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  1. The stone weapons being ingame gives me lots of hope for Kaden to exist.
  2. Okay, so I basically gave up on grinding the Tikis, so I just merged both of them into the Level 40 I already have. I made an interesting discovery this way: levels are fixed even after Level 40. So while merging either Tiki would give me +1 DEF and +1 HP, merging a second time will always raise my Tiki by +1 ATK and +1 RES, even though using that same Tiki earlier would give me the former stat boost. Interesting...
  3. Unfortunately, I did not screen cap my Tikis. One is level 12 and the other is level 13. I guess since I don't have much to do in game I might as well grind them up to level 40 and see who has the best stats then merge. EDIT: BTW, I just checked, my Level 40 Tiki has -ATK +RES, which honestly I don't think is the best configuration of her. Still, I really don't wanna grind Tiki up lol. Thank god for the sword mastery quests I guess.
  4. So, I have 3 five star Tikis because I have the worst (best?) luck. My level 40 Tiki is very strong, and my 5 star whole team can basically take on any advanced arena team (Azura, Abel, Tiki, and Takumi), with only having difficulty with Robin. I could just sell the two dupes for 2,000 feathers in total. When I try to merge two Tikis, all Tikis give the same stat boosts: +1 Def and +1 HP. Does the stat boosts stay the same, so it would be in the end +2 Def and +2 HP? Would it be worth it to merge or should I get the feathers so once my beloved Kaden comes out (if ever) I can upgrade him?
  5. All I want is my baby boy Kaden ; ; I love him and I need him
  6. Ehhh, maybe. They could released themed packs like "all children units from Awakening/Fates". Although I do worry for my boy Kaden.... I'm not sure what themed pack he can come out in, since there's only 6 animal characters in the 3DS games.
  7. Here's a spreadsheet of confirmed Fire Emblem Heroes from several sources. If you recognize a unique character (which I may have missed since I'm more familiar with FE13/14), be sure to add to the spreadsheet along with evidence. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TMrLaX6k4iaFWwbq7R_fFJTY9lYDLgVGjepmP4AoK50/edit?usp=sharing (I realize that we're gonna know for sure which characters are in in a couple of days, but I'm bored so why not?) Edit: I finished editing the spreadsheet, so go wild putting in the non-casual characters I don't recognize.
  8. Which male characters don't produce children? Are the mom-child supports still copy pasted, even for Kanna?
  9. Is Normal Nohr harder than Hard Hoshido? Also, would someone who had a hard time with older FE games before Awakening have a hard time with Hard Hoshido?
  10. Maybe in winter break, since I kind of had some trouble organizing this due to school and stuff, so it's not likely to happen in the next month or so.
  11. GOTTA GO FAST. With Nishiki! Anyways, I'll post all the avatars in the OP probably tomorrow afternoon or later today. Enjoy your avatars!
  12. Quick update, since I've resolved an issue with someone who's late (although it's still gonna be slightly late), and there's only one missing avatar, I'll just choose that guy's avatar for him. Gonna start sending PMs now.
  13. Avatars will be sent out within the next hour. Unfortunately, some people did not contribute avatars, so apologies to those affected by those users. :/
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