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  1. What is the pro-thing to do about reclassing? In previous FE I lv base class to 20 before promoting, then max lv, then change class. but seems this FE has different mech. I'm confused what to do first. I'm on chapter 9 on revealation .I may not have a chance to play BR/CQ and I limit myself to play only story chapter and no online item.
  2. I still prefer to western-themed characters (aka blonde) and the variety of each stage goal. Although eastern theme main character is somewhat new and tempted me. I'll play all anyway.
  3. If you manage to get 15 playthrough, please share. I asked similar question here, got cheat code to unlock demo (haven't tried yet) 7E0CC20Cxx replace the "xx" with "0F" to set it to fifteen game clears http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48937
  4. Thanks! Gamefaqs is the 1st place I checked. :) and no, I don't think I only posted 3 times. I remember I posted some more when Awakening was released in EU. I think the board can't show all of old posts? and no total replies/topics shown. sorry for off-topic.
  5. and A rank I want to unlock all demo. or is there cheat code? I use SNES9X and english patched. Thank you :D http://www.serenesforest.net/fe4/demo.html
  6. That's sad. really really sad. I love to collect swapnote background.
  7. JP wiki or something? I only found the translation of japanese script on youtube. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for your answer :D I look up for the answer about MH3 3DS version only support Local Play (nearby 3DS), no online (internet) play. WiiU version will have online server update to play cross-region (US and EU only, no JP) so no use for me to use the MH3 Gift and Hunt promotion (and I'm not that into MH anyway). I'll just sell the 3DS XL pin code to get some money back after I bid EU artbook and wallet separately ^^
  9. 1) There're 3 codes come with my Awakening 3DS XL bundle #1. serial number behind the 3DS XL #2. pin code on the thin booklet (just one-page folded) #3. pin code on the thicker booklet (many pages for varios languages) I already sold the code on #2 the buyer told me that the code get 250 stars but Nintendo says Awakening can get x2 Stars so total = 500 stars A) Is the serial on #3 similar to #2, Awakening code that can join "So Many Games promotion" and get another 250 stars? B) or #3 is actually the pin code to register the 3DS XL and get 750 stars? (The double stars come form the cartridge only? not the bundle?) C) If B) is true, then what the serial behind the 3DS XL can get? just maybe 10 stars and extended warranty like in the bundle US version? I plan to sell/trade these codes because I'm broke I normally don't buy EU games so no more stars to collect. ---------------------------------- 2) Can Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Europe zone can be played online with US zone? I'm considering about that friend code promotion, because I live in Thailand - where US and JP zone are popular, nobody play EU zone. ( I think someone tested that US zone and JP zone can't play online together.)
  10. Absolutely build 1 for Male Loli Build 2 for female, (build 1 is ok too but I like twintail and it suits loli small build better.)
  11. Chrome!Cynthia got shockstick. (This is the 1st time I recruit her)
  12. 100% support log grinding http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/643003-fire-emblem-awakening/66010892
  13. If you don't clear game again in the 2nd file, only renown from the 1st clear file will be carry over when you start another file.
  14. one question, will the store in Westfield Shopping Centre participate? I believe I can fly. :P
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