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  1. It's ok, thanks for the reply regardless! I just asked out of curiousity. It's not that I haven't found people yet who own this game. Thought it'd be cool to have the opportunity to play it with people from this forum. Just purchased the game today since it's on sale at Amazon's Prime Day, and some online enjoyed and recommended it to me. Alright, then second question: Does anyone here play Dark Deity?
  2. Does anyone here play Miitopia? I grabbed it because it's a fun (RPG) game using the others's mii.
  3. Alright! Though be warned, if you start with this series, you likely will never get away of this. Anyways time to make tea and to let this day end as soon as possible.
  4. nice The sad thing is that I haven't could hear this theme in full length in game yet. If you know about Touhou 15's extra stage and boss, you know why. It's not an accident that her shirt wears the title "Welcome Hell".
  5. Thanks! And same, the music got me into the series. I mainly play it for the soundtrack and characters and less for its gameplay. Though this series has enough of non shoot'em up related spin-offs and fangames (2D platformers, action RPGs...). Usually I'd post in the Touhou thread, but I'm doing this here exceptionally: my favorite Touhou character from my favorite Touhou game
  6. Latest quests gave me enough orbs for the spark from the Nott banner. Had two pulls left till the spark, and from them I got a second Nott and my first Luthier - wow, PERFECT! Nott is +spd / -def, so I merged the former one into this to cancel out the bane. With the spark I have two copies to run now.
  7. I think to replay KH III on lowest difficulty again to save me from some trouble. Wished ingame difficulty could be changed like in other action RPGs to learn the gameplay. That's what I really appreciate in Tales.
  8. I got stuck in that Toy Story dungeon in KHIII. I had to go into some shaft to reach puppet floor, but somehow I couldn't find it. Also these mechs kill me all the time, if there's none for me available.
  9. oof That's more than 10°C of our home record from 2019. Anyways a water bomb woke me up which also means it finally cooled down and I should be able to sleep normally from now on again.
  10. Replayed 1-F. Part 3 will be interesting with only three units who can surive a Laguz (unless Volug is transformed). I never ever seen that before unless she had massive speed reduction due to a hammer. She has gained no single speed point yet and exact 15 strength to use a steel axe without speed penalty.
  11. I don't want to calculate the odds of this happening, but this is fricking hilarious. Note: It's a music channel. The music selection is random, so not meant to be synchrone with the game screen by any means. It was a pure addicent.
  12. Reinforcements in Project X Zone are always ambush spawn when you fulfilled a mission objective.
  13. Another sleepless night is over... It should have been the last one since cooler air arrived. My entire body smells like sweat. Also days will become shorter in a couple of days, so finally it won't become dark at 11:30 PM and bright at 4:30 AM. Brightness is my sleepkiller.
  14. Recruiting to the Greil Mercenaries in 3-7 and support her with Brom. Confirmed. replayed 1-F Zihark's Sweet Revenge as for music: Fire Emblem x Kirby
  15. I have to bash myself! A thunderstorm without lightning is no thunderstorm, but just noise which ruins my sleep. Anyways I still appreciate the rain at least which is needed and will drop the temperature. I can only hope to have an ordinary night from now on again. My average of sleeping time in the past five days was like 2-3 hours, and that's how I'm feeling rn. I felt so busted and also annoyed from FE10 that I didn't even feel to start Crosscode anymore, and I don't think this will change today. At least next week shall become much cooler, so I should feel better physically. I try to go to sleep again, so good night!
  16. Hmm, good question. Never thought about it, but you're right. Idk why D+ fire tomes are called "light" and not "fire" in German. Though this wasn't changed until Awakening. I will see. Since no one requested a weapon I can decide. Regardless I have to replay 1-F since Zihark was requested for endgame.
  17. Jarod had 70% hit and 6% crit. I think it can happen; had way worse scenarios before (like 20% hit, 3% crit). I remember when Radmin critted Sothe in MageKnight404's LP with 38% hit, 3% crit. Normally I use someone who can take a crit. Didn't do it this time because I wanted to end this chapter rather soonish. Edit: Gonna replay this chapter tomorrow. Now it's time for Crosscode and another stream of Kingdom Hearts later.
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