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  1. Is this OP still a WIP? :0 sets are very barebones with no mention of statlines or suggested IVs or anything.
  2. Sounds like a good plan to me, TBH I been waiting for people to weigh in on more combat options for Marth... Hadn't even considered Chill support, s'not a bad idea at all. I'll edit it into the OP when I get a chance, and I suppose the Renewal build is better labeled as budget support or something given its relatively f2p-friendly nature.
  3. I don't feel like it's super fair to compare Gray to Marth, considering Marth's main role as a support bot, and Gray has his own strengths over Marth in the combat department as well; I get the comparison since their statline is fairly similar, but the support applications are basically ENITRELY the reason to use Marth, whereas Gray is a pretty straightforward combat unit (though certainly not a bad one). I would just focus on his potential combat roles (of which there are many, due to his good Atk and balanced spread) and avoid comparing him to Marth. I think Armorsmasher+ and Slaying Edge+ are also worthy of mentioning, too. I would also maybe suggest some budget alternatives for high-cost skills like Chill Speed? (IE Swordbreaker would work fine, possibly quick riposte depending on the build, etc.)
  4. Having done exactly that this time around in my run, (instead of sending her through staffbot and strategist normally as I did in my first run) I absolutely condone this o3o)-b
  5. Ahaha well, it's not as though my Elise was healing anyone anyway xD I DID decide to do Elise x Silas a bit late, which held us up while I ground to make up for not actively doing that sooner, but should be no more hangups now >3> Since folks are seemingly taking an interest =w= Here's our relevant team of fledglings, mama geese, and future wyverns so far: Next to join should be Dwyer and Ophelia if all goes according to plan.
  6. Perhaps, but I am bending the rules a BIT so that most of the malig knights are able to grab Bowbreaker, since the endgame is a bit tough without it =w= (heck it wasn't easy even WITH it) As for the pairings, yeah I know Camilla!Velouria and Elise!Ophelia are technically more ideal than the route I've opted to go with, I just decided to do it the other way this time around to try things out (and also grab Nichol early) =3= The optimal situation would yeah definitely be Elise!Ophelia, Camilla!Velouria and Beruka!Ignatius, but since I flubbed myself out of the chance to try Velouria and Keaton as wyverns in my last run, this time around I wanted to make sure to use them, even if it's with a slightly less optimal mom for her. I already know that Elise!Ophelia is a beast and I have little such doubts about Camilla!Velouria, don't get me wrong, I just wanted to try some other stuff out ~w~
  7. @starburst Izzat clear enough for ya? EDIT: yo I went ahead and reformatted the OP, that should handle any other such curiosities.
  8. oh yeah it's Hard/Casual w/ free DLC only sorry, same specs as the original run
  9. IIRC from my last run, 23 was actually a pretty big joke since snipers can't do much when they're swarmed by savage blow'ing wyverns before they can even attack, and getting on the wall is a literal breeze. For twincest Takumi, well I did it before albeit with casualties, but it's casual mode too, so? But uh, probably abuse Dual Guard and and Bowbreaker and hope for the best tbh. My sig has the link (Wyvern Conquest) to my processes for the previous run, and that thread might link to the aftermath where I ran through everything I think
  10. I went ahead and made a strawpoll for my two options here; I'm leaving my army's fate in the hands of the voters lol https://strawpoll.com/3wccbd1r PS here are the fledglings so far:
  11. Bit of an updated after further consideration... 2 main shipping routes I can take here. 1) Odin x Elise Keaton x Camilla Benny x Beruka Odin would go unused (in which case he gets the heartseal ASAP if it's important for ophelia, otherwise he's dropped), which is a bit of a shame since he's actually been getting good growths so far this run. 13 mag at level 11 is atypically high in my experience. 2) Odin x Camilla Keaton x Beruka Elise x ? Benny and Ignatius would be ditched so Odin can be used, Elise would need to find a new hubby, the only options I have available for which are Laslow and Kaze IIRC (well and Benny, but. C'mon). Velouria and Ophelia aren't as offensively strong, but are still useful in other ways (Ophelia gets better bulk and the ability to use physical weapons, Velouria becomes basically a crit tank similar to Beruka but hopefully better?) At this point, the main thing I need to decide before I can proceed is how essential Vantage is on Ophelia so I know whether to use my only heart seal until Ch 13 on MU for axe ranks or Odin to nab vantage for Ophie.
  12. How important or essential for Ophelia's early performance is Vantage? (for sake of argument lessay it's Elise!Ophelia) This is under assumption that Vantage will get dropped on her lategame.
  13. Yo so might as well make this into a proper thread for this run since folks keep askin' about the specs and whatnot. First up, this is a redux attempt of my original Wyvern Conquest run, Hard/Casual Conquest, attempting to improve on that by switching some things up. Most of the rules and pairings are going to be the same as that, but here's a rundown of the rules all the same: Primary Goal: accrue as many wyvern units as possible & complete endgame with all wyvern units (no casualties would be a... stretch goal, but it might be doable). All units who are able to do so must switch to a Wyvern class by endgame (exceptions allowed if they wind up too weak and are dropped, IE Selena, Gunter, Beruka, etc.). Units who are already wyverns or will eventually switch to wyverns must be deployed unless they've been dropped. Free DLC only. This means the Awakening DLC + Anna gifts only, pretty much. No Dreadfighter/Darkflier access, no gold/exp DLC. Awakening map can be used to grind supports and gold, if the additional gold is needed for Seal purchases. Staff units, Rallybots, and Azura allowed up until the final two chapters. No buying skills from other folks' castles, but units can go through any class path so long as they finish as one of the Wyvern Rider tree classes. More of a general guideline, but in general will try to avoid using weapons from the 'Battle/Visit' gift menus unless obtained through other means. Available Unit Roster: Current Status: Conquest Chapter 11; Mozu, Percy, Sophie, and Nichol recruited. Heart seals used on MU and Elise to go wyvern.
  14. I didn't see Charlotte mentioned at all, and I feel like given her primary motivation for flirting with men, she could just as easily do so with ladies like f!Corrin or Camilla to achieve her ends and maybe find love at the same time. Also agree about Silas, Kaze, Soleil, Rinkah, Scarlet, and hell plenty of others. TBH? I feel like the best solution is probably to pull something along the lines of what Heroes did and just make everyone bi. Let players decide what the characters' sexuality is since we already get to decide who they hook up with anyway; why place further limitations on it?
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