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  1. I’m on lunatic+ and wanted two kids with decent magic so I picked chrom. When planning supports I originally decided to use random crappy pairings I liked the supports for but quickly decided against that. Unfortunately I had already locked in FrederickXLissa. I know it’s trash. Is it worth redoing 24+ hours for a less trash Owain? I think he can be a decent gale zerker support for Nah anyways. Also any ideas on if these other pairings will work okay? I’m pretty experienced but would like a second opinion. MU/Chrom (+mag/-def) (locked in) Frederick/Lissa (locked in) Ricken/Olivia Virion/Maribelle Donnel/Sully Henry/Sumia (locked in) Kellam/Cordelia (locked in/wanted a dark flier sevvy) Stahl/Cherche Gregor/Panne Lonqu/Miriel Gaius/Tharja Vaike/Nowi Thanks for any suggestions
  2. Yeah i'm not sure. All I know is I won't have my US version for a few days and I won't be able to buy OP skills from my Japanese version... :/
  3. Yeah it really upsets me... My preorder of the SE got delayed and I had to pay extra for faster shipping so I'm hoping it will get here Tuesday... I can't wait to be able to play it with friends cuz this sucks... :/
  4. My BF has the Eng version and is playing Nohr. I tried connecting with him earlier and it didn't work so I just tested my Nohr file trying to connect with him and nada. It really is region locked...
  5. I have the Japanese version and tried visiting my BF's Eng my castle. It didn't work. He then tried visiting my Japanese my Castle. Didn't work. Doesn't look like there's cross-region comparability, no...
  6. Oh goody my hobby this time around! I voted Trueblade on all the the class options since in my experience the extra speed/skill helps him a lot as well as built in crit/avoid which is nice!
  7. I'd love F!Kamui and Hinata's supports please! I'm gonna marry him when I play the game and really want know if they're cute or good or whatever. XD Nevermind, it seems i've found them, haha. Ignore me then. :P
  8. Mostly In=game and double duel. I want to challenge apotheosis later on.
  9. Hero, okay. I leave the Sol tanking to Gerome. What skills should I run on her? Vengeance/Axefaire/Arms/Gale/LB? That seems pretty good actually. If she gets too low on health I can use a staff or switch. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have a question about my main file. I generally choose parents for the child's benefit, but I felt like having Henry marry Cordelia... just for fun really. I passed Severa Axefaire and now I can't decide what to end her as. She can go either physical, magical or hybrid and she's married to Wyvern Lord Gregor!Gerome. I've used her as a War Cleric with Axefaire, and an Axefaire Hero, but in terms of offense I don't like using Vengeance without Vantage in Lunatic without Nosferatu. That means in terms of PROCS she has Sol... I just realized a few minutes ago I can use her as a Bow Knight with the Astra ow for offense, then switch her to Gerome for enemy phase... She's currently a Dark Knight, which doesn't use axefaire either. Falcon Knight also works. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  11. Okay, thanks. I know taguels aren't good, but they're one of my favorite classes and I really like them, haha. Gregor!Yarne could run Astra(Sol)/Aggressor/Beastbane/Res+10/LB just fine, I think. I could also give him counter. Morgan will e a lot more powerful though. And yeah, I don't normally go for "thresholds" I just use characters and pairings I like. I beat Secret Path apotheosis before with random pairings. It's not like you have to streamline it. I think i'll go with Gregor then! Thanks so much!
  12. Okay thanks. Is Gregor!Yarne or Lon'qu!Yarne better in terms of Yarne and Morgan. They will both end as taguels so I want a powerful Yarne as well.
  13. I mostly play in-game and with my friends, but I use the DLC to grind. I can't not grind. Haha I don't care about growths since I can stats through grinding. It just depends on whom you think is the better spouse for my avatar and the stronger Morgan/Yarne.
