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  1. Actually, I'm not sure if we know what gender Blanche is! Bulbapedia seems to going with female for her judging from this: "She is researching Pokémon Evolution and Team Mystic Trainers believe that by staying calm and analysing every situation, they can't lose. They are represented by Articuno." and while I can't seem to find anything on the official GO website to confirm it, I haven't seen anything that contradicts it either!! Either way, I'm not entirely sure I see the issue with Blanche being a guy with a feminine name, if that is the case? (And I'm pretty sure the reason for Blanche's name given its meaning is because Mystic's mascot is Articuno, and white works as a theme colour for Ice types.) Anyway, I'm super happy that we finally have art of the leaders!! I'm so glad I went with Team Valor, because Candela is beautiful and I love her.
  2. There's been a lot of mechanics changes since Red/Blue Rescue Team, but they're pretty much all for the better, and the game gives a pretty decent tutorial on them, from what I recall. So I don't think it should be hard to jump into it if you haven't played since the first ones! (Plus, overall, even with the changes, it's still not that different a game. But then, I've played all the games in between the first ones and this, so it might just not seem to different to me. But I still don't think it should be too big of an issue.)
  3. Got Turtwig with a Mudkip partner from the quiz, but I had already planned my team, so I was a Fennekin with a Pikachu partner. I plan on replaying it soon, though, since I think I rushed through it (Less than 30 hours logged by the time I beat it!), and people have said the story is better on replays due to foreshadowing. (I did enjoy the story though! I agree that PMD2 had a better story, but I definitely enjoyed this one as well.) I think I'm going to roll with a Totodile and Chikorita duo this time.
  4. I'm honestly torn between Mudkip and Treecko. I've always loved Mudkip, since it was my starter was back in Emerald. Plus Swampert is probably my fave of the fully evolved Hoenn starters. ...But I do love Treecko as well, and Grovyle is easily my fave evolution stage out of all the Hoenn starters, so I mean, I'm probably just going to vote for Treecko. (Chiming in on the PMD bias for Grovyle here, by the way.)
  5. Gonna list by generation, and uh.. Do a second list for Legendaries by generation, since I have a lot of favourites. (And I like Legends a lot.) Gen 1: Gengar Gen 2: Umbreon Gen 3: Linoone Gen 4: Rampardos (? I guess? Most Gen 4 'mons I really like are Legendaries hahaha...) Gen 5: Mienshao Gen 6: Sylveon Legends - Gen 1: Moltres or Mewtwo (This is less "oh gosh I love them so much" and more "..Do I like any Gen 1 Legend enough to consider it a fave") Gen 2: Raikou Gen 3: Latios Gen 4: Shaymin Gen 5: Terrakion or Keldeo (This time it's a tie of loving both so much that I can't decide. Gen 5 has a lot of Legendaries that I'm really fond of, actually...) Gen 6: Xerneas
  6. I have a few that I've stuck with throughout all of my playthroughs. Lon'qu/Panne (Their supports were far more adorable than I expected them to be. My initial idea had been "guy who is scared of women and rabbitwoman who hates humans. this will be amusing!" But it was just really super sweet instead, and I've just kind of kept with it ever since.) Virion/Sully (I just sort of fell for their dynamics after their introduction scene. And I really love Virion as Kjelle's dad. His blue hair looks really nice on her, too.) Gaius/Cherche (Only happened because I was running out of people to pair late in my first playthrough.. But it ended up being really nice. Their supports were great, since not one of them brought up either characters' "quirks". Not a single mention of Minerva. Not a single mention of candy. Not at all. It actually felt nice to have a pair that didn't feel completely based on nothing but their quirks for once. And Gerome just looks amazing with Gaius' hair colour.) I have a few others that I consider pairings like this, as I'd really never do anything but those in whatever future playthroughs I do, but I discovered my like for them after my first run, so I guess they don't necessarily count as much as those three I mentioned do.
