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  1. I’m on lunatic+ and wanted two kids with decent magic so I picked chrom. When planning supports I originally decided to use random crappy pairings I liked the supports for but quickly decided against that. Unfortunately I had already locked in FrederickXLissa. I know it’s trash. Is it worth redoing 24+ hours for a less trash Owain? I think he can be a decent gale zerker support for Nah anyways. Also any ideas on if these other pairings will work okay? I’m pretty experienced but would like a second opinion. MU/Chrom (+mag/-def) (locked in) Frederick/Lissa (locked in) Ricken/Olivia Virion/Maribelle Donnel/Sully Henry/Sumia (locked in) Kellam/Cordelia (locked in/wanted a dark flier sevvy) Stahl/Cherche Gregor/Panne Lonqu/Miriel Gaius/Tharja Vaike/Nowi Thanks for any suggestions
  2. Yeah i'm not sure. All I know is I won't have my US version for a few days and I won't be able to buy OP skills from my Japanese version... :/
  3. Yeah it really upsets me... My preorder of the SE got delayed and I had to pay extra for faster shipping so I'm hoping it will get here Tuesday... I can't wait to be able to play it with friends cuz this sucks... :/
  4. My BF has the Eng version and is playing Nohr. I tried connecting with him earlier and it didn't work so I just tested my Nohr file trying to connect with him and nada. It really is region locked...
  5. I have the Japanese version and tried visiting my BF's Eng my castle. It didn't work. He then tried visiting my Japanese my Castle. Didn't work. Doesn't look like there's cross-region comparability, no...
  6. Oh goody my hobby this time around! I voted Trueblade on all the the class options since in my experience the extra speed/skill helps him a lot as well as built in crit/avoid which is nice!
  7. I'd love F!Kamui and Hinata's supports please! I'm gonna marry him when I play the game and really want know if they're cute or good or whatever. XD Nevermind, it seems i've found them, haha. Ignore me then. :P
  8. Mostly In=game and double duel. I want to challenge apotheosis later on.
  9. Hero, okay. I leave the Sol tanking to Gerome. What skills should I run on her? Vengeance/Axefaire/Arms/Gale/LB? That seems pretty good actually. If she gets too low on health I can use a staff or switch. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have a question about my main file. I generally choose parents for the child's benefit, but I felt like having Henry marry Cordelia... just for fun really. I passed Severa Axefaire and now I can't decide what to end her as. She can go either physical, magical or hybrid and she's married to Wyvern Lord Gregor!Gerome. I've used her as a War Cleric with Axefaire, and an Axefaire Hero, but in terms of offense I don't like using Vengeance without Vantage in Lunatic without Nosferatu. That means in terms of PROCS she has Sol... I just realized a few minutes ago I can use her as a Bow Knight with the Astra ow for offense, then switch her to Gerome for enemy phase... She's currently a Dark Knight, which doesn't use axefaire either. Falcon Knight also works. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  11. Okay, thanks. I know taguels aren't good, but they're one of my favorite classes and I really like them, haha. Gregor!Yarne could run Astra(Sol)/Aggressor/Beastbane/Res+10/LB just fine, I think. I could also give him counter. Morgan will e a lot more powerful though. And yeah, I don't normally go for "thresholds" I just use characters and pairings I like. I beat Secret Path apotheosis before with random pairings. It's not like you have to streamline it. I think i'll go with Gregor then! Thanks so much!
  12. Okay thanks. Is Gregor!Yarne or Lon'qu!Yarne better in terms of Yarne and Morgan. They will both end as taguels so I want a powerful Yarne as well.
  13. I mostly play in-game and with my friends, but I use the DLC to grind. I can't not grind. Haha I don't care about growths since I can stats through grinding. It just depends on whom you think is the better spouse for my avatar and the stronger Morgan/Yarne.
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