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  1. Dislikes a boss who reappears in Project X Zone as a generic enemy. I had a total wipe out against almost each boss including prologue boss. The HP is Vesperia is generally higher than in the other Tales games, yes, but therefore enemies also take way higher damage, so it is equaled out.
  2. Holy shit... Sky 3rd is the most disturbing RPG I have ever played yet, never expected to say that. It is so dark, depressing, tragic and it becomes cynical thanks to Kevin. But this also why I LOVE him, he is one of the strongest characters I have seen in a RPG so far. This game is so different compared to other LoH games in terms of gameplay and story and this is way it makes it so unique and interesting. It is a proof that Falcom puts variety to this series. I am really excited for the final dungeon and boss.
  3. Almost to the end of Sky 3rd, at least at the point I have to do all the doors now. I have an exact impression what is going on in the upcoming chapter(s)...... and I am already prepared for the worst. The game has been really dark already, but it has not reached its I must 😥 point. Tbf Kevin already revealed that the truth for Ries will not be nice.
  4. Started to watch Formula 1 when I stopped it. Then you definitely missed the time when it was it qualified the term Formula 1 by having pit stops, great battles like Hakkinen vs. Schumacher, no DRS and no safety car (start) for a single raindrop. About till years ago the drivers were on their own. Unfortunately it became less and less... Also funnily I have watched some old races from the 90s and early 00s on YouTube lately to get good old memories back. DTM was fun to watch and it still would be, if it was not sent to a private TV station last year. Well, even pros have trouble with the fight. It is not without reason considered as a hard fight, in a similar league as Gattuso. Victor is incredibly fast and deals heavy damage. I am not an expert in Tales either. Mainly stuck in normal, Xillia 2 and Berseria on unknown (with replay experience boost) are the only ones I have played on such a difficulty. Meanwhile I could not even get through in Symphonia on lowest difficulty.
  5. When I watched as a young kid I was scared, but I never got nightmares or any other kind of traumatization.
  6. Without ressources she will not cap anything in her own aside of magic and luck. This is why I always save Rafiel's and three brothers's mother's angelic robe to make her cap HP to have higher chance to get speed. But let me summarize: Originally you said that Sanaki requires strength to make use of rexfire, strength not to get doubled. And then you said that she will not reach speed most likely to double the auras. Did you notice that you just weakend your first argument? Overall I agree that it takes ressources and luck to cap Sanaki's speed, but in endgame her speed reduction does not matter as I mentioned in my previous post. Using rexfire in 4-3 is really dangerous though because of tons of physical enemies. Though most enemies would oneshot / double her anyways even without speed reduction, so it would not matter much either. As for Sephiran I was aware Sanaki cannot attack him, but not that he does not attack her either, which of course makes sense plotwise.
  7. There is literally no point of not blessing rexfire for Sanaki. It has more accuracy, one more might and gives her the opportunity to reach the magical 34 AS to double the auras. Her low strength and speed are no issue at all. In E-3 no dragon can double her with rexfire equipped. She only has to fear the red dragons who will oneshot her anyways. In E-4 and E-5 there are only magic based generics. Sanaki's resistance is high enough to tank all the spirits. I do not know if Sehpiran's single map attack can double her (have seen it only once yet), but usually someone should reach his map attack's range in turn 1, so she should be fine. As for Ashera, Sanaki technically only needs one more strength to use it without speed reduction, if both red dragons stand next to her. Reaching 8 strength to need only red dragon is possible too with her decent 40% strength growth. Hitting 31 speed to double the outside auras is much harder I have to admit, but also not impossible by giving bexp and a speedwing to her. Ashera's single attack is the only real reason against rexfire for Sanaki because she can double her, but you should not let it come so far anyways because she should be defeated in turn 2.
  8. Apparently is not aware of my Formula 1 knowledge. I have been watched it since I have been four until like two years ago because it became artificial and boring as hell. Having a strong heart is the only thing, having strong skills is the other one because this fight belongs surely to one of the hardest RPG battles. Fighting eight opponents all alone even in groups particularly and having no chance to recover after defeating one opponent makes it incredibly hard.
  9. 6. Last thing / activity you regretted after a time? 7. Is there something about you, you want to change in the future? 8. How would you describe yourself in three words? 9. What are three things which would make you happy / happier? 10. Are you looking forward to the new Fire Emblem game coming out very soon?
  10. Lives in the city where the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit is located. I see... I should start watching anime then.
  11. I almost trashed my Switch by leaving the bus without my bag with my Switch inside. Thankfully I had the exact same bus in my return and the luckier the humans were so honest and did not take an abandoned bag with them. Otherwise I would have lost >500 € and lie in a hospital with a coronary right now. My lesson: Better pay attention to valuable belongings
  12. Victor and bad ending battle are by far the toughest battles in this game. I could beat the final boss in unknown, but not Victor in hard. Mentioned a name I have read for the first time.
  13. The guy looks like the male version of Princess Klaudia with that bird.
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