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  1. Okay thanks! Here is my updated version where I tried to fix most of those things. http://imgur.com/a/97JOT Not sure if I managed to fully fix the grass problem. I used Tiled's random mode and selected all the non shaded grass tiles so it would randomly select one of those when I placed a tile down. I tried adding more paths, hopefully a few of them are good, but I havent really experimented with them before. And for your first picture, I wasnt sure if you meant the grass out side needed shading(if so do I just use the fully shaded grass tile?) or if you meant on the inside, which I have now fixed.
  2. Hopefully I got this in the right section. http://imgur.com/a/880XZ Faded tiles indicate a map change can occur there. The player will start near the center bottom and have to visit the small gaurdhouses to step on the switches to open up the main building. The player has multiple chances to deviate from the fastest course. The top left chest is one example. The grassy corridor area in the middle left will have a stronger enemy with a nice droppable so that space isn't completely wasted. Other than that would be the cracked wall for the chest. Once the player opens the chest the extra enemies on the left side will agro to make it the more dangerous choice. Now that the general flow of the map is explained, hopefully critique is easier. I think I need to reduce tile spam, but am not sure how. Any other ways that I could improve my map would be greatly appreciated. ((and no I dont really know what is going on with the grass on the left side, but I was just trying to make it less plain)) Thanks in advance!
  3. Edit: To clarify, yes this post has mod approval. Reddit Emblem(RE) is a fan game, hosted on reddit under the sub name of Reddit_Emblem( With the link being as follows. https://www.reddit.c.../Reddit_Emblem/), based off of Fire Emblem, but RE deviates from the way a traditional Fire Emblem game is played. Unlike a regular FE game, RE gives each player control over a single character instead of the entire army. If we were to use FE7 as an example, instead of the player controlling Lyn, Kent, Sain, Wil, and Florina, then you, the player, would only be in control of Kent's movements, actions, and speech. The others would then be controlled by other players, so your ally would be moving Sain, instead of just one player moving everyone. Instead of using preexisting characters, players get to make their own. The subreddit's wiki goes into further detail for those interested, but in short, players a given guidelines to create a unique character. Once a character is approved, then the player may signup to join a group. Each group will consist of no more than 20 players and will follow a brand new story, with custom maps based off of the GBA games. Each group then works together to tackle the enemy units, who are controlled by that groups mod. Edit: Now that this is in the RP section, I should mention that RPing is optional and not required to play. I think that should cover all the basic information you need to know about RE, but if you have any questions or comments, I will try my best to answer them below, or on the subreddit's mod mail. And once more, here is the link, so you can go check it out. https://www.reddit.c.../Reddit_Emblem/
  4. A bit late but spawning NPC's and then changing them to Player units bypasses this.
  5. I have been looking around for while for the Fates UI, menu, or HUD ripped from the game. I want to use them for a project, but they don't seem to uploaded anywhere and I don't have the tools to do so myself. Any information on where I could obtain them would be appreciated.
  6. So I found the value of Alm's health, 22 (34 in decimal) while using the ROM search and the NES Memory viewer. The value 22 corresponds with Alm's health. But when I switch to ROM view the same address has a completely different seemingly unrelated number. Why is that? Am I going about finding the values of all the characters stats incorrectly? If anyone can explain how this works or what I missing that would be great.
  7. Okay it does need fine tuning and if iirc the text bubbles are completely broken but it wouldnt take me longer than one weekend to finish it up with how much work I have done already.
  8. Oh just remembered I had a gimmicky hack that I would like to submit. Where can we submit hacks, or if you are not ready yet what would be a good estimate on readiness? (Just some stuff you want to think about)
  9. Okay cool. I have started doing some research/trawling through the data in the older games and am not sure what I can do with it yet so my first entry may just be standard FE7 if time does not permit more.
  10. EDIT: Double post due to crappy internet. My bad.
  11. I remember when we tried to do this. I still have my old submission actually. Sqawl did you ever end up judging the two entries? Anyways if I wanted to do this is there any limits to what games can be used? If I wanted to do an older game are custom events/maps required?
  12. What offsets have been documented already? Any information would be nice before I go looking myself. Dont want to reinvent the wheel.
  13. Name: Vidril Appearance: Average height and build.(Im terrible at describing people) Background: Vidril is noble of birth but not raising. As a young child he grew up in the countryside away from politics due to his parents beliefs. This led him to have very different insights and experencies from all the other nobles. He still learned to read and write though, at his parents bequest. Without having to worry about politics and what to wear he was able focus on simpler things in life. As he grew up he was riding horseback which is now show in his skill on horseback. He also learned practical survival skills. As he entered manhood and learned of his heritage he decided to learn combat in the style of the knights. Although he was inspired by the knights style of fighting he adapted it to suit his own needs. Only fighting with lances instead of swords. He wore the standard full body armor and careied a tower shield as well. He trained everyday with extra heavy armor and equipment so now he is able to move with ease in his standard gear. When he heard of the allusive medicine man Vidril set out to seek adventure. Personality: (Optional. Since you'll be given the opportunity to act out your personality without a description in the RP itself, although generalizing it will help me assess submissions)N/A Skills and Talents: (Nothing supernatural yet) Profcient in horseback riding, lances, armor, and large shields. Is terrible at politics and fancy/formal events. Can read and write as well as survive with very littlw supplies. Extra Info: (OPTIONAL)
  14. Shamison

    Fe7x Problem

    Are you using your motherboard or a graphics card? And depending on your answer what model?
  15. Isn't there a module for this? If not there is no easy way to do so iirc.
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