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  1. Just a matter of time till a Grasping Truth will make it in. Please, make it let happen! (It would not really make sense because the song is 4:30 minutes long, as long as an average player needs for a complete round on highest difficulty.) Sigrun has a player phase statspread with an enemy phase lance, so this will cause trouble. Seriously with her terrible defense her lance is in other's good hands like Subaki's. It would be a waste to give her an offensive build and not making use her lance. Even Tate's A skill would not make Sigrun's defense high enough to make her turn into a decent physical tank. Edit: Sigrun has 28 defense, so same area as Sumia. Actually it still could work since Sumia does well with that lance.
  2. Apparently getting Hilda is less than a problem than getting a green orb. Of six circles as I got two greens in total. It is funny that I got for today's banner the same amount of green orbs in just one single circle. Seriously this has been the last time I have snipped. Sniping is just expensive and never has given me the wanted results yet.
  3. Then Gambits first, and then Lysithea's Dark Spike? Otherwise I do not know how to prevent counterattacks by Death Knight.
  4. I am not in chapter 12, but Lysithea could oneshot him in the former chapters he appeared.
  5. Yes, it is the final dungeon theme. Theme had a nice melody. 7 Trails of Cold Steel - Machinery Attack
  6. Still too early to make a tier list since I do not know any Black Eagle character do far. Wished I could recruit more people other than Sylvain, Catherine and Shamir. But I can say that Ingrid, Lysi, Claude, Dimitri and Marianne are my top five so far. Honestly Marianne is like me: She has issues to interact with other people and likes to care for animals and even talk to them. Too bad she passed away. 😥
  7. Yes, it is. Everyone who played FE9 knows that Greil is one of the most iconic and memorable (side) characters in FE. Same goes for this. There are still people who have not finished a route yet (like me) and I would like to enjoy discovering the story without getting spoilered by reading titles like that in the five latest threads. I might react more sensible than other people, but seriously this kills the fun because I am feeling Three Houses has a senseful story unlike the majority of the other parts of this series. Edit: I reached the plot twist point. Honestly I have not seen any similarities yet to each other because
  8. God no, please do not make FE10 become a simulation RPG. I like these things in 3H, but only because it works there.
  9. Is correct. Below user has posted on that page.
  10. How would rank all played Legend of Heroes games in a order? What has been the happiest moment in the LoH series for you so far? What has been the saddest / unhappiest moment in the LoH series for you so far? What is your favorite LoH theme? Who is your second most favorite LoH character (since I guess first)?
  11. Thanks to OP for the spoiler in the title. 😕 Now I know like everything about Jeralt just for reading the title. In general: I really wished people would be more cautious with their thread titles because there are still people like me who have NOT played the game yet.
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