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  1. Three Houses has another one of those desert chapters......means obnoxious. It reminds pretty much on FE10's with tons of mages and Draco Knights. But instead of elsleep / -silence it features soem scorpions which piss the player off. It is not that the map is too difficult, it is just hard to get all the rewards because overpowered thiefs wreck them before I can.
  2. Ah, alright. Would these units be pullable - in case of Valbar - in the Halloween banners too now or will the pool stay even if a new banner with an instant 3 / 4* unit is added?
  3. As for me I prefer human villains in Fire Emblem simply because I can identify better with them. This is why Ashnard is my favorite final boss. The only exception would be Deghinsea who I absolutely can sense as a villain. Otherwise I do not really care for dragons because very most of them are bland. I would not even be sad, if dragons were dropped (what of course never ever will happen because dragons are a symbolic part of FE).
  4. For me it depends on the game, mainly on their mechanics. FE10 is a game I can play in hardest difficulty almost in my sleep since I know the AI behavior and how to make best use of the biorhythm and supports. Conquest, on the other hand, I could not even beat in hard, and in easy I could beat the final chapter by losing a half dozen of people. I am doing Three Houses in maddening right now which is a mixed case for me. It is actually not too hard, but stupid mechanics like ambush spawn (which should be vanished for once and for all) make this game artificially harder.
  5. Knows beating each map in Three Houses on maddening feels like beating the game. You are forgiven!
  6. Also Rena Strober made a return in this forum!? I am not sure if it is real or fake since the real Rena Strober already had an account.
  7. I guess I have finally a reason to play a Pokémon game even if it is only for the cover.
  8. I wanted to save for Jill or another Three Houses banner, but when I saw Hilda, I just could not say "no". Mine was +spd / -atk, so she needed a merge to become superawesome. With 4% I got a regular Ike which made me a bit sad. Free heavy blade 3 and Aether is not the worst, but still. But with resetted pityrate the very first green gave me Hilda! I am really relieved! Unlike in her debut banner I did not need >250 orbs and buy orbs to get her. I got her for the half which is fair enough. Now I have to grind feathers and grails to give galeforce and odd speed wave to her. I forgot to mention that I freepulled a Valbar. This gives me the question why is he already shown up? I thought they would appear once their debut banner is over. Or are 3 and 4* units an exception?
  9. Ah, that is unfortunate, but thanks anyways! I made Petra (as most others) become a myrmidon > swordmaster. I had Ignatz with steal, but I could not save him in chapter 13 unfortunately.
  10. Give Micaiah enough base speed and defense to let her solo part 1 in hard mode. This is the challenge I have been always looking for.
  11. Is there an alternate way to grab non droppable items from enemies aside of stealing? (doing Claude's, paralogue right now) I have seen that certain gambits could grab items from monsters, but Idr which ones and if it also applies to human enemies.
  12. Knows a lot about videogames. Thanks, but it is not true.
  13. Sky FC was definitely the hardest game on normal for me. It is also the only of the Trails games which had no easy mode. CSII on nightmare with transfer boosts was not hard aside of the mech fights in which I screw up in general. Yet have to continue it. I am playing 3rd in nightmare right now which is not too bad so far (currently chapter 6). Chapter 3's bosses were a pain and I know about two certain bosses later which will become painful.
  14. Knows it applies to most people here (me included).
  15. Banned for doing obnoxiously hard self set challenges.
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