very balanced since weapons like exis,t but by that some weapons I never used in former games like sword and needle are fun to use and can finish bossrushes fast or relatively safely now.
  3. Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST - The Strongest Foe - YouTube
  4. a bit repetitive, but it has a nice beat 7 Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST - The Strongest Foe - YouTube
  5. Oh, sorry for being late, but thank you for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate it! 🙂 Sadly I was too focussed into gaming yesterday (this is all what I did literally) to be here. I finished Oath In Felghana, Gurumin and the boss rush of Kirby Star Allies on hardest difficulty. Definitely will play more Ys games from now on since I really enjoyed the 2D Ys games so far.
  6. This is cool, but also quite huge. I do not know, how I will feel about it. Usually action RPGs have usually 3-4 playable party members. However if I am not mistaken switching characters during combat in Xenoblade was not possible, so it should not affect too much. If it should be possible, I could imagine it can become chaotic.
  7. Huh, five characters are shown in the combat, interesting! This is a big difference compared to three in the former games (Idk if it also applied to X since I have not played that one)
  8. I only have played Ys I for a bit, but dropped because of its difficulty. Felghana came out about 25 years later, this kind of games has more freedom to move for the player, so easier to deal with personally. I have beaten Origin which is a game I absolutely can recommend.
  9. Um, I do not know Ys III, but from what I just have watched, I highly doubt it. Anyways happy 30th birthday, Kirby!
  10. I started Ys The Oath Of Felghana. Made it to the Abanoned Mine. This game feels as great as Origin so far, with the exception not being an entire dungeon crawler and having voiceacting. Speaking of voiceacting, everyone has done a great job so far. However the most outstanding for me is the soundtrack (of course). All the dungeons feature a banger with guitars or strings. This is what I have missed in Ys VIII, aside of being 2D.
  11. Ranking Every Kirby Game | The Best & Worst of Kirby's 39 Adventures - YouTube Ranking a pinball game over Star Allies. This guy has taste! Also I agree with #1.
  12. This is what I got for coming out of the hell and posting in a Fire Emblem topic again after more than a year. Alright, I will go back to my grave then. Anyways if you have a problem with some of our posts, then just block them.
  13. nice relaxing music 8 Northeast Frost Street - Kirby and the Forgotten Land OST [045] - YouTube
  14. Astrid is similar to Fiona for having great skill and class considering caps. However unless Fiona it is easier to give her some levels in her debut chapter because of paragon and having stronger allies. Her growths are worse, but paragon can fix.
  15. @VangaurdForgotten Land has six worlds, not five. Well, just made a Kirby tierlist:
  16. Meg is easier to train, but Fiona will bring more benefits at the end for having earth affinity, two (good) free skills and way better stat caps. I often used Fiona, even in hard mode.
  17. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released earlier, this is cool! Although I will not buy it on date of release likely, these are great news! I just hope the developers did not push the date of release at cost of the game's quality.
  18. Yeah, some objectives cannot be done in the first attempt like beating a boss with a certain ability which I did not appreciate too much either. However some others rely on careful exploration. After all the objectives give the game replaybility.
  19. Star Allies is a mixed bag. The main game is easy, so kinda boring, but the free DLC makes up for it gameplaywise but also plotwise. Playing as a villain was quite fun for me, and the bossrushes were quite challenging (yet have to beat on highest difficulty). However of the modern Kirby main games still the "weakest" part although not bad overall.
  20. Anyways good luck! I think you need it the most fpr the gachapon. Actually it was balanced fairly, could get all capsules with way less attempts than expected. I started a new game yesterday which is Super Mario Sunshine (part of the 35th anniversary triology for Switch)
  21. finally Anyways time for a short review as promised earlier:
  22. finally This game was simply wonderful. Unless Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will do really huge, Forgotten Land will become easily goty for me. Will post a more detailed review in its thread.
  23. Alright, I have to admit this is definitely the best Dedede theme: Roar of Dedede - Kirby and the Forgotten Land OST [050] - YouTube My problem at first was that I could not hear the entire loop since fight was over earlier. However yeah, they went to so hard with this and for Meta Knight's battle theme. I absolutely love that!
  24. Roar of Dedede - Kirby and the Forgotten Land OST [050] - YouTube
  25. Oh, I totally understand. As said I love this heavy Dedede theme in Forgotten Land, but I kinda miss the catchyness which made me loving this series. Dededestroyer Z matched perfectly to its gameplay for being literally a party tune to a party game. Then again I love the music style (change) in Forgotten Land. It offers my favorite or second most favorite Kirby soundtrack (Rainbow Curse is close contender of being my favorite). I finished Ultimate Z (the pendant to True Arena) yesterday. With a forged weapon it is supereasy and superfast Just needed ten minutes which not even half as long as Robobot's True Arena. Extra final boss was just a compilation of bosses from former parts in one, so nothing really special. Decisive Battle: Ultimate Z - Kirby and the Forgotten Land OST [088] - YouTube As epic as this theme is, but why is this so long? You really will never hear the entire song since bosses are usually be done in two minutes at worst. @Saint Rubenio Bien!
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