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  1. Here's my avatar. If this is image is upside down I aopologize.
  2. Nice. I wish I honestly could costumize the avatar personality, because in my fanfic Dren is more irritable and sly. Ima post a pic in a sec.
  3. I basically am just curious to what people created and the waifus they picked for their awakening character. Female character/Dren Body Type 1 Face Type 4 Hair Type 5 Hair Color 8 Voice Type 3 Husband Gaius Child Morgan(I call him Rin instead though) Male Avatar/Sei Body Type 1 Face Type 5 Hair Type 5 Hair Color 19 Voice Type Wife Say'ri Child Morgan(I call her Rei) Well, reply away and stuff C:
  4. Well, I pair Laurent up with Kjelle and usually make him a dark night for more Movement coverage plus swords.For The Fathers: Yarne: Virion Gerome: Lon'qu Laurent: Stahl Hope that helps.
  5. Nah(I pair her up with my Morgan(though in the fanfic I'm writing his name is Rin)) Noire(just a sweet baby =w=) Yarne( Don't mess with a bunny!)
  6. Parent Characters For Me: Virion(aka Lord Prick) Donnel(worthless) Maribelle(WHINE go marry donnel so I can get Brady) Gangrel(bastard) Aversa(skank :3) Child: Severa(everyone likes you but you're just a brat) Actually, that's it for children XD
  7. Not to upset you, but how are they bland in your mind? (I'm not mad at you just curious)
  8. I agree. I used to get made in the past about stuff like that, but now that I'm a bit older I've learn to respect others opinions with no problems.
  9. Say'ri is my personal favorite female character, but I was really upset after the Valm arc that she was pretty much thrown away after it. :C
  10. Tell me about it. I don't get why everyone LOVES Severa. She's annoying and brat and I feel bad for Cordelia's husband for putting up with her. (Btw I do love Phila and Walhert but I'm not one to get mad over someone's opinion. ^^)
  11. Seriously, why is there so little Say'ri fanart? (From what I've seen) She's such a boss and an awesome unit, yet no one really makes anything dedicated her. If you find some fanart of Say'ri, plz reply.
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