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  1. You can go here https://www.romhacking.net/?page=utilities&category=2 and try to find a patcher that works for your OS.
  2. You'd extract all the game's files to a folder and run the .exe file inside. It's a lot of files, but you only really need to worry about that main .exe file.
  3. Calm Cavalier/Horseman (Day 4) Name: Bradley Class: Cavalier Appearance: Bradley is a young man in his early 20s with brown hair and eyes, standing slightly taller than Edgar. His armor is a very dark blue with white accents, and he possesses a cautious and calculated expression. Both he and Edgar have rather identical-looking plain, brown horses as mounts before and after promotion. Description: Bradley, much like Edgar before him, is a cavalier from Davin with a military background, and one who tends to travel from place to place in search of things to do. Unlike Edgar, however, being a hero and charging in recklessly is not necessarily something Bradley focuses on. In fact, he's much more calm and rational, preferring to think things through and find nonviolent solutions to problems. Oftentimes, however, Bradley is rather passive and goes along with the more loud-mouthed and assertive Edgar's plans. This is what led him to joining Malcolm's group, as previously mentioned in Edgar's description. Though reluctant at first, Edgar was his best friend, and Bradley didn't want him getting hurt, so ultimately, he decided to stick around. Crit Quotes: "Here we go." "My apologies..." "Mmhm..." The Crunch: When comparing him to Edgar, Bradley is the slower, bulkier of the pair., preferring lances over swords He specializes more in HP and Strength, with slightly higher Defense as well. This statistical difference will remain for much of the game, and as such one might consider promoting him into a Great Knight to take advantage of his best stats. However, being a cavalier, he and Edgar are basically interchangeable, equal in usability. Additional Notes: Bradley wouldn't admit it, but he has crushes on various members of the army, mostly women.
  4. Brash Cavalier (Day 3) Name: Edgar Class: Cavalier Appearance: Edgar is a young man in his early 20s with shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes, at a relatively average height and weight. He wears violet-colored armor and a brave expression. Description: Edgar hails from Davin, a country recovering from a war that happened some time ago. He and his partner Bradley were both friends since childhood, both the sons of feared military leaders. As children, their personalities were practically identical, but they began to diverge as they aged. Edgar, as of today, is a brave and chivalrous young man prone to getting into dangerous situations in the name of "being a hero." With him and Bradley becoming fully-fledged knights recently, this has given them plenty of time to roam the land in search of 'bad guys' to smite. This is ultimately how they came to join Malcolm's group: The pair were fighting off bandits trying to pillage a village along the Davin/Corus border when the heroes arrived to assist them. Edgar was even the one who convinced Bradley to join permanently when he heard the gang's ultimate goal, which Edgar, being the hero-wannabe he is, thought was really exciting. And so continued Edgar's journey to fight evil and protect the Davin way of life. Crit Quotes: "Eat metal!" "Here I come to save the day." "Watch and learn!" The Crunch: Of the Cavalier duo, Edgar is the speedier of the two, with high Skill and Speed and slightly higher Luck. Compared to his counterpart, he also tends to prefer swords, deeming them "far more heroic" than lances, and finds it easier to double early on, but if he can't double, he's likely going to be doing less damage. Ultimately, though, he and the other cavalier are interchangeable, they both do the same job just fine. Additional Notes: Admittedly, inspired partially by Eduardo from TLP. Also, isn't particularly interested in romance aside from MAYBE Bradley.
  5. And here we go with number two. Veteran (Day 2) Name: Calvin Class: Ranger Appearance: Calvin is a man of average height in his late-30s to early-40s, with yet more green hair (though it's closer to a chartreuse) and a generally rugged appearance. He wears a blue jacket with a grey undershirt and pants, along with the gear one might find on a typical archer. Clearly, Calvin does not care much about appearing professional, despite his position. Description: Calvin is, much like Malcolm, a fairly reluctant leader. Back twenty years ago, he was a simple mercenary working to feed his family. He made a lot of friends and helped overthrow a dictator, and with this connection came fame. With the fame, however, also came uncertainty with what to do with his life, especially after his mercenary group was disbanded. He ultimately decided to join the military, and within the military he became something of an icon. His pre-established skill with a bow allowed him to take up a high position shortly after joining, and eventually he became a general, even if he disconnected himself from the rest of the military. Calvin, rather than worrying about political affairs, instead preferred to take in recruits and train them in a variety of weapons and combat styles. Though this helped make his trainees better soldiers, Calvin wound up growing rusty, and his own individual growth plateaued. He mellowed out a bit, too, growing more mature and distancing himself from his younger, money-loving self. One thing has remained, however: Aside from teaching, he really doesn't like being a leader. So, perhaps somewhat selfishly, when he and a group of his knights were forced to leave Corus, he had his pupil Malcolm help him lead the efforts to end the recent string of violence spreading across the country. Crit Quotes: (I will also be including one non-Crit quote since his crit quotes don't do the best job of portraying his character) "Gotcha." "Here we go." "You're just unlucky." "I was never a good leader. Back in my heyday, I had a leader myself, and then my leader had his own leader. I was a follower through-and-through, so apologies if my abilities aren't up to snuff." The Crunch: Calvin is essentially your early game crutch. A lot of his ability to do this stems from his weapon, a bow with very high durability but pitiful might. Outside of that, he's a fairly strong unit who will kill most anything in one round for the first few chapters. After a while, though, he usually ends up as a worse version of the Lord, but with swords instead of lances. Though one can if they wish to, there's rarely any reason to once one reaches the mid-game. Additional Notes: -Calvin has a tendency to ramble and talk to his horse, who he named Tobias after an older friend who died not long before he received said horse.
