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  1. If it goes for elements, Francisca would be most innovative. She uses ice attacks but also water splash, though frozen water in this case. Flambérge would be just another sword user whilst I would outclass Pikachu, means breaking the game.
  2. Forgot to answer it, but yes, I unlocked the new world as the new character. Yet have to collect everything.
  3. They don't remakes but just remasters since they're mostly fine. FE9 definitely needs maniac mode or at least an improved hard mode since enemies suck in regular hard mode. FE10 needs weapon triangle on hard mode and maybe addition of magical swords, axes and lances.
  4. Edit: Freetime has come to an end which automatically means that my activity time here has come to an end. Was nice to be here again. Stay safe and jambuhbye!
  5. It's 30%, cost orginially 60 €. Question about Super Mario World 3D:
  6. It costs 42 €. My originaly plan was to grab the one or other game for like 10 €. I know it's very recent, but I haven't planned investing this much in games rn. It's still a bit time left to think about it.
  7. Checked out the PS Store sale - nothing really caught my eyes Unfortunately aside of Yakuza's latest part nothing from this series is on sale rn.
  8. Beaten Super Mario World 3D. Now I have to get best character... If it's for a "dead" console, I can totally understand. Your assumption is correct.
  9. I assumed so. Actually I stopped with emulating (aside of FE4 and FE5) because it feels better for me having an original copy of that game. I was a bit shocked when I heared this theme, shocked in a positive way. Never expected the N64 would play music like this. I mean I'm not fond of this kind of music, but it was hilarious to hear a theme like that in a videogame. By the way this song is played Anyways I should finish Super Mario World 3D now since freetime's over soon, so jambuhbye for now!
  10. aww, rip Also do you have a Nintendo 64? I'd be a bit jelly, if you had. Was a big mistake to sell it...
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