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    1) Genealogy of the Holy War
    2) Path of Radiance
    3) Awakening
    4) Radiant Dawn
    5) Thracia 776

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    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy 6
    Project M
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Super Mario RPG
    Starcraft 2

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    1) The Lord of the Rings trilogy
    2) The How To Train Your Dragon movies
    3) The Original Star Wars trilogy
    4) 17 Miracles
    5) Batman Begins / The Dark Knight
    6) The Princess Bride
    7) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    8) Inception
    9) The Matrix
    10) The Indiana Jones Movies

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    Genealogy of the Holy War
  1. I don't see why we shouldn't. Lyn mode clearly helps your team out by making a good number of your best units better.
  2. So do I. Anyone have any objections with that ^^?
  3. Just did that. Thanks. :) This is definitely true, not denying that. However, does said lord NEED these things in order to patch up a problem? If yes, then I'd count that as a negative. Ideally these items should be frosting on a cake, not solutions to a problem. Sigurd doesn't NEED any additional items other than a Silver Sword and the Tyrfing (he's the only unit in the Gen. 1 army that can use the Tyrfing anyway) to beat Gen. 1. If FE 3 Marth needs orb fragments then I'd count that as a negative against him. If he doesn't, then goodie. Orbs can be given to anyone in that game iirc so it doesn't say anything special about him.
  4. Hmmm... How about some factors to consider as far as criteria is concerned. Like how about this? Base stats Movement Combat ability plus overall durability Growths Support utility (like Leif's leadership stars for example) Another factor to consider is how much resources do they need? If they need to have all the items in their game stuffed down their gills then I'd count that as a negative. I personally don't count items like Crusader Scrolls or Star Orbs / Spheres (whatever you call them in FE 3) as a positive for units since we ought to look at the character's merits themselves. Take it or leave it, just food for thought.
  5. Haven't played through FE 3 Book 1 so I don't know where to put him. That's why he's not on here.
  6. What kind of criteria would you recommend?
  7. EDIT # 1: Ephraim has been moved to top of Solid Tier. FE 3 Marth has been moved to Solid Tier. Celica and Leif have switched places.
  8. Ephraim is being rated on his usefulness in Ephriam route. Eirika is rated on her performance in Eirika route. That help?
  9. So far here are the reoccuring posts and suggestions: Ephraim above FE 9 Ike and Chrom. Does he belong in Top Tier? Micaiah to Bottom Tier Bump up FE 3 Marth. Above FE 9 Ike and Chrom? Bump up Eirika? To "Mixed Bag" Tier? Move Celica down ^ Let me know what you guys think.
  10. So I noticed that there hasn't been a tier list for lords in these forums so I thought we could make one and discuss. Like any tier list this one can totally change (and probably will change several times) if a good argument is being made for said changes. This list will just give us something to start with. I'm looking forward to what you guys have to say. Oh quick question: Should we add in Lucina and if so, where would you say she should go? (Assume Robin!Lucina for this tier list). *Assume Ephraim is being rated on his performance in Ephraim route. Eirika is also being rated on her performance in Eirika route. Top Tier 1) Sigurd 2) Alm 3) RD Ike 4) Seliph 5) FE 1 Marth Solid Tier 6) Ephraim 7) FE 9 Ike 8) Chrom 9) FE 12 Marth 10) FE 3 Marth (Book 2) Mixed Bag Tier 11) Hector 12) Leif 13) Celica 14) Micaiah Bottom Tier 15) Shadow Dragon Marth 16) Eirika 17) Lyn 18) Eliwood 19) Roy Can't Comment Tier *FE 3 Book 1 Marth* Okay so I haven't played FE 3 Book 1 so I don't know how powerful Marth is in that part of Fire Emblem 3. Can anyone who has played FE 3 Book 1 give me feedback about that please? EDIT # 1: Ephraim has been moved to top of Solid Tier. FE 3 Marth has been moved to Solid Tier. Celica and Leif have switched places.
  11. ^ Anyone else from best to worst in your opinion Ownagepuffs?
  12. Thanks lazydoggamer and Reinfleche! :D
  13. Ok so yeah I know that Sigurd is the most powerful lord but what I meant was who of the lords that I selected were the most powerful b/c I honestly don't know their power relative to each other. I've been back and forth between those guys for a while now. It wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list of every powerful lord in the series. More like a comparison between certain guys. (Also quick question would you guys say that RD Ike is the best non-Sigurd lord? Just curious) I guess another question (sorry for lack of clarity here) is how would the guys on that list be ranked in comparison to each other in terms of in game efficiency. So far I'm getting a lot of Alm and Seliph. (I.E. 1) Seliph 2) Alm 3) Chrom 4) FE 9 Ike 5) FE 1 Marth 6) FE 12 Marth 7) Hector etc) ^ Just an example.
  14. So I've had a question that's been bugging me for a while and I thought I'd ask you guys and see what you thought. Who of the various lords do you consider the most efficient in their game? FE 1 Marth FE 12 Marth Hector Alm Chrom Seliph FE 9 Ike
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