  6. Ooh, this is a fun concept. I should probably try it out. (also it was Day One when I started working on this so I might as well post it) Lord (Day One) Name: Malcolm Class: Marksman (Essentially a Lord that uses bows. He promotes into a mounted class similar to a Ranger or Nomadic Trooper, except with Lances instead of Swords.) Appearance: Malcolm is a young man of around 18 years, somewhat tall and thin. He possesses short, pine-green hair and similarly green eyes. The guy possesses simple, light armor with a single shoulder plate and rather typical archer gear, all with darker colors, mostly blues and greens. Malcolm's expression and posture are carefree and relaxed, indicative of his personality. Description: Malcolm is an archer in training from a noble family in Corus, the home of the continent's largest religion. As a child, the man he admired most was an individual named Calvin, a soldier who fought as a mercenary twenty years ago in one of the land's most notorious armies. His constant fantasizing and daydreaming led to him not taking things very seriously, a problem which only got worse as time went on. Despite his attitude, Malcolm did have one thing to focus on: Every day or so, Malcolm would practice his archery in an effort to join the Corusan military. Though his parents never entirely approved of his career choice, they understood that there was no stopping him; after all, this was the first time he seemed to truly care about anything. This wound up working out for him, as he ended up being recruited into Calvin's group, being taken in by him as a pupil of sorts. Not all was well, however, as soon soldiers of Corus began dying unexpectedly, with the culprits seeming to be higher-ups in the military. Malcolm wound up deserting along with a group of army recruits and his tutor Calvin to avoid the killings. They stayed in hiding for roughly a month until noticing increases in bandit attacks and soldier slayings. Frustrated with the inaction, Calvin decided to get everyone together to take action into their own hands, and forcing Malcolm to take a co-leadership role to improve his character. Despite Malcolm's reluctance, a desire to avoid letting his idol down resulted in him accepting this role. Crit Quotes: "I've got my sights on you." "Stand still, already." "This is my lucky day." The Crunch: Malcolm is somewhat reliant on his ability to land critical hits, with high Skill and Strength growths and decent Speed and Luck. Putting him in harm's way is generally a bad idea, as his defenses early on are pitiful, but he does have a personal weapon that boosts his defense to help with this. He's something of a glass cannon, with high bases by archer standards, but his defenses will remain low without stat boosters. Promotion is ultimately where he shines, however, thanks to his high promotional gains and access to Lances, making him one of your most versatile and powerful units; the only issue is getting to that point. Overall, he should remain at least decently useful throughout the game, even in spite of his bow lock. Additional Notes: Malcolm took most of his design inspiration from various archers through the series, such as Wil or Ronan.
  7. I definitely understand if anyone feels turned off by the religious theme of the story, I've thought that way about a lot of things. I just figured it would be an interesting framing device for what I had planned. That said, it's probably not something I'll attempt to write again.
  8. Well, it's semi-late, but oh well. Title: Dead Man's New Job. Word Count: 2624 World: Real world (Sort of.)
  9. I'd like to express my interest if it isn't too late. I need something to motivate me to get some actual writing done.
  10. SirNicee

    Elibean Nights

    Well, uh, I found a bug. It's not a major one, but it's funny. Got it when I attacked Warner in Eliwood's tale with a longbow-wielding Lyn.
  11. Japanese version of FE7. That being said, it does take a lot of influence from FE6.
  12. I honestly have no idea whether to take this seriously or not. I feel it's supposed to be joking, but...
  13. I remember loving the last version of this hack. I can't wait to give this new version a shot.
  14. Oh jeez, that is certainly one cast of characters. Sage!Lute, pretty sure that can be done.
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