  14. Hello again, pairing thread! I have another question since I can't seem to make up my mind by myself. XD I want to make an awesome Taguel Morgan in Lunatic mode and can't decide the parent. On one hand I could marry Panne and have two uber-kids, which is nice, but forces me to play as a Male avatar, of which i'm not as fond of, but I get the cuter taguel Morgan. On the other hand I could marry Yarne, and third-gen Morgans are more powerful. Pluses of this marriage is I get to be female, which I like more, and get to marry Yarne, whom I also like more. I get Male Morgan as a taguel (whom I like better but who isn't as cute as a taguel (he looks...odd as one actually) My question is, which do you think is better? I'll be choosing +Str -Def because Taguels already have overkill speed, haha. I did some stat calcs as well already, they take in LB and BS+ boosts. Panne!Morgan 80/57/40/63/62/60/50/41 Gregor!Yarne!Morgan 80/59/39/65/62/59/51/39 Lon'qu!Yarne!Morgan 80/57/40/66/65/60/48/39
  15. Thanks for the post! I mostly play ingame, and Apoth. is a 2nd option if I feel like playing it. I think I'll actually marry Sumia!Lucina with a +Skl avatar because she's easier to reach, and a Lord Pairup w/ DS+ Sounds great for my avatar! Thanks for the input!
  16. I don't often play Apoth though. So I prefer Arms for ingame.
  17. Thanks for the input! I agree that avatar skills only do so much because yeah, there's only 4 slots. So is Aether, Ignis, Arms, Gale and LB good for a Grandmaster cynthia!Morgan then? Would that be a good skillset to work with?
  18. Yeah, I have 3 copies of Awakening, and I have an Avatar!Nah and an Avatar!Noire on two of the 9 files. Avatar!Nah is so broken, and Morgan gets green hair! I love Cynthia, and I know S!L!M is the same as C!C!M, just without DS+ for the Avatar. I know 3rd gen Morgan is probably better, but I really love having 2 avatar kids, and love Gerome and Cynthia a lot. I'd like to over-power one of them, but Aether is really tempting too...
  19. Hello again Serenes! It's been a while! I have a question about Lunatic avatar wives ATM. A while ago I decided to marry Cordelia to my +Def -Lck M!Mu and I like the file a lot, but I feel Severa wastes the avatar's genes (I do love red-headed Morgan though) I'm thinking Cherche might be better, as Gerome could do very well with avatar genes. I'm good enough at Lunatic now that I don' have to go +Def either and I've done a +Skl -Lck avatar and a +Str -Lck avatar. I could also marry Sumia (Whom I addore, but I don't really like her hair on Morgan) and go for a +Mag avatar. In the end, should I keep my avatar married to Cordy, or remake the file married the Cherche or Sumia? Does Gerome or Cynthia get more out of the avatar in lunatic mode? One last thing. I usually go for 2 avatar kids to spread AT+Ignis+Other goodies around more, but I'm also thinking of Chrom!Cynthia!Morgan. Would having one less uber kid in exchange for Aether on Morgan be worth it? Sorry for the wall of text. Thank you for the help!
  20. Okay, I will be grinding, I don't like no grind runs. I realize that Magic>Weapons usually, but what's your personal opinion? I like Gerome and Brady evenly. I'm also considering Lucina!Morgan. Blue hair on her is adorable, and aether sounds amazing for Lunatic! Would Sumia!L!M or Olivia!L!M be better?
  21. Sorry, I'm just wondering what 3rd gen M!Morgan I should use. I usually go for +Def in unatic, but I'm open to try a different one. I'm thinking marrying Gerome or Brady. Leaning towards Brady honestly now that I think about it. Is Lon'qu!Brady!Morgan good for Lunatic (I might try Apo. on this save at some point) so what's an asset/flaw for that pair? I don't want -Def. Edit: Ehh. I realized LQ!Brady!Morgan has -5 Def with -Str. That scares me in Lunatic. I'm now thinking a Lucina!Morgan? Is Aether worth it in Lunatic mode?
  22. Hello! I want to make a Female Self Insert Lunatic file as I have too many Male files. I already have MuXChrom, Lon'qu, Inigo and Henry, but I'd like 3rd gen Morgan. I generally run +Def -Lck, but I could try another Asset/Flaw this Luna run. I like Gerome a lot, so I thought Vaike!Gerome!Morgan to give Morgan good Str and Def. I'm okay with a 2nd gen Morgan, however. Whatever you guys think would work well. Or I like to have 2 avatar kids. I'm thinking marrying Sully, perhaps? Or Cherche. Or do you think I should keep my AvatarXSumia file? I like it (I'm making a battle save so I can get it back) but I feel like making another F!Avatar.
  23. Okay, thank you! Now I just need to pick a cute hair color for Severa. Heehee I'm going to pick the hair closest to Chrom's, heehee.
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