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  1. Total necrobump, but the stuff is relevant, I promise :)))))))))) There's been plenty of stuff happening over the past 4.5 years since this thread was last updated. Power Master: A Strange Journey MV is still a thing, wiki is still a thing, content is progressing slowly but surely. Abusive relationship problems ended up costing almost two years of development time, but it's still going. All the characters have been designed, still implementing things into the game. Don't have a release time window yet, but I'm not giving up on it. The full cast is here and ready, let's keep it rolling.
  2. Where my peeps at

  3. I interrupt my hiatus to bring you an important (mod approved) announcement: We are excited to announce the release of an Android app for Fire Emblem Wiki! Big thanks to all who worked on it. Download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.fireemblemwiki.alpha Please note that that it will not have the exact same functionality as the website.
  4. Whoo, lookit, another major bump! Been a while, but got stuff to say :) I don't plan on posting much here anymore, but may pop in to say hi sometimes. Well, biggest update is got a new demo of A Strange Journey MV. Only took me, what, a year and a half? Progress has been slow... Second biggest update is new Patreon! $10 tier will allow you to get later updates (which will happen more frequently). Links to everything I do is in my itch.io profile: https://powermaster.itch.io/ Hello! Follow things I do to keep updated :thumbsup:
  5. OWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN Been waiting for him, glad he's finally in :clap:
  6. Seth is awesome. I'm not sure if he's the best unit in the game (unless you manage to get him to Level 20), but he's definitely one of the best units I've ever used in a FE game.
  7. I've been wanting to see something like this put together, but never really bothered to do it myself heh. The back way connecting to the treasury could make sense, but there's obviously a hall or something between them. It's also possible for the back way to connect someway to the left of the small room with the two treasure chests, below the throne. ...And why is there a throne almost outdoors, anyway? It's also possible they remodeled around the arena in the next 20-or-so years.
  8. Been here for over fours years. I am not special.
  9. My favorite FE game, I could probably talk about all the chapters in full detail. So, to go along with what everyone else said: As said, avoid the center house in and the Wyvern Riders that appear later Chapter 11. There is a unit and a weapon you can obtain in this chapter, though. Get to the Pegasus Girl in Chapter 3 before the bandits do, and you can recruit her in a later chapter. During "arrive" missions, you can have every character leave, but only Ike will end the chapter. I forget if something special happens if everyone leaves first, but other than extra dialogue, I don't think so? In the level with all the priests as enemies, don't kill any of them! The Aether skill can also be obtained in this chapter, iirc. Make sure Ike gets that. Once you're on the boat after Chapter 11, look through the base conversations with "Unknown" I think it is and you'll get Sothe. Actually, just look through base conversations whenever you can, you get stuff sometimes. Chapter 17. Four part chapter. Brutal. In the prison level, don't bother trying to sneak around. Just attack the nearest guard and get some experience. At the very end chapter, when it asks which character you want to bring in, answer Giffca. Doing so will unlock his portrait in the gallery after the game is completed. Unless you don't care for that, in which case, go with Tibarn.
  10. The way I see it, these Heroes costumes are more of a "for fun" thing. They don't actually mean anything, or at least they usually don't. It's the same thing as the bunny suits, Christmas outfits, alternate classes, Valentine's, other Bridals, etc. Sanaki's just dressed up for the fun of it, she's not actually getting married to anyone. The Bride class first appeared in Awakening, where it really is much of the same thing. Sure, you can give the Bride class to some woman that's been married off (I gave it to Lissa, who is my spouse in the game), or you can give it to someone unmarried for the skills, stats, and/or weapons. It's just a for fun thing. Yes, she's young, but guess what? You can do the same thing to her in Awakening :D
  11. Have you waited out the ten minute period?
  12. I'll agree with Dragoncat and say Seliph would likely act like Lucina, just without the time travel stuff. Don't know much of how FE4 works, but Seliph's pairings would definitely change accordingly. F!Seliph x Leif, maybe? (Don't look that up) On the point of multiple children, again I'll refer to Awakening. It'd be like Chrom's second child, optional and completely unimportant to the story. Or maybe the additional children could be a part of Thracia's campaign.
  13. I've played the Japanese version off and on since it's release, but never really got invested in because I couldn't read a darn thing. Used a chart to decipher the names, but I forgot them all by now :P English release and two new chapters sounds great!
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