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  1. Seriously how can you pick a best girl in Xeno2 of all these amazing ladies? 

    I cannot decide......yet

  2. Happy Birthday, Sol! 



  4. Even if you won't be able to read it, but I want to say: WE MISS YOU!

    1. ♠Soul♠
    2. Eunie
    3. ♠Soul♠


      the image you are requesting does not exist : D


    1. Eunie


      Also happy 10th anniversary!

      (If you will ever read it.......)

    2. Nic


      Hello, I'm a messenger from our beloved Soul.
      He wanted to let you know he is actually banned in this moment.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. You look closer to Ian than I thought

    1. Junkhead


      My mom always says that but I don't believe her


    2. Eunie


      : )

      You just need a few years

    3. Junkhead


      Ian is 40. >D

  8. Hi!

    Could give me an advice for a good skillset for Kyze / Lyre? I have to train them... but I don't really know how make them useful. Their output damage is so low. Lyre reached S strike at least.

    Gave blossom and counter to Lyre. (because she does more counter damage than physical...lol)

    Gave adept and corrosion to Kyze.


    Going to do 3-10 next.


    Thanks for your answer in advance!

    1. Junkhead


      I appreciate you coming to me for advice

      Kyzas actually surprisingly easy to fix, and theres like 2-3 ways to do so

      Do keep in mind, youll want to have him get Spd in his first two level-ups, that way he doubles for all of Part 3. I do this by giving him 99 Exp and Blossom in the very first chapter. I use this trick with most Laguz. Not to mention, it has him doubling as early as 3-4, which he really wants to raise his Strike.


      1. Energy Drop + Adept. 

      With the Energy Drop, it gets him to the 3HKOing range, meaning Adept makes it a sure kill. Only drawback is the fact Adept apparently doesnt count the last hit for building Strike. Resolve is optional, but it really helps him dodge and proc Adept consistently. 

      Hes also pretty tanky, so he can afford to live at half HP and dodge.

      2. Just making sure he gets Spd the first two levels.

      This way he 2RKOs and gets the benefit of getting Strike, faster. With 3-7 in mind, you can probably get it sometime by 3-8 or start of 3-10 if youve been doing it a lot. I got him over half by the end of 3-7 and more.

    2. Junkhead


      Lyre is pretty fucked, truth be told. Youd have to give her like two Energy Drops only to match Kyzas mediocre base Atk, and even then, she starts with the base Spd. Give her every bit of Atk she needs, like supports and stuff. 

  9. Hi! Just wanted to ask you if you want to vote in the tierlist?

  10. What an adorable avatar :)

  11. Umm... does it have a certain reason why you copy my avis and sigs lately?

  12. If you're going to get Vesperia, then I highly recommend the PS3 version. It includes lots of stuff the XBox version does not. (two more characters, more optional bosses, extra dungeons)

  13. Happy Birthday, Sask!

    1. James Bond

      James Bond

      Thank you, so much!!!

  14. Feliz Cumpleanos, Crizzie!

  15. Just wanted to tell you that there were still unanswered questions in your interview.

  16. Your Setsuna image in your profile is gorgeous :)

  17. Gelukkige verjaardag, Hattu!

    1. Julius Nepos

      Julius Nepos

      Dankjewel, Julian.

  18. Happy birthday!

  19. I've read it's your birthday today? If so, then Happy Birthday!

    1. Nobody


      It is. Thank you!

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