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  1. You lose out on bonus weapon EXP, and in the later classes you won't have the right faire skill, but other than that there's no downside to using a weapon off class focus.
  2. It depends on what skills/combat arts are unlocked by ranking the various movements? As while there's no requirement for it there could be a spicy ability or two in there. But yes, not needing requirements for the House Leaders means you can aim for other class mastery gains.
  3. I think in this game Attack Speed is less about doubling (unless you're specifically in the Swordmaster/Assassin/Sniper lines), and more about preventing doubling? Combat Arts don't allow for follow up attacks. Battalions are about putting in heavy pain without a possible crackback. So being able to double is useful on enemy phase, but in most other cases (again, unless you're a Swordmaster/Assassin/Sniper) you don't really get to employ it?
  4. There are a few variables up in the air, I was wrong about Savant being the right call. However I think of the mage classes the mounted mages still beat Gremory if you can equip Magic Uses+ into one of the 5 open slots. Mostly because Canto is busted, but also it makes Lysithea the most practical anti-armor/anti-mage in the game. (Having a viable physical attack to take out high Res Mages, and a viable magic attack set for other mages/Pegasus units). She just will need protecting on the enemy phase but... that was always the case.
  5. Probably the better choice, provided getting her the horse is feasible. I forgot to check which Faire she got (why are there three? Who did this? What did mages do to you!?). Just a straight up 5 extra damage from the weapon in question.
  6. Swordfaire and Tomefaire aren't on Gremory, which I think will be significant to a glass cannon like Lysithea. If the requisite Use Up+ skills can be equipped, Gremory isn't as valuable of a class. As I'm not planning on Lysithea being my main healer I want her for damage dealing.
  7. Lysithea's Mortal Savant set seems even better now with that in her arsenal. And if Bernadetta (and Claude with Alliance Bloodline+) are the only characters with pass makes them real important.
  8. The Skills list is the skills from the datamine. We don't have a full map on how those are unlocked/accessed yet.
  9. Vincent has been updating the Three Houses pages with datamine information, the Skill Levels went up earlier. (Does not include every Hidden Talent.)
  10. Resource management is a key part of FE games, I'd still be fairly amused. After 30 you'd need a particularly silly number like 42 or 69 to amuse me again. Also in my day your weapon just broke and you had to stand there and get hit in the face, after walking up desert both ways in a fog of war or some such.
  11. I hope there's some way to forge extra uses onto weapons because 15 Uses on Wo Dao is just... disappointing. I am amused at the 20 weight on broken sword though.
  12. Class things, no story elements unless class names are something you don't want. Good to know to plan for your Lords (two out of four Lords accounted for).
  13. We don't know enough of the Mastery gains to really be sure what paths are worth it. Thief/Assassin are too viable for their raw utility/stat spread to not use? On the other hand it's possible they just get outclassed by putting Astra as the Combat Art gotten off of mastering Swordmaster. Similarly Swordmaster might be out of the agenda if Aether is unlocked via Hero. There are too many variables to really know what the optimal lines are yet. Getting Steal by being a Thief, given the options at Intermediate, feels really solid if you're in Sword or Bow though.
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