  7. Mega Delcatty Normal/Fighting HP: 70 Attack: 105 (+40) Defense: 85 (+20) Special Attack: 55 Special Defense: 55 Speed: 110 (+40) Ability: Pure Power New moves: Close Combat, Earthquake, Crunch and Extreme Speed Really silly for Delcatty, but.. I don't care. I want my fluffy murderous Delcatty of doom, thank you very much. >:D
  8. These are always hard for me, since I always like so many characters from each game. Oh well... I'm sure I can manage SOME kind of answers. Archanea games through 5 I can't answer for, due to my relative lack of knowledge on them. 6 (Haven't played myself, but know enough about to answer); Either Lugh or Raigh. I'm a sucker for Mages in general, but when they're the kids of one of my favourite FE7 characters? Yeah, I just.. Really like these two. (Honourable mention goes to Lilina. Another adorable Mage that's the kid of one of my other favourite FE7 characters!) 7: A real tough choice here, honestly.. There's a lot of characters from 7 that I adore. But it's likely either Eliwood, Florina or Nino. (Honourable mention goes to Hector, Erk and Serra.) 8: Myrrh, definitely. Though L'Arachel and Lute are honourable mentions. 9: Soren, without a doubt. Honourable mentions go to Ranulf and Sanaki. 10: Micaiah, of course! Honourable mentions go to Zelgius, Naesala and Sanaki (Again. Mage biaaaass.....) and many others but I should stop there really 13: Lucina. Honourable mentions go to M!Morgan and Severa.
  9. I always take Tibarn, Naesala and Nailah. Never actually taken Caineghis to Endgame... One day I probably should, just to say I have. And yeah okay Kurthnaga is forced so you have to bring him, but I will go out of my way to train him. He's just far too adorable to not use. <3 (Honestly, I think the reason I use them is character bias, not so much the fact that they're ridiculously strong. Probably why I've never used Caineghis, since while he's cool, I'm already desperately trying to fit as many as my favourite units into my Endgame team as possible. So there just isn't room.)
  10. Another Micaiah cosplayer! Yay! :D Anyway, yeah I.. Cosplay a lot. XD I've been going to conventions regularly since 2010, and I generally have at least one new cosplay each year. There's been a few that I've kept doing a few times over the years, though. My list of cosplays from the last four years is.. Morty (Pokemon) Team Magma Grunt (Pokemon) Mienshao (Pokemon) Impmon (Digimon) Lucina Umbreon (Pokemon) Eliwood Soren (Path of Radiance-style) Micaiah I have some pictures of a few of them to share, too. [spoiler=Soren] [spoiler=Micaiah. I swear I had a second glove, but this was a picture specifically without it to show off my brand.] [spoiler=Eliwood]
  11. The Mega evolution list is indeed fake. If I'm remembering correctly, someone made it and posted it in the ORAS tag on Tumblr to see how people would react. (Naturally half the fandom on the site fell for it. XD) Kinda unfortunate the Mega Camerupt and Sharpedo are fake. The designs are pretty cool! I can't wait to see what the actual designs for their Megas will look like, since to be honest, the chances of them not getting Megas are pretty low, I think. (Mega Sharpedo will be great, I bet, ESPECIALLY if it still has Speed Boost, or something equally good. :D)
  12. Hmm.. I guess I may as well add my opinion in here. Because why not. I like rambling about my favourite regions. 1. Hoenn. Gorgeous tropical region with absolutely I'm so funny *shot* amazing Pokemon (I couldn't even list all the Hoenn Pokemon I love. There's too many! But some of my favourites include Shuppet and Linoone.), scenery, towns (FORTREE CITYYYY), amazing soundtrack, and a fun plot with by far my favourite endearingly idiotic antagonists. (I'm sure by now it's obvious how much I love Team Magma and Team Aqua. Oops.) And, well, Emerald was my first Pokemon game that wasn't a spin-off game. So Hoenn is pretty dang special to me. 2. Unova. I don't even know what it is about Unova. I just love it. It's actually a contender for my favourite, but I think Hoenn wins out by JUST a bit. I adore the Pokemon in it for one. (My favourite group of Legendaries are from Unova, in fact! The Legendary Musketeers. <3) The music is great too (ROUTE 10.). The scenery is pretty nice.. I loved the plot of BW. Oh and Village Bridge. Village Bridge is easily my favourite thing about Unova, barring the Pokemon. It's a beautiful place, the music is amazing, and come on, it's a village on a bridge. I just love hanging out there. It's so relaxing. I used to go there a lot and just do the silly little serving sandwiches "daily quest" thing for fun. the fact that a lot of my Pokemon OCs live at Village Bridge may or may not have something to do with my love of the place, too. 3. Johto. I really like Johto! It has its issues, but.. I dunno. I just like it. I love SoulSilver, so