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  1. Started to play Tokyo Xanadu today. The beginning was........not great. I barely survived the first boss with 22 HP and one death. I need to buy a controller because there are too many buttons to press on the keyboard that I already forgot some commands or pressed on the wrong button. It is Ys, but way more complex. If I should have mastered the controls, I am fairly sure it will become a promising game. One fun side fact: In this game are references to other Falcom games.
  2. I did not know that guests can create threads. I made discovery by accident. A good one, yes. I bought one for 500 € which can run still above average quality games regarding graphics like Tales of Berseria. You have to be registered to read the full article . Unfortunately it is common for reading newspapers online.
  3. Oooooooooh, topics can be made without an account now. Interesting. PS: I found it out by accident.
  4. @Nobody Please do not misunderstand me. I am not right in any way and have not problems with foreigners and foreign cultureres. I was referring to immigrants mainly from East Europe. Of course we do have some refugees as well and tons of Dutch tourists. I already consider this area as little Netherlands.I am living in a six party house and four of them are from foreign countries, and they are all nice except for one. And I am working for an university which has a 50% rate of foreign students. (It is mainly made for students from abroad) So I have to deal with different nationalities and languages almost everyday and have no problem with it (despite it is mandatory to have a certain skill level in German). I can even improve my English skills by that unintentionally. The thing is the most foreigners come to our land to have better life conditions what I absolutely understand. But if these people want all benefits, they have to bring at least some compensation by learning our language. It is the really the only thing I expect to become part of our society. If people speak to the cashier in French, then I do not know what to say here. If I would move to an other land, I would do the exact same. There are times, mainly in trains, when I feel as foreigner in my own home country which is an awkward feeling. I am not the only one who thinks this way because otherwise (right) populism parties would not grow on popularity. However to make things clear I do not support a party like that because they still include with national socialistic thinking as the AFD does. Better integration is something I really wish and this country really needs.
  5. Well, I wished I had these problems... I wished that the people I face on the street would speak my mother language, aka the language in whose country I live in. Because this is the minority, not gonna lie unfortunately.
  6. No, I have yet tp play Ao no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki to complete The Legends of Heroes series (for now). The below poster uses a videogame character as their avatar.
  7. 7.5 Trails in the Sky Second Chapter - Dream Continues
  8. The vocals are NICE, but do not fit to this kind of music for me. 6
  9. My dream of getting SwordLucina became to dust when I pulled Julia with 5.5% by having no red in the circle. That means my dream of a Lucina Quartett still will have to be a dream... PS: I know she is pointless with the existence of free MMarth, but she is the last remaining waifu I do not have. Well, next year maybe...
  10. Song is either named Kill Jill or Haarhaarhaar. MAMMA MIA would work too. Homestly I want to know the button combo too because it could speed things up.
  11. I heared of it, and unless a big surprise is going to happen by bring them to Steam, I will do it once the improved patch is out. If it should come out on PS4, then I would have a reason to buy one.
  12. Beaten Sky 3rd! As I mentioned earlier in a post it was totally different than other LoH parts in terms of gameplay, story and atmosphere, but this also made it so interesting as unique. The story was really depressing in lots of moments, a proof how deep the story of this series really can be. Overall it was really fun despite even a bit short game, but it is excused by its story build. Too bad I am done with all Trails games I can play (legally). The Crossbell parts require a PSP /PSvita, and I do not want to buy a console just for two games. Same goes for PS4 and Cold Steel III. Well, still have to play Tokyo Xanadu which is also a Falcom game at least.
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