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  1. I am really hyped and intrigued. It's quite a bit different and somehow reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles with the unit training and all those skillsets and what not. Man, July can't come soon enough. <3
  2. Bold of you to assume I didn't do that already. :P
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I am currently not working on the game but that is rather normal for me. I see the whole thing as a hobby and therefore only work on it when I am in the mood. I do the same for my RPG Maker games. Which sadly translates to my games having no progress for months. But, well, that's just me. But you had some questions, so let me answer them: At the moment, I plan to finish "Act 1" so to speak after 7-8 chapters. So roughly half the game is in this version. I am not sure if promotions are necessary, but if I wil add them, they will probably just work with a Master Seal or something. Base classes will cap at level 20, promoted classes will go to 40. I also do plan to add thieves, chapter 4 will actually introduce them. As for the ranged swords and so on, I am not sure. I know what chapter will come up next, but I haven't really thought about new weapons and general balance yet. I can see why the +1 Stat Boost things are not that useful. Those are a relic of the SRPG Studio demo, where only a limited amount of skills was available. I will probably overhaul a few skills and character skillsets once all chapters of Act 1 are done. I will also take another look at the difficulty. Lunatic is really hard on some parts. Chapter 3 actually has I think nearly 10 more units present at the start of the map, all with higher stats. It's definitly not as easy as it is in normal mode. And as for chapter 2, if I am not completely wrong, then the boss starts moving once everyone except him and his guards (and maybe 1 other unit) are dead - that excludes reinforcements that appear at the end of the turn. I also have a new version. I think I fixed some of the smaller bugs and replaced some graphics. A friend of mine started recoloring overlord and battle sprites, so at least the player units have the same hair color as their portrait. xD https://www.mediafire.com/file/zl809rcj51d0rla/Chronicles_of_Adria_-_Demo_1.1.rar/file
  4. Thought I deactivated all, but I didn't force a stop. Well, I did it again and also restarted Blue Stacks. Got the mentioned error message and unless something happens it should work now.
  5. Now excluding the story, I would like to see these things get added sooner rather than later: Infernal Story mode and Paralogues, where enemies have the same stats accross all levels and maybe some other additions (including Reinforcements/Turn limits/etc in earlier maps for example) Another round of Hero Battles - even if only to give player easier access to some skills. A way to + the Askrian Trio. More GHB reruns, even of those that are currently in the daily rotation. Dito to Tempest Trial units. Some more "generic" units which may even get added to the 3* and 4* pool that are mainly there to give easier access to many of the newly added skills which so far are only available on a single unit.
  6. I tried the Bluestack thingy described in the first post but I never got the error message in the end. It also promptly resulted in an error after beating Prologue-1 which prevented me from playing on a new account - any idea why the message didn't appear?
  7. I have a question regarding updates on the emulator: Do I always need to redownload the complete APK when a big version update gets released?
  8. Considering chapter 12 sounded like it will end soon and we get "Book 2 Quests" on the 22nd, I wouldn't be suprised if Book 2 get finished by 13-14 chapter - maybe 13 + some bonus thing like it was at the end of Book 1.
  9. Well, I oneshotted everything with horses. Xander, Camus, Olwen (the second one) and Veronica. Xander hat 2 HP, Camus 1 and for god knows which reason the flier in the end decided to attack Olwen. Well, it worked, so I won't complain.
  10. Not that much has happend since I posted here, mainly due to WoW taking up all my free time. xD However, I made a proper ending to chapter 3 and added the first base which now opens up a basic shop and the ability to get various conversations with allies (similar to FE 9/10 between battles). I planned the characters for chapter 4+5, mapped chapter 4 and am currently looking at available fanmade resources. The latter would give me access to stuff like Sword/Lance/Axe Knights, various other classes including promotions and so on and so forth. I am not sure if I will implement more of this stuff now or just add that later and adjust it then. Any feedback at all is still appreciated.
  11. Update: Downloade replaced with version 1.1. Hello there. You probably know by now that SRPG Studio has been released. I've waited years for an english translation and spend around 2 weeks messing around with the trial and trying out the engine. I do plan to make a longer game now, but I have to start somewhere and early feedback as always good, eh? I am not a big fan of story wall of text (and most people don't read that anyway to my own experience), so let's just say: You can expect the typical Fire Emblem plot. Also, the intro dumps background on you anyway and I don't think just copying that is a great idea - also, this being an early version I may change some thing later on anyways. Screens: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zl809rcj51d0rla/Chronicles_of_Adria_-_Demo_1.1.rar/file At the moment, this demo has the Prologue and the first 3 chapters - so a total of 4 playable maps. It also comes with 4 difficulties. The length is probably around 1-2+ hours, depending on the difficulty and the things you skip. I am open to all feedback (a few bugs have already been eradicated), but I can guarantee you that I will definitly change the difficulty and add proper tutorial to at least easy mode later on. Finally, controls: Arrow keys = Move Y/Enter = Accept/Open map screen X = Cancel/Unit Status (when selecting a unit)/Speed Up Cutscenes (hold) Space = Skip Scene/Battle/Enemy Phase Escape = Close the game F4 = Toggle Window/Fullscreen (a bit buggy) F11 = Go instantly back to title screen I think that's all. I have work now, but I can answer questions later. This is still an early test of the program, so it's rough around the edges and also only uses the base ressources with very few exceptions for faces/icons. And to be frank, the battle animations to look like several frames are just missing, but eh - it works for now. xD And with that, have fun with the game!
  12. I just saw this today and immediatly downloaded the demo. I will definitly try and create a whole game with this, no matter how long or short it will be. The engine looks good enough, even if a bit complicated at times. And "complicated" as in, that could have probably been done better. But anyways, I've waited years for this and I WILL do something with it!
  13. I feel like I am the only person on this planet who was not disappointed with this Feh Channel. I am pretty hyped for the supports and Walhart. Also, finally a Asrk trio refine! <3 GC changes seem good, I am not good enough at arena to be bothered by the change but I still find it interesting as that will actually change the meta.
  14. People just need to get into the mindset that these are puzzle maps with a single solution. It may not really fit into normal Fire Emblem Gameplay, but this is not normal Fire Emblem gameplay. This is a preset situation and you need to get out of it alive.
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