that might have something to do with it. Not a huge fan of the music in the region, though. But I really like a lot of Johto Pokemon. My all-time favourite Pokemon is a Johto one, too! (Being Umbreon. <3) I think my favourite thing about Johto is Ecruteak City. Almost everything I love about Johto has something to do with that place. It's just my favourite city in general due to aesthetics, my favourite Gym Leader is there (Morty is the best. Cute Ghost type Gym Leader? All of my yes. <3), I adore the stuff about the Legendaries there (The Legendary Beasts are my second favourite group of Legends, and I love Ho-Oh too!), and one of my other favourite characters first shows up there as well. (Eusine! I love that dork and his dumb Suicune obsession.) It gets a little harder to rate from here, honestly... 4-5. Sinnoh/Kalos. I really can't decide which of these two I like more. So they get to share the spot of.. Me being indecisive. I like Sinnoh. It's cool. Platinum was fun. I liked the plot in it, too. But there's just something about it that makes it not my favourite thing ever. Maybe it was because of how many damned playthroughs of Platinum it took me to BEAT THE GAME. There were like maybe 3-4 times I tried playing Platinum, but got burnt out by the time I reached the end of the plot before I FINALLY managed to get through the Elite Four. Yeah. Sinnoh is still pretty great, though. (It had some really nice Pokemon, actually! Particularly Rampardos, Shaymin, Darkrai, Cresselia and Giratina.) Then there's Kalos. I like it. It's pretty cool, too! I love Snowbelle City. Xerneas is awesome. And Sylveon. AND HONEDGE. HONEDGE IS LIKE, THE PERFECT POKEMON FOR ME. IT'S A GHOST SWORD. GHOST. SWORD. And the plot was fun. ..Okay, I just really liked Lysandre. Like, a LOT. Oops. But I think Kalos is a bit lacking in... Something. I don't know what. But I still really like it. 6. Kanto. Bah, Kanto. I've never liked Kanto, actually. It's good and all, but.. Meh. Back when I got Emerald, I had also gotten FireRed and LeafGreen. As much as I kinda liked FireRed.. It NEVER struck me the same way Emerald did. Kanto just wasn't as interesting as Hoenn. And HGSS's Kanto was even more boring. I don't really dislike Kanto, but I don't like it, either. (Although I will say I do like a lot of Kanto Pokemon. Gastly line, Vulpix line, Eevee and its Kanto evolutions, the Nido lines.. Yeah. Some nice Pokemon in Kanto. :D)
  13. Getting both, as I always do. Omega Ruby will be my main game of the two, however, because I want Groudon, and because Team Magma should be the more plot-central team of the two in that one. It may be the one where they're the bad guys, but more screentime is the important thing for me. XD and fighting them will be fun, as much as I love them. I look forward to playing Alpha Sapphire as well, though, since I'm pretty excited to see Team Aqua more too.
  14. Oh, I didn't mean to imply that I thought people shouldn't be upset about the releases. Yeah, I can see why it's frustrating! It's totally reasonable to be frustrated. There's just some people who are going to the lengths of harassing people from Game Freak on Twitter over this, which is what I'm really exasperated about. Being pissed about the release is one thing, but badgering the people who worked on the game over it is something that is just not okay. But oh, yeah, the fan art so far is amazing. I've been really enjoying all the Team Magma and Team Aqua art so far, in particular. :D
  15. I'm a little confused about the different release dates myself, but to be honest, those who are flipping out (AKA half the fandom on Tumblr) are just being ridiculous. It's a WEEK LATER. A WEEK. Before XY, Europe had to wait like half a year and usually a bit longer than North America on average to get games. A week is not a huge deal, people. *Sighs* In other news, I was actually right in saying I'd like Tabitha's new design a lot more once we got high quality artwork of him! I actually really like him now. :D He's actually kind of adorable, in fact. It was just really hard to tell due to the terrible quality of the CoroCoro scans. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's a redesign of Tabitha, since it's still a bit jarring to me, but I'm definitely liking him a lot more now. C: I'm sure they will be. XD If they aren't, I will be upset. The fact that they ARE so endearingly idiotic is why they're basically my favourite antagonists from the main games. (As much as I love both N and Lysandre... Maxie and Archie kinda win. XD I love those two idiots.) I can't wait to them in the remakes, since I think their redesigns make them even MORE endearingly idiotic. (Especially Maxie. He's the biggest nerd ever now.) (That comic is priceless, I might add. Such dorks, those two.)
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