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  1. I haven't played Yoshi's Island (the only game I'm aware of Baby Mario's existence), but I really don't care for all the baby and metal characters in Kart. They really just blast the cast and could be better alts instead. Then again I'd not mind seeing a crossover racing game like Smash. Kirby and StarFox characters and Captain Falcon definitely could be executed well in a racing game. Ness could use a skateboard and Samus Aran maybe a space shuttle as vehicle (I have no clue of Metroid so idk if she ever used any transport vehicles).
  2. I think the main problem is that Kirby is developed by HAL and not Nintendo. However on the other hand HAL had no issues to add Mario characters as guests in Superstar Ultra.
  3. Air Ride could become a thing for 30th anniverary. If it should get a remake, it would be a great opportunity to add more story relevant characters like Marx, Magolor and Susie to its cast.
  4. If Kirby gets into this game, then other characters have the same reason to be there. I have no idea why non Mario characters were added, but if more will be added, it would turn into Smash in terms of character cast. I would appreciate a racing game from several Nintendo series, but it shouldn't go with the title "Mario".
  5. Welp, I dozed off for like 30 minutes. Anyways need to head off... Nah...these were just trivial thoughts about myself. Sometimes I like to reflect myself, though it can happen on awkward times as it was the case right here.
  6. back from a sleepless night Maybe I should settle my thoughts during the day instead when the body needs all the rest it can get.
  7. Oh, 👌 I thought he only really dislikes 3 and 4. I mean it's only 4 whose part from the Cold Steel series I love since it feels like a worthy final of this series aka a "Best of". Otherwise both Crossbell parts and Sky 3rd are also parts I like a lot and have played more than once.
  8. Beaten third dungeon in Persona 5 Strikers. The last two main bosses did NOTHING, couldn't attack me at all. I guess I have to turn up the difficulty!? I must have become an expert in hack and slash pretty fast apparently. So I can extract from these words that you're playing this series too now?
  9. Finally found this song. Couldn't find out its title.
  10. I guess I'm the only one here who considers Sky FC as worst and CS IV as best Trails game. At least I know I'm the only one here who has played latter. But then again Idc if people bash Rean since it's not because of him that I love Cold Steel IV the most of the Trails series, but because of the huge cast, gameplay (definitely better than III) and the great plot. I'd buy the Switch version too, if it goes on sale. Thanks, but for work I just need motivation. 🙂 Anyways home, so time to continue Persona 5 Strikers. Hopefully I can finish the third dungeon toay.
  11. I have a fat sunburn rn from yesterday. My entire head hurts. Considering I had to wear a hat and scarf on friday, I didn't see this coming. Anyways working time...
  12. Watched the Touhou World Cup for Touhou 15 yesterday. This made me want to play this game again, still my favorite part despite its difficulty. Anyways purchased Touhou 18 on Steam yesterday, will start with it next week.
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