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  1. My predictions, based on the fact that IS has a history of crowdpleasing New banner units GHB matching said units Something addressing the orb glitch Raids (note how no GHB units thus far use endgame bosses, those characters will get their own mode. Plus we need more community oriented events.) If not raids, a new game mode in general, something utilizing the community and/or friend list. Addressing powercreep with something only half effective like increasing the bonuses from supports. Formally announce the Michalis rerun, hint at a Xander/Camus/Zephiel rerun chain Summon pool shuffling, personally hoping for all units available at 4 stars to be removed from 5-star pool QOL changes made to TT, a new TT, if it's a mini it'll be New Mystery themed. Something nobody's come up with so far.
  2. I think it's fake, but only because of the title. I find it kind of hard to believe they already have the title figured out. Gothic FE sounds interesting, overused as that aesthetic is. Maybe they can breathe new life into it. Villainous Avatar sounds kind of counter-inuitive but I'd give it a shot.
  3. I was under the impression Navarre was more popular than Ogma? He's Sakurai's favorite character IIRC. Director of a different franchise, but my point is that Navarre seems pretty beloved as far as Shadow Dragon characters go.
  4. I really want Nephenee, but don't want to spend all my orbs to end up with an Oscar. I guess I'll just wait for the inevitable Slaying Weapons banner? Elincia's cool but I'm scared of Red Hell. Although I saw a reddit post saying that sniping her won't be much more difficult than sniping the other two?
  5. Genealogy's large maps may translate well on something like the Nintendo Switch? It could be faithful in the manner of large maps, literally fighting across the continent, but removing unpopular features like each unit having their own money supply. Binding Blade hasn't aged very well at all IMO. Same turn reinforcements make it near unplayable unless you either use save states, look up maps beforehand, or are a masochist. The weird hit rates don't help. Everything made after Binding Blade is fine though? I mean the other GBA ones have the annoyance of class-exclusive promotion items, but other than that none of them really beg for remakes.
  6. So Nephenee and BK have appeared on the browser game but nobody else? I can see myself spending literally all of my orbs trying to cop a Nephenee.
  7. BK is the trials reward and Nephenee is a banner unit? RIP my wallet.
  8. I'm thinking of waiting until literally the last day to summon, because with Valter on his way and summer coming to a close, I wouldn't be surprised if they threw Sacred Stones or Choose Your Legends at us in a couple days.
  9. To prevent it from being a "sales disaster", all Nintendo has to do is market it well. A timeless strategy RPG. A sidequest in the age when Marth ruled. The world before Awakening. Then of course, the actual game has to be good. Right now, it seems to be shaping up. As long as they don't do any stupid stuff like they did with Gaiden chapters in SD, it's fine.
  10. Gaiden hasn't aged particularly well but it's a fun thing to sink a few hours into. If you find yourself with nothing to do one evening, I'd give it a shot. Just for fun.
  11. Release a localized FE12. If FE 1-3 get remakes, the next logical one to do would be FE4. Genealogy would be the big release, and Thracia could be a DLC second campaign or something. They can reuse the whole waifus/children thing that helped get Awakening on people's radars. I see the concern over them making FE4 more playable, but if I could contest, IS seems very dedicated to keeping in the unique Gaiden features for Echoes Valentia. Maybe they would be the same for FE4.
  12. I'm fine with the androids being there. They're stronger than Goten, Trunks, and Yamcha. Roshi however, should not be there. Even Yajirobe is stronger than him. I'm still insanely excited anyway though.
  13. I wonder why that happened so immediately. Was Trump behind that decision? If even a quarter of the stuff being said about him and Russia is true, he's already impeachable. During a rally he literally said "I hope Russia finds Hillary's missing emails." If he stops keeping the House happy, or if Dems retake it in 2018, he's probably done for.
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