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  1. I am playing thorugh FE5 right now casually to gain the knowledge for an ironman attempt. It will be the very first time I seriously will do this kind of challenge. But I would like to ask in advance about to get some questions regarding skill or scroll optimazation. Since bases are more important than growthrates, I am fairly sure that very most prepromotes like Dagdar or Glade are very useful in an ironman run besides units with personal and broken weapons like Orsin, Finn and especially Asbel. Olwen will be used anyways with dire thunder and vantage combo. However I am not quite certain what to do with the other gainable scrolls like sol or accost. I still have no real idea who to give accost to since Tanya's HP is too low to make permanent use of it. I remember giving it to Asbel in my very first run which was overkill, but against bosses with master weapons it was an instant kill. It might be waste because he also has adept, but I like having safe kills for him. The counterpart of getting attacked by a ballista twice, however, is a serious issue thanks to FE5's hitrates. I like to give paragon to Karin because fliers are amazing, if they have the range to reach a ballista on their own (ten move required), but I think anyone else can use it too. As for the scrolls I like to pump everything on Leif early on, and if he has the stats I was looking for, than I give them all to Karin till about level 10 and promotion to make highest possible benefit from paragon. After than I switch A LOT. Od scroll is definitely a must have for a low leveled healer (Safiya, Tina, Sara...). As for the route split I consider A better because of the recruitable units (Misha and especially Sleuf), but B has an enemy with Bhuj Iirc, but I'm also open for your opinions.
  2. TMS question: Can the elite monsters be defeated at once? Game tells me about a Special Performance, but I do not have a clue what it is. Is it the combo attack after hitting an enemy's weakness?
  3. I barely have played TMS yet, but the most noticable Fire Emblem element for me has been Ilyana's appearance. Admittedly I have not bought the game for the story anyways since I do not really expect anything from a crossover. I just want decent gameplay, so far TMS does its job to my satisfaction.
  4. I just have started the game yesterday because I like creating Super Mario World Castle stages. I have a question though: Is is possible to create moving enemies like the spinning wheel from Forest Illusion Fortress and Chocolate Mountain Castle? As far as I saw they are only stationary.
  5. Yup, I know. He also voiceacts Naesala in Heroes which I found funny enough.
  6. I could replay the chapter at least... for a third time. Honestly it was good to play this chapter to its extend because 17a has a cookie the longer the chapter goes. Also well done, Kieran!
  7. Oh my gooooood, I ruined my FE5 run. I forgot to recruit Sara in chapter 17a, and I have fucking overwritten my savefile. ........................
  8. Ash carries a red coloured halberd at least. Anyways has someone here played Super Mario Maker 2? Just started with the game, and I have some questions regarding level creating.
  9. Juna = little adorable tsun Sara I stopped playing CSIII on PS4 because I wait for the Switch version. I would have more time to play it. I have not played the Crossbell duology, but it did not stop me to start with CSIII.
  10. Ugh... I do not know the AI behavior of Misha's squad in chapter 17. Sometimes they surround (=trap) Karin, sometimes they attack my units. Anyways I messed up anyways since I forgot let Karin talking to her. Put Misha to sleep instantly instead which was a fatal mistake.
  11. WTF they turned Sleuf into Schroff in the new translation. It sounds really awkward to me.
  12. ^ Yeah, it's true. Hopefully there will be more references to other games than the ones the Performas are from. TMS might not have the quality of Persona in terms of plot, but it is still enjoyable so far. I hope I'll get Elonora soon, her design is most interesting of the characters I've seen yet.
  13. Nice, I am a bit surprised about the positive result of FE5, but it's mainly because the first three games (I have not played) seem to have way less to offer. I still consider FE5 as the measure, the modern FE parts are based on gameplaywise. Honestly I do not find FE5 that bad to ironman. The 1-99% hitrate is a thing, yes, but FE5 is the only FE part I can think of everyone is usable without much effort. Of course if someone with a great personal weapon like Asbel or Orsin dies, it is a massive loss, but I think it's still very beatable. FE5 is the game I would like to ironman first. I mainly read through FE5 becuase it is easily the most controversial FE game in the series for good reasons. I enjoyed the read and share lots of your opinions and could also gain some useful information for myself.
  14. I noticed her, but I did not recognize it's suppossed to be Aimee. I really like these little references to other FE parts than the Perfomas are from. Thanks! Actually I am feeling fine today aside of having slept terribly.
  15. FE4: 7.5 FE5: 8.5 (would be easily the best game in the series, if a few mechanics would be fixed or removed like 1-99% hitrate and staff misses) FE6: 4 FE7: 7 FE8: 6 FE9: 7.5 FE10: 9 FE11: 3 FE12: 6 FE13: 4 Conquest: 7.5 Birthright: 4.5 Revelation: 5 Echoes: 4 (sorry, but I despise the map design) Three Houses: 8
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